10 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies With Great Potential for 2019

Everyone’s wants to find those elusive undervalued cryptocurrencies & altcoins with strong upside and long-term potential, and we’re here to help guide you through that process.

While some believe that the cryptocurrency market is beginning to show signs of stabilization, it’s no secret that the market has been in decline for the better part of 2018. Of course, the declining market cap of the cryptocurrency industry often results in one of two reactions: painful loss or optimistic opportunity.

As you can see, the entire cryptocurrency saw a huge decline in the first and second quarters of 2018. However, it has begun to level off since.

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Everyone knows that digital currencies rose to an all-time high at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Unfortunately, those numbers have been quickly and steadily declining throughout most of the year.

After rising to over $800 billion in January of 2018, the current market cap for all cryptocurrencies now sits under $250 billion. This is a dramatic loss of over $550 billion in ten months. Many digital currencies are now close to the same value they were before the explosion experienced in December and January.

These prices are appealing to investors looking to re-enter the cryptocurrency market. They’ll see great opportunities and favorable value for digital currencies that some would consider undervalued.

10 Of The Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies

If you’re interested in finding undervalued cryptocurrencies with great potential, we’ll go through ten of them here. These digital currencies have all suffered significant losses since seeing all-time highs. All the coins we’ll discuss have great leaders and teams, offer specific solutions to real problems, and could see promising investment returns in the future.

Bear in mind that in no way are we offering or soliciting financial advice. Always be sure to gather as much information as you can before purchasing or investing in any cryptocurrency. Let ’s take a look at ten of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies with great potential.

Power Ledger Coin (POWR)

Power Ledger Coin Logo

POWR Coin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on energy trading. On this platform, consumers that have solar panels can sell off their excess energy to local users. Current systems are antiquated and outdated, which is where Power Ledger comes into play.

Instead of using power stations that push energy to consumers, Power Ledger aims to create a world where neighbors buy or sell power from one another. Energy can then flow in many different directions. This level of complexity is something Power Ledge is capable of handling while tradition power companies cannot.

The disruption in this market results in the ability of users to share their energy with other users. This is done through the power grid, or by simply sharing with another user and bypassing the system altogether. Overall, it aims to disrupt the centralized energy companies ability to fix prices.

Power Ledger provides solutions for three issues in the energy industry:

  • Helps energy companies find solutions as trends continue toward green energy
  • Provides easy access to cheaper energy. Current consumers are limited to what the energy company gives them. Power Ledger would alleviate that problem.
  • Offers a better way to sell excess energy. Current options only allow for selling additional power to the companies who control the prices.

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Nucleus Vision Coin (NCASH)

Nucleus Vision coin is a unique cryptocurrency in that it has vested interests in several markets. For starters, this digital currency integrates with a technology that uses an Internet of Things sensor. This sensor gives retails stores the ability to identify users based on their mobile phone information.

That means that the platform will work whenever a mobile signal is recognized. The user’s mobile ID is detected, and the blockchain tracks it. This technology makes it so retail stores can target specific customers with their promotions.

Additionally, Nucleus Vision seeks to make an impact on the security sector. With its sensors, Nucleus Vision can determine when an object is being stolen in a retail store or workplace. This type of information is all kept safely on its blockchain. Therefore, the Nucleus Vision project really can make the world a safe place.

Nucleus Vision’s token is what the NCASH symbol represents, and its primary use is for transactions on the Nucleus Vision platform. Don’t get confused though. NCASH is just the digital currency, while Nucleus Vision is the company itself.

NCASH is a great project with a solid vision for the future. It operates in many sectors that can be considered profitable and has a great team of workers and developers. The cherry on top is that Nucleus Vision already has a working product, which is more than many other cryptocurrency projects can say.

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Substratum (SUB)

substratum coin logo

To avoid any confusion, you should know that SUB is the token, while Substratum is the project itself. The aim of Substratum coin is to create a decentralized, fair, and free internet. The thinking behind what Substratum wants to do is to ensure that consumers have unfettered and unrestricted internet access and content.

This type of thinking is gaining traction in areas where internet providers can legally choke internet speed or block data, content, or websites. The United States is one such country seeing centralization of its information and content is occurring. If it’s not clear why this is a bad thing, consider how much data was gathered by Cambridge Analytica and then how influential that information was when it came to social media and the American electorate.

Substratum wants to provide an alternative to a centralized internet, which is free from interference by governments.

With its open network, Substratum gives anyone with a computer on their open network to share their computing power with another computer on the same network. So anyone can host an application or website while those who do the hosting receive SUB as a reward.

Substratum makes it process very easy, which means its simple for anyone to earn SUB tokens by making their computers available to host content. This type of incentive helps to increase participation on the Substratum platform.

The Substratum project has plenty of potential to anyone interested in decreasing the amount of government involvement in their current internet options. This platform has the potential to cause some serious disruption in the web hosting market, as it makes information easily accessible and preserves freedom of speech.

Using Substratum can make the world a better place, so long as consumers use it for the right reasons. Learn more about Substratum here.

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Nano Coin (NANO)

Nano coin logo

Nano’s digital coin is first and foremost a cryptocurrency. Similar to Bitcoin, Nano coin wants to become a global digital currency with immediate transactions and no fees. It wants to perform these transactions via a decentralized and secure network. But if it’s so similar to Bitcoin, then why bother at all with Nano?

We all know that the idea behind Bitcoin is to enable buyers and sellers to interact without the need of a middleman (financial institutions and banks). Of course, Bitcoin requires the solving of complex equations for mining. This means as the ledger grows, so does the mining process. Therefore, mining becomes slower and more inefficient. This is where Nano comes in.

NANO coins don’t require mining. This coin uses a technology called block lattice. Through this process, Nano has discovered a method to perform instant transactions that incur zero fees. Additionally, with Nano’s platform, an unlimited number of transactions can complete simultaneously. This feature is a key reason many believe in this digital currency.

When dealing with other digital currencies, each transaction has to go through confirmation by dozens of miners. With NANO, only two transactions need to happen:

  • The send transaction, which deducts the funds from the sender.
  • The receive transaction, which credits the funds to the recipient.

NANO is solving a huge problem that prevents cryptocurrency from reaching mass adoption. Scalability, high fees, and slow transactions are a hindrance to digital currencies, and NANO can go a long way in solving these problems. This is a cryptocurrency that has global implications and can change the way we view financial transactions.

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Wanchain Coin (WAN)

The goal of Wanchain is to create a new distribution platform specifically for digital assets kept in the financial sector. The current problem with digital assets is that they reside in a certain place and are not easily moved to other businesses if they use a different blockchain platform. Wanchain aims to establish a bridge that provides digital financial assets the ability to move between different blockchains.

Digital assets, like future earnings rights and loyalty points registers, cannot be moved or shared with other businesses if they are using a different blockchain. This becomes a problem as more and more businesses develop and adopt blockchain technology. Differing blockchains means incompatibility among digital assets. This is where Wanchain steps in.

Wanchain makes it so digital assets transport with ease across varying blockchains. But that’s not all this project can do. Additional features for Wanchain include:

  • A function used for privacy which will hide the amount which is moving. This is beneficial for companies that do not want the public to have access to key financial information.
  • Wanchain can handle new cryptocurrency projects and has the ability to launch ICOs on its network.
  • Wanchain has the ability to handle smart contracts. Wanchain’s API is easily integrated and combined with blockchain and privacy features.

It’s likely that the trend of asset digitizing will continue to increase in the future, so it makes sense to be optimistic about Wanchain. WAN is in a great position to benefit if this trend continues. It needs to continue to see adoption from typical financial institutions, but as you look for undervalued cryptocurrencies with great potential, you might put WAN near the top of your list.

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One of the biggest challenges with blockchain technology is its lack of connectivity. ICON is a project that wants to establish connectivity between systems, platforms, and blockchains. This will allow for increased usage in blockchain technologies. It will also give businesses the ability to leverage it in ways that make sense for their operations.

The thinking behind ICX coin is that it will define a different network for different sectors and industries. For instance, insurance would have its own blockchain; health records would have their own blockchain, and so on. Therefore, ICX would store and transmit data across blockchains as needed. This would allow differing blockchains the ability to communicate with one another, which would prove very useful.

ICX wants to break down barriers as they exist throughout the world. The platform wants to promote a network that is free from boundaries and promotes ways in which it can benefit a global society.

ICON is a very ambitious project that wants to connect the world. The ability to communicate across blockchains is a technology that will be disruptive in many industries. It will greatly change and increase the adoption of blockchain at an enterprise level. While this platform is still in its nascent stages, you might notice rapid growth in the near future.

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NEO is considered by many to be the ‘Ethereum Killer.’ This smart economy platform can digitize assets via its smart contract technology. What does that mean? It means digital assets can be self-managed, exchanged, or distributed within NEO’s platform.

The digitation of assets utilizes apps created on the NEO blockchain. Therefore, smart contracts can transfer ownership from one person to another. This ownership can be of any real-world item. It might be a car, food, property, or any number of other assets. If the item can be digitized, NEO’s ecosystem can trade it.

NEO’s Smart Economy can have a large impact on the global economy. Perhaps the most appealing feature of NEO is that as it continues to grow, it is ensuring that its digital asset certificates are completely compliant with regulations. This should allow for the NEO ecosystem to continue to function and operate properly.

There are many benefits to NEO’s Smart Economy. If this type of economy becomes the future of transactions, you’ll be able to:

  • Trade items easily and across borders while avoiding excessive fees.
  • Buy a car or house easily without the need for a middleman or the fees associated with them.
  • Share digital assets easily.
  • Avoid high fees when booking travel.

It’s time our economy begins to reflect the digital age in which we live. A smart economy is still in its early stages, but cryptocurrencies like NEO will make these transactions a reality. It’s clear to see that NEO has a place in the future of smart economies and it makes sense to keep an eye on this digital currency as it continues to grow.

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WAX Token (WAX)

WAX token logo

WAX, which stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange, is an international marketplace for digital assets. Gamers can use this digital currency in the gaming sector, but what does the platform do? To have a better understanding, it’s important to know that gamers spend $50 billion annually on in-game items. Gamers often acquire these items throughout the course of gameplay.

The thinking behind WAX is that users can sell in-game items they’ve earned for WAX tokens. Users can then take the tokens and sell them for real money via a cryptocurrency exchange or purchase other in-game items.

WAX’s ecosystem solves a huge problem in a very big market. There are potentially millions of gamers that would be willing to exchange their hard-fought in-game items for cash, or trade for items from another game. The issue lies with centralized exchanges and a lack of trust in a fragmented industry. WAX wants to solve these problems, so gamers have options.

The WAX platform offers a creative solution to an ongoing problem, and it will be interesting to see how this digital currency is able to garner gamer adoption. The team will focus on gaining additional market share while offering the appeal of a platform that gives them the ability to trade their digital assets. It will be interesting to watch this undervalued cryptocurrency as it moves forward.

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Po.et Coin (POE)

Po.et coin logo

In today’s online world, it is very easy to copy and redistribute content as your own. Tap, click, paste, and now that fantastic blog post belongs to you! Enter Po.et coin. POE cryptocurrency wants to establish a platform which protects online content. With the help of the immutable blockchain technology, creators can time-stamp their content. In the event of claim validation, POE would make confirming authorship a piece of cake.

Using the blockchain for a licensing system would create a more efficient system than the current copyrighting option, and it would be easier for publishers and authors to register their work. POE’s platform is perfect for all types of media, not just the written word. Therefore, as user participation increases, the value of POE would go up, which would determine their content quality.

This gives creators the ability to make their own personal marketplaces, as well as participate in other markets by staking some of their tokens. If their created content is popular enough, the revenue pours in, as each request for access earns micropayments.

Fortunately for content creators, you can’t hide anything on the blockchain. Every action is tracked and leaves an immutable record, which everyone can see. This means anyone trying to copy or claim content as their own will soon get caught doing so.

POE uses the blockchain in a unique way, creating a path that makes sense for it. The basic premise of protecting content developed by creators and changing the way it’s done is an ambitious project. Therefore, this digital currency could significantly impact the way users consume content. This mature crypto project is in a league of its own and might be one of the few currencies to survive if things go south.

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WaBi Coin (WABI)

WaBi is a cryptocurrency that focuses on supply chain and loyalty program tracking. Using WaBi, users can track their product from the manufacturing factory all the way to the shelf in the retail store. Via blockchain technology, WaBi logs, and tracks each step of the way. With WaBi, tracking technology is now efficient and affordable for anyone and any product.

The goal of WaBi coin is to get rid of counterfeiting. With WaBi’s technology, sickness and death from defective and counterfeit products can see drastic reductions. Counterfeiting products like milk, medicine, and produce can have serious consequences. Using WaBi will help eliminate these types of problems on a global level.

Products reside on the blockchain via a data entry point and tracked throughout the entire supply chain journey. The physical and digital asset link together by using RFID which WaBi calls Walimai. The RFID labels securely connect to products throughout the entirety of the trip. These tags have a design that breaks if someone tampers with it.

The WaBi project is perfect if you’re looking for an undervalued cryptocurrency. This digital currency solves major problems within the supply chain industry. Additionally, its potential market is massive. WaBi already has a working product, so from this point, it’s all about how the project makes inroads and grows user adoption.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, there is no shortage of undervalued cryptocurrencies with great potential. From supply chain tracking to energy trading, the capabilities of the blockchain offer great variety. Of course, there are many other options among the wide array of digital currencies currently available. However, when it comes to being undervalued, we at Total Crypto believe that these cryptocurrencies are among the best.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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