Similarities between Online Poker and Cryptocurrency Trading

Online poker is one of the oldest online industries, and it has been around for more than 25 years. In contrast to the popular opinion, online poker is a highly regulated industry with the extensive requirements for the tight controls and operators on their various activity levels.  

Although blockchain is now almost a 15-year-old innovation, it still has its youth and in the first phases of the development. It also seems that there are many similarities between various gambling industries and Bitcoin loophole


Various factors are quite similar between the cryptocurrency and online poker. Regulation is one, and there is a clear correlation between current and probable short term announcements for the crypto regulation.

Good Regulation

Crypto is not regulated; different signs make people think that evolution would be quite similar to the progress of online poker but at speed. 

Crypto and poker involve money

Money and assets move from the players to the operators and from the buyers to the holders and the sellers. This usually justifies the regulation as it allows fraud, money laundering, etc. whenever money is involved; everyone wants to avoid risks and potential scams. Hence online poker operators expand high sums in detecting the frauds and the player’s cryptocurrency with fewer fees. 

Very Selective

The non-professional poker players play a minimum three out of five games, but the professional pokers play only one out of the five games. The figure goes lower to one out of the tent during the major tournaments. What it implies is the professional poker players are willing to bleed the chips until the right combinations show up. It is not only your hands that matter but also depends on what is showing on the table at the same time, including the behavior of the opponents and the cards that are visible on the table.  

There are many Bitcoin loopholes. Many good traders have the patience to wait for the right setup. Mostly they scratch whenever the scenario is unfolding in different ways reducing the predictability of the outcomes. 

The profitable traders scratch as many traders as the total number of games that the professional players give up in the tournaments. 


The statistics on professional online poker players and cryptocurrency trading are similar. The top players end up behaving very similarly if only performance metrics are compared. The style of the professional online poker player doesn’t matter much on the pure performance sense. 

The net winnings might vary a lot among the top players. It is caused by the limited number of the significant tournaments available in comparison to the different number of active professional online poker players.


It means that the professional online poker players have their emotions under control during the tournaments. Players also understand that they don’t have any control of the cards in every hand. They can also control their responses to manage the impact of the game on the overall performance.

The online professional pokers and cryptocurrency traders don’t waste time analyzing the markets during trading. They execute their plans merely. 


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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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