What’s the outlook for Substratum price in 2018?

Substratum coin performed exceptionally strongly for investors in 2017. After their initial exchange listing on 25th September, this cryptocurrency rose 2066% by the end of the year. The question is whether 2018 will be as kind to Substratum investors and whether it might make a good buy?

Substratum Coin’s Past Performance

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There is little doubt that Substratum rewarded investors handsomely in 2017. Investors who backed this cryptocurrency project when it first listed on exchanges would have been sitting on a profit of $19,833 by the end of the year.

The cryptocurrency market is perhaps the most volatile one in the world. Most cryptocurrency veterans wouldn’t bat an eyelid at + or – 10% change in value in a day. If these sorts of swings happened in the stock market it would be seen as an extraordinary trading day. In cryptocurrency, it’s just another ordinary day in the crypto market.

So far in 2018, Substratum coin has fallen from a $1.10 price point on the 1st of January to just 40 cents at the time of writing. That’s a 63.63% fall in price in 2018. Where some people just see a massive price fall, others will see a great opportunity to make a solid return. In January 2018, the Substratum coin hit an incredible $3.25 per coin. This means if the last all-time high was reached again, any investor buying Substratum for 40 cents today would achieve a gain of 706%.

What Is The Outlook For Substratum Coin In 2018?

It is clear that Substratum has proven in the past that it can far exceed the price it is today. Substratum reached a peak in January 2018 of $3.25 a coin, which valued the project at over $700 million. The truth is that this valuation was only attained due to expectations investors had for the project and the cryptocurrency markets hitting record all-time high.

Cryptocurrency markets are dominated by Bitcoin, meaning Substratum really only has a price in Bitcoin and not USD. To put this into perspective, over 95% of Substatums coin’s trading volume is done in Bitcoin. This means that Substratum’s price is heavily influenced y the price of Bitcoin. Put simply, if the price of Bitcoin goes up, so will Substratum coin’s in USD terms.

Exchanges Substratum (SUB) cryptocurrency is listed on

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Arthur Hayes (BitMEX CEO) and YouTube influencer Nicholas Merten have both predicted a $50,000 Bitcoin in 2018. If Bitcoin hit these levels this year and Substratum maintained its current price in Bitcoin of 0.00005477 BTC per SUB coin, Substratum would then be priced at $2.73 a coin. That would bank a 582.5% profit from today’s price. However, the trend in cryptocurrency markets shows that if Bitcoin goes up, then altcoins rise faster.

Nicholas Merten (DataDash) 2018 Bitcoin prediction

On January 9th 2018, Substratum commanded a price in Bitcoin of 0.00020429 BTC. If SUB achieved this price and Bitcoin was priced at $50,000 then a Substratum coin would be worth $10.21 each. This would be a gain of 2452.5% from the current Substratum price. Interestingly, this is a similar sort of return that Substratum achieved in 2017.

Substratum (SUB) cryptocurrency all-time high price graph

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What Are The Substratum Team Working On In 2018?

Right now Substratum has released their beta and you can try the new decentralized internet today. Further features are set to be added to future beta releases such as decentralization function and the complete user interface.

By the end of the year, it is expected that Substratum would have completed finished building their product and will be focused on gaining users. Part of this user acquisition strategy is their Global Ambassadorship Program with will scale globally.

What is clear is that 2018 is the year that Substratum needs to begin meeting investor expectations and achieving their vision. Once work on the Substratum product is complete, it is simply a matter of attracting as many users as possible. Low user numbers are likely to send the price of Substratum coin tumbling to the ground. High user numbers will probably see further rises in the price of the coin. 2018 really is a make or break year for this project and its investors.


The TotalCrypto Team are excited about this project from a technology standpoint. We believe a decentralized internet has a very real value for the billions of people in the world facing government censorship. However, it’s your money on the line and only you can make the choice whether to invest in Substratum coin or not. If you choose to invest, just be aware that price falls of over 50% have happened in the past and Substratum really needs wide user adoption to justify high levels of valuation.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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