Substratum Beta Release: Key Info

Substratum beta 0.3.1 has been available since 25th May 2018 and can be downloaded for use by technical and non-technical users alike. Why all the excitement? Well, the Substratum team are creating a free and fair decentralized internet. The project’s goal is to give users unrestricted access to content free from infringement by oppressive governments and other big organizations.

What You Need To Know About The Latest Substratum Beta Release:

Improvements made to previous Beta releases:

  • Reduced logging: In the previous releases, some user reported an issue with their log file filling up very quickly and taking up excessive hard drive space. The reality is that Substratum node logs a lot of information. The team has responded by reducing the logging of info to panic level events and errors, meaning the user no longer needs to worry about their hard drives filling up.
  • Greater support for other internet service providers: Users of past beta releases have reported issues with Substratum support for providers such as AT&T. These issues have now been resolved in the latest beta release. This means that Substratum users can run the node constantly and can choose not to use it. The result is that users can now ‘mine’ Substratum tokens.
  • Toggle feature: Enables users to choose to route around firewalls or remain anonymous and still earn Substratum tokens. The toggle feature enables users to serve the Substratum network and consume it. You can toggle both features on to consume and use at the same time. In time this toggle feature will be replaced by a more user-friendly slider.
  • All applications run though Substratum node: Because Substratum operates at a system level everything on your computer will use it. Applications like Skype, iMessage, Slack, Telegram will all be routed through Substratum. This is why if you switch the node off, users may find nothing works on their computer.

What’s Coming Up In The Next Beta Release?

Features scheduled to be included in the next beta release include:

  • Neighborhoods: This function will enable traffic going through Substratum to be passed through different nodes in your area.
  • Virtual test net and decentralization function: This is well on its way and is set to make an appearance in the next beta update.
  • Full user interface: The current interface is a stripped down version and is certainly not the final product. Improvements to make navigation and Substratum use even easier are set to appear in the next beta release.

How To Try Out Substratum For Yourself?

You can download the official open beta from the Substratum website. Simply choose the operating system you are using and click the necessary download.

How to download Substratum cryptocurrency project BETA

Once you have downloaded the file install the application. On a MAC you just drag the Substratum file to your applications folder. Then open up the Substratum node application that has just installed. The first thing you will see is the option to turn node on. Just flick over the slider to ‘on’ to enable Substratum node.

Turning on Substratum node

Below ‘node status’ there will be an option to consume. To consume content through Substratum, turn this on. Once done, any website you visit will be routed through Substratum node. You can test if it’s really working for yourself by switching off the Substratum node and trying to load Google. You will see that Google will not load until you turn Substratum node back on. If you slide the bottom consume slider off it will change your DNS settings and not route through Substratum. This means you can browse normally and everything will work on your computer, as it did before installing Substratum.

Want To Invest In The New Decentralized Internet?

Are you impressed by the Substratum beta and want to invest in this new decentralized internet? Well, we have put together this awesome guide showing precisely how.


The TotalCrypto Team are excited about the Substratum project and believe it should interest anyone worried about government censorship of the internet. With cryptocurrency projects, there is always a fear that the team will not deliver. Substratum’s beta release shows that the team has been working hard on a product and the progress made to date. We are particularly excited about the centralized function scheduled for the next beta release.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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