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Populous (PPT) Coin Review

If you’re looking for a reliable and thorough guide to provide you with unbiased and accurate information about Populous Coin, then look no further. We’ll tell you all about the coin itself and how it fits into its industry. As always, this is not financial advice, and we recommend you do as much research as possible before investing your money in any coins.

What is Populous Coin?

London based Populous (PPT) is a platform built on blockchain with plans to disrupt the invoice financing sector. This industry does more than $3 trillion in transactions each year with the vast majority done through small and medium-sized businesses. Populous states that a credit scoring system built on a blockchain can create a new financial environment for small businesses. This peer-to-peer platform provides a way to leverage future earnings in exchange for instant capital.


Let’s start with defining invoice financing. Invoice financing is used by a business to attain short-term funds. This is typically done through B2B because typically consumers pay for purchases upfront. Business sales, however, use longer payment cycles like Net30 or Net60.

This means businesses don’t realize revenue until long after the sale depending on the contract. This is where invoice financing comes into play. A vendor will offer the company a loan for a portion of the outstanding invoice (this is money owed to the business).

At this point, a schedule dictates when the vendor receives payment. The customer continues to pay the business while the business pays off the loan from the invoice financing vendor.

Populous aims to disrupt what was once a primarily local process and make it global. It intends to do this by putting invoice financing on the blockchain so it can spread internationally. As a result, users will see a more improved and efficient invoice financing system.

Who Are Populous?

PPT coin was founded in 2017 by Stephen Williams. Mr. Williams previously established Olympus Research, an enterprise based on analytics and data for businesses. In June of 2017, the Populous ICO raised over $10 million, selling more than 36 million tokens at 0.0011 ETH each.

Wisdom Oparaocha is the CTO of Populous. Wisdom has almost ten years worth of experience in a variety of software development languages. Along with Stephen and Wisdom, Jason Tuang serves as the head of finance. Jason has an MBA from Cass Business School with plenty of experience in the financial industry.

Populous wants to become the international standard when it comes to invoice financing on the blockchain. The mission of the company is to offer an alternative method for investors, provide businesses a way to access cash in the short-term, and deliver exceptional service while doing so.

Even though the Populous team is young, they want to offer a way to make things easier on small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, the company intends to provide buyers the peace of mind that they are making safe and smart investments.

PPT coin aims to provide immediate funding for businesses without the use of third-parties. With its smart contracts, Populous wants to autonomously collect and release payments between invoice sellers and buyers. The biggest problem Populous solves is that of location. With PPT, users can perform these transactions regardless of where they are. And of course, since everything resides on the blockchain, it is both transparent and error-free.

How Does Populous Work?

How Does Populous coin Work?

Populous has established a peer-to-peer system which brings both sellers and buyers together for invoice financing purposes. For those wanting to sell their invoices, they need to register with Populous. Once registration is complete, Populous reviews and approves or denies it.

If an account receives approval, businesses can submit invoices along with their minimum sale amount. The business then waits for Populous approval before moving on to the next step.

eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

Populous created a way to analyze the risk associated with submitted invoices. They use the Altman Z-score (which we’ll get to) with real-time XBRL data. This data is available to the public and includes business information like cash on hand, value of debts, and creditors due.

Altman Z-score

Populous uses the Altman Z-score as a tool to evaluate the risk level with invoices. The formula uses these three factors to determine risk:

  • Probability of default
  • Probability of bankruptcy
  • Financial distress control measures

Combining the XBRL data and the Altman Z-score gives the Populous team a credit rating system. This system resides on the blockchain and does not need third-party involvement from typical credit agencies. Therefore, all parties involved save time and money.

Populous uses this data to determine whether or not companies should gain access to their invoice financing system. It helps to filter out businesses that present unnecessary risks for potential buyers or those that simply won’t be a good fit for the platform. Each decision is viewed objectively, with the administrator using the Altman formula as a guide.

Invoice Auction

If an invoice application gains approval by Populous, it goes into an auction. The auction for each invoice starts immediately and is open for 24-hours. An auction can end in one of the following ways:

  • Seller ends the auction early by either accepting the best bid or canceling the auction altogether.
  • No bids are made that meet the sales goal on the invoice during the 24-hour window
  • Auction completes successfully with a bid that matches the sale goal within the 24-hour window

An auction is successful when it closes with a seller receiving funds for an invoice in the form of Pokens, which we’ll discuss more in a moment. Businesses can exchange Pokens for other digital currencies or fiat currencies.

Additionally, buyers placing bids that did not win have their money returned in full. This is also true if an auction is canceled. As soon as the seller cancels the auction, buyers receive their funds back immediately.


Sellers aren’t the only ones who need to gain approval prior to using the Populous invoice financing environment. Buyers must obtain approval from an administrator before placing bids on invoices. Approval is gained through the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) validation which must be sent to Populous if a buyer is using fiat currency.

If buyers wish to skip this process, they can do so through the use of cryptocurrencies. When buyers use crypto, they can skip the KYC requirements on the Populous platform. As a result, buyers have the ability to remain anonymous when purchasing invoices.

Real Solution to Real Problems

Populous Coin invoice discounting for a new era

Now that invoice financing has been defined, let’s take a look at precisely what problems lie within the current system and how Populous plans to make it better.

The first problem Populous takes aim at is the issue with pay. The current system involves the seller typically offering invoices to the buyer at 90% of their value. The reality is that this is the maximum which most companies are likely to receive on larger invoices. Using Populous, sellers benefit from a larger pool of buyers bidding for their invoices. That means sellers are likely to receive better offers and terms as opposed to accepting the only offer available.

Second is the problem of locality and globalization. Global invoice financing is typically limited to what sellers can find within the boundaries of their own country. The vast majority of buyers and sellers involved in invoice financing are generally from the same country. There are a few that occur internationally, but these are mainly in the minority.

Even though the project’s headquarters reside in the UK, the company creates a global market which can be used by both buyers and sellers from around the globe. So even if you live in a country where the economy isn’t as stable as others, you’ll still have the ability to buy invoices with less inherent risk from countries that offer more stability.

Last, the current finance invoicing system requires buyers on the platform to be accredited investors. With Populous, buyers won’t have the same restrictions placed on them as investors do. That means if someone is interested in purchasing invoices, they’ll have the ability to do so as long as they pass the Populous risk test.

Poken vs. PPT

There are two tokens which are part of the Populous ecosystem, and it’s easy to mix them up. Thankfully, we’re here to sort things out for you.


A Poken is the internal cryptocurrency used on the Populous platform. Every token on the platform is tied directly to the same amount of traditional currency. For example, if the user is using Euros, then 1 Poken is equal to 1 Euro. These Pokens are ERC-20 tokens and are the currency used to purchase financial invoices.

Users can purchase Poken on the Populous platform directly with EUR, GBP, USD, or Yen. Any other currencies used to purchase Poken will first be converted to GBP using the current rate on the London Stock Exchange.

Additionally, users can use Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase Pokens as well. Populous Pokens are ERC-20 tokens, which mean they can be kept in any digital wallet that offers support for ERC-20.


PPT, also known as Populous Platform Tokens, are tokens dispersed during Populous’ Initial Coin Offering. These tokens are used mostly as vehicles for investment purposes. Only around 53 million of these tokens will be in circulation. Of course, if users don’t want to hold them, they can use their PPT to invest in finance invoices.

When users invest in a finance invoice using their PPT, their tokens act as collateral for their investment. For their PPT, investors receive Pokens, which Populous uses to purchase the invoice. When the invoice is paid back, investors receive their profits as Pokens and the original investment funds as PPT.


At this time, there aren’t any direct competitors to Populous in the cryptocurrency sector. Primarily, Populous is going to face its biggest challenge in convincing clients that they should switch from a traditional channel to a platform driven by blockchain.

Of course, the incentive is simple and straightforward. Invoice sellers should want to switch based on the fact that Populous is a cheaper option, and it offers an in-house credit system. Populous states that their system is vastly superior to the current system already in place.

Future Valuation Drivers

The finance invoicing market is an interesting market. However, it is currently limited by localization and potential risk. Using a platform which relies on blockchain means Populous can change the current system into a globalized market offering transparency. Focusing on these and other areas can help Populous do just that.

Since the finance invoice market is a niche sector, right now Populous is the lone company attempting to disrupt it. Keep in mind, however, that much of the volatility seen today is due to the instability of Bitcoin. Therefore, it only stands to reason that other coins would be impacted as well.

Populous is focusing on establishing partnerships with those who have the same long-term goals. This can be seen in the company’s recent dealings with Cashaa. Forming a partnership with this blockchain wallet shows that Populous is serious about creating a global method of payment for its users

Should You Invest in PPT Coin?

ppt coin logo

At the end of the day, the question is, “Should I Invest in PPT coin?” That’s a great question, and it’s one we want to answer as thoroughly as possible. However, please bear in mind that this is not financial advice and no one should take it as such. Having said that, here are a few reasons to consider giving Populous a try.

First in Market

Sure, the invoice financing market is already a well-established industry, however, Populous is making strides as the first company to enter this market using blockchain. The project will benefit from being the first to enter the market. This offers PPT coin a sizeable advantage over others that may attempt to join the invoice financing industry in the future.

Market Size

While many cryptocurrencies are creating entirely new markets and industries, Populous is simply updating and improving upon one that already exists. It might be profitable to develop the market; however, there are risks associated with doing so.

On the other hand, the project is entering a $3 trillion sector. This established and profitable industry means there are opportunities available for the right company. If Populous can make even a small dent in this market, they have the potential to be very successful.

Pros and Cons

While PPT coin does have many advantages, it has its fair share of disadvantages as well. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of the project.


  • Populous blockchain uses its technology to run via smart contracts. Therefore, both the buyer and the invoice seller follow a set of specific instructions which help to control and hinder fraud. That means that every transaction on the blockchain confirms within the network before being entered onto the public ledger, preventing duplicate invoicing.
  • Current invoice financing systems are centralized and politicized. Populous wants to eliminate those two areas. The company intends to create a simple and easy method to invest in invoices. Now, whether you live in Europe or Africa, Populous provides a network which makes it easy for you to find invoice financing opportunities.
  • For those interested in digital currencies, PPT coin is easy to use and understand since it is similar to traditional currencies. By using a 1:1 ration of Poken to fiat currency, calculations are easy. So, if you want to purchase an invoice for $1,000, you’ll get $1,000 Pokens. See? Nice and easy.
  • PPT provides its users with the ability to make transactions anonymously. No matter whether you’re buying or selling PPT coin, or investing in more cryptocurrency, the platform allows you to do so anonymously.
  • Populous has a large and expanding support community. Many cryptocurrency investors typically expect to have the ability to send funds via the network. However, the project has offered a new and exciting way of looking at how transactions process, and its community is excited. As a result, its community continues to grow and remain enthusiastic about the PPT coin.


  • Potential regulations coming down the pipe are a real threat to how invoice financing is handled in the blockchain space. Many countries and government are insistent on finding ways to regulate and minimize the growth of popular cryptocurrencies. Since many digital currencies are viewed as threats to centralized governments and currencies, it can be expected that these rules and regulations will be severe.
  • Since Populous is a cryptocurrency network, its operations take place on a network, on exchanges, or in a wallet. This means that there’s always the potential threat of hackers looming in the distance. Unfortunately, the reality of hacking is all too real, as many wallets and exchanges have had this experience. Users must be aware of this risks and do their part to prevent hacking at all times.
  • Populous is a peer-to-peer network that offers anonymity to its users. This means that you may not know who you’re dealing with for each transaction. Therefore, the potential for scammers is inherent. You may unknowingly become involved with a less than savory person or group of people who purchase your invoice and join the PPT network.
  • The barriers to entry for this particular niche are not very high. Due to the high amount of transactions which are performed on a yearly basis, invoice financing is a very appealing industry to investors. As a result, new and upcoming companies may attract investors while Populous sits by the wayside.
  • Being a peer-to-peer network, the project is subject to the same risks that all cryptocurrencies must deal with: the possibility of loss. With no centralized governing authority to validate details of each transaction, a small mistake could create huge losses. As many are aware, these types of mistakes and losses are permanent and cannot be changed.
Populous coin price graph

Image via Coinmarketcap.com


From an overall perspective, Populous is a solid project, which is operating in a sector that sees more than $3 billion annually in revenue. The platform desires to improve upon many areas that are lacking in the already existing system of invoice financing. Of course, much of PPT Coins success will depend on how well it can facilitate user adoption.

Several signs point to this currency being successful. Its ICO sold out of tokens very quickly, and deals with partners like Cashaa show that the company should be taken seriously. This and the improvements Populous plans on making to the invoice financing system should make any serious investor sit up and take notice.

Keep in mind that Populous is still a fairly new project taking on what many consider to be a boring financial industry. However, just because an industry is boring doesn’t mean it’s not lucrative. PPT is in a space that offers a wealth of capital and is currently the only company in the blockchain world to take on this endeavor.

The Populous team doesn’t have as much experience in the crypto world as many other projects boast, but they have a great business plan and are seeking out partnerships with key companies to expand its platform. While it may not offer the glitter and glamor that other cryptocurrencies offer, Populous is a platform that we’ll be keeping an eye on in the future.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

Project Team

Stephen Williams populous coin team
Stephen WilliamsFounder, CEO
Jason Tuang populous coin team
Jason TuangHead Of Finance
Alex Oritogun populous coin team
Alex OritogunHead Of Business Development
Mukesh Ashtekar Full Stack Developer
Jahi Grant populous coin team
Jahi GrantCompany Secretary
Oleksii Dibrova populous coin team
Oleksii DibrovaFull-Stack Developer
Krill TverdohlebFull-Stack Developer
Akio Mori populous coin team
Akio MoriFull-Stack Developer
Artem Shatalov populous coin team
Artem ShatalovUX Developer
Mark HarrisonCommunity Manager
Dr. Nemitari AjienkaSmart Contract & Full-Stack Dev
Lou ChanHead of Marketing
Wisdom AparaochaCTO

Want to know even more about PPT Coin? Why not read the official white paper?

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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