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Smartlands Review And Token Guide

If you’ve been paying attention to the cryptocurrency market, you’ll know that many experts predict that 2019 will be the year of the STO. Security Token Offerings are different than ICOs in that an STO represents an asset. One such company already part of the STO market is Smartlands.

Smartlands wants to take the idea of Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) to the blockchain. Their concept is to provide a method through which business owners can create an ICO for their ABS. With the Smartland platform, an Asset Back Token is backed by a real-world asset. This might be, for example, a piece of property or equipment.

But who exactly is Smartlands and how do they fit into the cryptocurrency picture? This review will take a deep dive into the SLT platform. We’ll determine how it is establishing a new way of investing and discuss whether or not Smartlands is a smart investment.

As always, please remember that this review is informational and should not be viewed as investment advice. What you choose to invest in is ultimately your decision.

What is Smartlands?

With blockchain technology, we can essentially tokenize anything. With that in mind, why wouldn’t we tokenize real-world assets? This is precisely what Smartlands does. It uses a platform built on the Stellar blockchain to boost development by tokenizing these assets.

Businesses can then launch their own ICO through the Smartlands platform. With Smartlands, the company can sell tokens in a crowdsale which represent a share of the assets.

While Smartlands is known primarily as an agriculture platform, there are other uses for the platform. For instance, a privately owned company could tokenize equity shares for its investors. This gives the company the ability to attract more funds without the need for additional intermediaries.

There are plenty of industries that can benefit from this type of tokenization. Smartlands gives investors early access to projects, creates fractional ownership, allows for 24/7 trading, provides access to liquidity, and accepts deposits in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Who are Smartlands?

Smartlands was established in 2017 and resides in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since its inception, the company has led the charge for using tokenized securities with its platform built on the Stellar network. It currently has twelve team members, led by CEO Arnoldas Nauseda and Business Development Director Victor Yermak.

Nauseda brings to the table almost twenty years in the financial and technical sectors, most recently as CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics. Additionally, Yermak brings his years of experience in the IT industry to Smartlands. Prior to joining Smartlands, Yermak was CEO of Skyglyph and Product Director for eFarmer.

How Does Smartlands Work?

Smartlands states that it is the first platform on the planet to provide tokenization for real-world assets. That doesn’t mean just anyone can add an asset to the platform. Smartlands performs its due diligence on companies before adding them. Here’s a quick look at how the process works:


First, Smartlands conducts an analysis of the company. It will validate the real-world assets held by the company. Smartlands does so by performing both a business and legal audit to verify that holdings within the company are legitimate.


Smartlands wants to be smart in how it determines the market for each company. It wants to select the jurisdiction that makes the most sense based on what is in the asset portfolio of each company.

Smart Contracts

Both the company holding real-world assets and the escrow companies sign a collateral agreement. A smart contract manages the agreement.

ICO Launch

Smartlands then does the heavy lifting and sells tokens for the company or its real-world assets. These tokens are referred to as ABTs or asset-backed tokens. Users then have the option to purchase tokens for that company. This creates an effective method through which they can invest in a specific company.

From an overall perspective, Smartlands aims to level the playing field among companies that want to tokenize real-world assets. The platform intends to give all companies, no matter their industry or size, the ability to compete successfully.

Tokens and ICO

How to STO?

Smartlands (SLT) was the first ever company to have its Initial Coin Offering on the Stellar platform. The company’s ICO was on November 2, 2017. Smartlands raised $1.75 million during its initial offering while selling over three and a half million tokens. During its ICO, the cost of one coin was $0.50.

Generally speaking, the platform has two tokens. The first type is its native coin, Smartlands coin (SLT), while other tokens are those produced for customers based on assets. The Smartlands token has a total supply of just over 7 million. Smartlands ended 2018 on a tear, closing at a market cap of $17.8 million.  

Smartlands Features

The Smartlands platform offers plenty of features for its users. Listed below are some of the core features you can expect with Smartlands:

  • The site will develop smart contracts which allow tokens to reside on the platform. This includes all the necessary verbiage written into the contract to ensure that the agreement is legal.
  • Smartlands will define the rules of the legal framework for each asset-backed token. The platform aims to protect the interests of those who invest in each company. It also targets lowering legal risks as well by ensuring that any decisions made by those holding tokens get implemented.
  • The platform monitors the dynamics of the tokens, identifies and prevents adverse actions, and protects token holders privacy and data.
  • Users will receive software development practices which provide an easy way for pertinent information to be available to appropriate parties. This includes those who have invested in the asset, the owner of the asset, and any solutions which require automation.
  • Smartlands plans to continue to introduce various forms of asset-backed tokens to the platform.
  • The site will advise and help in solving conflicts and problems. This includes the creation of an arbitration committee which would help to resolve disputes if consent by all parties cannot be reached.
  • Market asset-based tokens along with the Smartlands platform.
  • Smartlands plans to establish relationships with partnerships with regulating bodies. This will allow for the explanation of the benefits of asset-backed tokens to the appropriate parties.
  • The platform will establish rules of technical audits of real-world assets prior to tokenization to ensure that the company stays honest and transparent about its available assets.


While Smartlands might not be a well-known coin yet, it has done the necessary legwork to establish a few strategic relationships which will help drive its platform. Here are just a few of the more prominent ones:

Vilnius Blockchain Centre

Blockchain Centre Vilnius logo

Smartlands partnered with the Vilnius Blockchain Centre to help promote its tokenization project. In exchange, Smartlands increased visibility to the Vilnius Blockchain Centre in the cryptocurrency space. The overarching goal of the partnership is to educate partners, investors, and traders on asset tokenization, its benefits, and the advantages it offers over other methods of online investing.


Thistle logo

A partnership between Thistle and Smartlands was established to give the platform exposure into the UK market. Thistle provides companies in the financial industry expert advice on compliance and regulatory areas. This partnership gives Smartlands its first exposure in the UK tokenization market and assistance with regulatory and legislative compliance when needed.


Skyglyph logo

Skyglyph is a cloud-based solution which evaluates agricultural assets. It then uses that information and converts it into actionable data. While Smartlands has a platform which has use cases for manufacturing, private equity, and real estate, its bread and butter is agriculture. A partnership with Skyglyph provides value in the agriculture industry.

Colliers International

Colliers International logo

Smartlands recently partnered with Colliers International as a means to expand into the real estate industry. Colliers International is well-known as a worldwide expert in the real estate sector. The company has assets in sixty-nine countries and manages more than two billion square feet in properties.

Smartlands plans to use this partnership to explore securitizing real estate in a digital format. The platform intends to form a Stellar-based tokenization project based on specific properties.

Where can you buy SLT?

You only have a few options if you want to buy Smartlands coin. You can either purchase Bitcoin and trade it for SLT, or you can purchase Stellar and trade it for SLT. To go the Bitcoin route, you’ll have to use the Exrates exchange. We don’t know much about this exchange and the reviews about it are mixed. If you do decide to use this method, we would recommend proceeding with caution.

A safer route to purchase Smartlands coin would be to go through the site itself. You’ll need to make sure you have some Stellar before you can trade for SLT, but it’s a pretty straightforward process. Head on over to the Smartlands site, and below the welcome message is a button labeled “Get SLT.”

Click on the button, and you’ll be redirected to StellarTerm, which is an exchange using XLM as its base trading pair. You’ll have to create an account to buy Smartlands, but once you do, enter the amount of Stellar you want to sell for SLT in the Orderbook section. That’s it. Now you’re the proud owner of Smartlands coin.

Smartlands Wallet

Smartlands has an official wallet where you can store your SLT coins offline. You access the wallet either directly through the Smartlands site or via Stellar’s wallets page. Just like with buying SLT, you can open your wallet right from the Smartlands main page. Click on the Get Wallet button and the site will take you to the login page.

You’ll need to send at least one Stellar to the private key generated by the page. Once you do that, you’ll have your SLT wallet set up. The wallet does give you an option to exchange XLM for SLT, so once you get into it, you can send as much Stellar as you want so you can stock up on Smartlands coin.

Pros and Cons of Smartlands Coin


  • Smartlands offers asset-backed tokens, so you know they have real-world value. Whether it’s real estate, farm equipment, or equity in a privately owned company, the tokens you hold have an inherent value.
  • The STO market is set to expand in 2019. Smartlands is just the tip of the iceberg. The company showed consistent growth throughout 2018 and has the features and partnerships you’d expect to see from a company that plans to expand.
  • Speaking of partnerships, Smartlands has shown a penchant for establishing relationships with companies that fit their vision. Skyglyph, Colliers, and Thistle all fit specific needs within the Smartlands strategy.
  • Smartlands is currently onboarding clients and expects to continue to do so. With its validation and verification process, users, traders, and investors know that they will only see the most qualified and high-valued projects.
  • Built on the Stellar platform, which provides a solid foundation for financial projects. Developers and entrepreneurs can create innovative products which can process over 1,000 transactions each second using the Stellar blockchain.


  • At a little over a year old, Smartlands is still a relatively new company. While most companies in the crypto industry are new-ish, Smartlands doesn’t yet hold the same cache as Bitcoin or Ethereum. But in all honesty, who does?
  • Smartlands wants to achieve a great deal, which will take time. Investors in Smartlands will have to be patient if they want to see the company fulfill its vision.
  • While Smartlands has shown significant growth, it remains to be seen if adoption of its platform will take hold. Smartlands will need to prove it can help onboard clients at scale.
Smartlands coin price graph

Image via Coinmarketcap.com


Smartlands is an exciting project. The company is chock full of high-tech and innovation and has shown the ability to be profitable. This project provides modern solutions to many of the problems currently innate with the markets it supports.

However, it isn’t yet known how well it will have the ability to integrate other technologies and handle scalability as the business grows. These decisions and others will determine whether the project attracts additional investors.

Considering everything we’ve discussed in this review, Smartlands comes with moderate risk, with great ideas for combining the blockchain with real-world assets. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies you’ll encounter, Smartlands offers real liquidity. For that reason alone, Smartlands will be a project we’ll keep an eye on through 2019 and beyond.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

Project Team

Arnoldas Nauseda Smartlands Team
Arnoldas NausedaCEO
Victor Yermak Smartlands Team
Victor Yermak Business Development
Freda Bielske Smartlands Team
Freda BielskeVP of Marketing
Ilia ObraztcovVP of Technology
Rajat Sharma Smartland Team
Rajat SharmaBusiness Advisor In Asia
Antanas Krasauskas Smartland Team
Antanas KrasauskasVP of Operations
Clemens Stromeyer Smartland Team
Clemens StromeyerCo-Head of Regulatory
Rupert EdwardsCo-Head of Regulatory
Kirill Ganzha Smartland Team
Kirill GanzhaJavascript Developer
Viktor Krekotin Smartland Team
Viktor Krekotin Strategy Advisor
Aditya Dev SoodIndian Market Advisor
Chris (Cu) Nguyen Associate Partner Southeast Asia

Want to read more about Smartlands? Why not check out their lightpaper and learn more.

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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