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About this guide: Our PiedPiperCoin guide will tell you everything about this sleeper coin, what it does and offer our insights on the project. As always, we do urge caution before making any cryptocurrency investments and encourage you to do your own research.

???? Scam Alert: Peercoin seems to have stolen PiedPiperCoin’s ticker ‘PPC’. We can assure you that we have contacted CoinMarketCap about the issue.

  • Price: $0.07
  • Circulating Supply: 441,176
  • Volume (24h): 0.01 Tesla’s

What Is PiedPiperCoin?

PiedPiper is building a new decentralized internet with no firewalls, no tolls, no government regulation, no spying and no ads. The vision is to ensure that information is totally free in every sense of the word. PPC is the fuel for the new internet – put simply they are compute credits for this new decentralized system.

The PiedPiper project is becoming increasingly relevant in countries like the United States, where the Federal Communications Commission voted to eliminate net neutrality rules on December 14th 2017. This means that US internet providers can now choke internet speeds and block websites if they wish.

An insider at Hooli has confirmed that Gavin Belson played a key role in exerting pressure on the Federal Communications Commission to repeal the net neutrality rules. This seems to be a wider Hooli strategy to protect sales of the soon to be launched Box 3 project.

PiedPiper Competitors

There are rumours that PiedPiper’s new decentralised internet is set to lock horns with The New New Internet. Some call it the New Internet Of China, others call it the PiperKiller. Jian Yang appears to be the front man of the New New Internet. However, sources close to TotalCypto hear that the actual team behind the project are known by the cryptocurrency community as Substratum.

The PiedPiper Tech

Consider this, humanity put a man on the moon using the computing power of a handheld calculator. Today’s iPhoneX has millions of times more computing power than Apollo 11 had. There are billions of mobiles around the world with similar computing power, most are not even being used right now and are just sitting in people’s pockets.

PiedPiper have developed the tech to connect all these idle phones into a single decentralized network. The speed of the network is accelerated through the use of compression algorithms, meaning that users will be able to access content at speeds never imagined before.

The PPC compression algorithm was able to compress a 132GB 3D video file to just 24GB and achieved a Weissman score of 5.2 at a TechCrunch Disrupt demonstration. This just goes to show that PiedPiper is anything but vapourware and their new decentralised internet is running on a solid engine.

YouTuber Suppoman

Legendary YouTuber Suppoman recently announced to his 145k followers that there was a secret cryptocurrency that he was going to make his largest ever investment in. TotalCrypto suspects Suppoman has identified newly launched PPC and realised that PiedPiper has a market cap of under $31,000.

Suppoman is a shrewd cryptocurrency investor and it is likely that he has realised that PiedPiper is further along in development than the PiperKiller Substratum. This makes PPC a better investment to make multiples on your money, seeing that Substratum has a market cap of $269M. We are sure that Suppoman will announce this 1000x coin shortly.

The Team

A great vision means nothing if there isn’t a great team there to make it happen. Fortunately we think the Pipers have what it takes to make it happen:

Founder & CEO – Richard Hendricks: Like many successful entrepreneurs, Richard found the best college he could and then dropped out. Some have said that he should have finished the last four credits of his computer science degree at the University of Stanford, but we beg to differ. Richard pursued his passion for compressing data and founded PiedPiper after a brief stint at Hooli.

Systems Architect – Bertram Gilfoyle: There are very few things that Gilfoyle will defend with true passion: medical marijuana, the biblical Satan for defence against tyranny and mother fucking god damn cryptocurrency. In his spare time Gilfoyle likes to mine Bitcoin, but only if it is profitable to do so.

COO – Jared Dunn: Non disclosure agreements prevent Jared from revealing anything about his past. When it came to finding a COO, Hendricks recruited from within and promoted Mr Dunn from his humble position of Head of Business Development. Jared also enjoys intimidating interns in his spare time.

CFO – Monica Hall: Monica joined the PiedPiper team the other day. After obtaining her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business, she went on to work for McKinsey before joining VC firm Raviga Capital. Laurie Bream and Monica then went on to found their own VC fund Bream-Hall and Monica exited herself to join the PiedPiper gang as CFO.

Senior Developer – Dinesh Chugtai: After briefly holding the CEO position of failed venture PiperChat, Dinesh rejoined the Pipers after a brief stint at Periscope. Denesh loves his Tesla and if you want one we hear he is the man to go to.

In addition to the PiedPiper top brass, the team also have a stable of Stallions working tirelessly on the Pipernet.

Should You Invest In PiedPiperCoin?

TotalCrypto is going in very heavy into PPC. Currently there is an issue with PiedPiperCoin on IDEX, the PPC/ETH or PPC/BTC markets seem to bring up Peercoin. The good news is that we have heard from Changpeng Zhao that a Binance listing is imminent. Our strategy is to hedge our investment in PiedPiperCoin with New New Internet competitor Substratum.

It’s totally up to you if you want to invest in PPC, but investing just $10 into PiedPiperCoin will almost guarantee you a Tesla.

Disclaimer: In case you didn’t know PiedPiperCoin is not a real cryptocurrency.


PiedPiper is a super ambitious project and TotalCrypto loves the idea of a free and fair decentralized internet. You should be aware that PiedPiper does have competition in the space. We certainly think this cryptocurrency is going to the moon.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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