How to Create a Ripple XRP Paper Wallet

Let’s face it, we are all looking for a secure way to store our cryptocurrency. One of the easiest and simplest ways to do so is through a paper wallet. If you’re looking for an easy method to store your Ripple XRP, consider using a Ripple Paper Wallet.

Holding Ripple for more than a few weeks might be a good idea, however, it might be wisest to withdraw your coins from the exchange and place them into cold storage. The last thing you want is for your exchange of choice to get hacked and all your coins to be stolen.

Instead, store them in an offline wallet, which is almost 100% secure. Using a paper wallet means the only way someone has access to your XRP is by having control of the wallet itself.

You could store your Ripple in a desktop wallet as well, however, even PCs are prone to hacks and viruses. Making a paper wallet means you know your Ripple is protected against hackers and potential malware.

But how do you go about setting up an XRP Paper Wallet? Our guide will help you create and send your Ripple to your paper wallet. That way you can rest easy knowing it’s protected.

Create A Ripple XRP Paper Wallet

The first thing you’ll want to know is that your paper wallet will have both a private and public key. When you generate your wallet, a random and secret private key is created. This then generates a public key with which it is associated.

Key Info:

  • Securely store your XRP offline.
  • Official XRP cold storage solution.

Get Your XRP Paper Wallet Now!

Generate Your Wallet

There are a few sites which will generate a paper wallet for you, but a well known option is Once you’re on the site, just click on the blue “Generate A Paper Wallet” button and your new wallet shows up on the screen below.

The site will generate your Ripple Address, which is your public key, along with your Ripple Secret, which is your private key. Be sure to copy and paste your Ripple Address into a text file. Save that file so you’ll have it available at a later time. If you want to check your balance or move your XRP, you’ll need this information.


Print Out Your Paper Wallet

Now that you have your information saved safely in a text file, you should print out your wallet. If you’re concerned with hackers accessing your wallet information, connect directly to your printer before you print it out. Another option is to save it to a USB drive and print it directly from that.

If you’re planning on storing a good amount of Ripple on your paper wallet, you may also want to consider printing multiple copies. This way you can keep a copy in your bank safe deposit box, in your own safe, or in another secure location.

That’s it! You now have your Ripple Paper Wallet. More than likely you have a sheet of paper with your private and public keys on it. Be sure to keep it in a safe place. But first, we need to send your Ripple to it. So let’s walk through how to do that.

Funding Your Paper Wallet

Now that you have your paper wallet set up and ready to go, it’s time to send your precious XRP to it for safe keeping. Just like with many other wallets, you can send your funds to your paper wallet from any other wallet you have. If you’ve moved digital currencies between wallets before, then you’ll be familiar with this process.

Head over to the wallet which currently holds your Ripple and log in. Find the section for withdrawals and view your XRP balance. At this point, there should be a withdrawal option which asks you how much you want to move and what address you’d like to use.

Start Small

You probably want your first transfer to your new paper wallet to be a small one. If something goes wrong, you’ve only lost a bit of your funds instead of everything. However, with Ripple, the minimum you can send is 20 coins (plus fees) to set up a wallet for the first time.

Open up the text file you created to store your public address. Copy and paste it into the withdrawal address. Double check that the address you pasted into the withdrawal address field matches up with the one on your paper wallet.

If everything matches up you can go ahead and send your XRP to your paper wallet. Now you just have to wait for the funds to arrive in your paper wallet. If you want to confirm that your funds moved successfully, you can use this Ripple account explorer. Just put your public key into the search bar.

Once your test amount shows up in the explorer, you’ll know it’s safe to go ahead and move over the remaining XRP. Use the same steps you used above to safely store your Ripple in your paper wallet. When you see the funds show up in the account explorer, you’ll have successfully created and funded your very own Ripple XRP paper wallet.


Now that you have your Ripple XRP Paper Wallet, be sure to keep it in a safe location so you can access it whenever you need to. Some people laminate theirs so that it’s waterproof, while others make multiple copies so they can keep it in several different locations.

No matter what you decide, try to come up with a method for keeping your paper wallet safe. Just remember that anyone who has access to it also has access to your XRP coins. With your paper wallet, your Ripple now resides in a safer, more secure place. Do your part to ensure that it stays that way.

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