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Nucleus Vision (NCASH) Coin – Ultimate Guide

About this guide: Our Nucleus Vision (NCASH) guide aims to provide you with everything you need to know on NCASH. We’ll explain what NCASH is, what the project does, look at the future of NCASH and give our opinion on the investability of the project. We do urge caution before investing in any cryptocurrency and do encourage you to do your own research.

What Is Nucleus Vision (NCASH)?

Nucleus Vision is an exceptionally ambitious project. The first stage of the project essentially involves digitalizing the offline shopping experience. Nucleus Vision possesses ‘internet of things’ sensor technology that can identify people from their mobile phone. This means that the system will work wherever there is mobile signal and is not dependent on wifi or any other facial recognition technology. User’s mobile ID can then be detected and tracked on the blockchain.

The technology would enable retail stores to target bespoke promotions at customers. For example, if you were browsing on the Apple website and looking at an iPhone X, Nucleus Vision would give Apple the ability to send you a 10% discount on an iPhone X as soon as you stepped into one of their stores. The store would also know your name and buying habits. This would revolutionise the typical consumer’s shopping experience and close the gap between offline and online retail.

Nucleus Vision have also set their sights on the security market. Nucleus Vision sensors can detect stealing objects in workplaces or stores and the entries and exits of employees in the workplace. The system also allows for the identification and location of criminals and provide useful information to the police. All this information would be stored immutably on the blockchain. The project can really help the world become a safer place.

NCASH is Nucleus Vision’s token and it will be used for transactions throughout the Nucleus Vision ecosystem.Nucleus Vision is the company and NCash is simply the cryptocurrency.

NCASH is a ERC-20 token, built on the Ethereum blockchain and has a maximum total supply of 10 billion tokens.

How Will NCASH Be Used?

The Nucleus Vision ecosystem will require the extensive sharing of data if it is to succeed. Data providers and customers sharing their data would be rewarded in NCash which can be stored on a mobile wallet. In a retail environment, store owners will want data on their customers preferences to improve sale conversions and to get it they need to pay in NCASH. So NCASH will be a reward for people sharing their data and be the currency that businesses use to pay for access to it.

On the customer side of things, this model is very different from what we have today. Do you ever wonder how Facebook is so good at targeting ads at you or how they make the majority of their money? It’s because they have collected a lot of data on you and then sell this to companies that want targeted ad campaigns. One could argue that companies like Facebook and Google are simply businesses that gather user data and sell it to advertisers. With Nucleus Vision you would be in control of your own data and can opt in or out of the ecosystem.

NCASH can completely change loyalty programs. Ever wished you didn’t have to carry around 20 loyalty program cards with you? Nucleus will allow all retailers using the loyalty scheme to operate in a single network. Customers can spend their NCASH rewards in any shop on the Nucleus network. We think this is a good idea.

Any customer who is sharing their data and being rewarded in NCASH can also convert it into fiat currency or Bitcoin. This means they can properly get paid for sharing their data and use the rewards however they please.

Will The Ecosystem Work?

With all technology, adoption takes time. Indeed the project roadmap runs all the way to 2022. However, unlike other projects, Nucleus Vision does have a working product. The system is operating in 10 stores as we speak. Already, over 90,000 ID verifications have been made, 1.8k offers availed and 2.6k personal offers have been sent. This may not sound like much, but the value lies in the fact that the retail product is actually working.

The security element of the project is due to begin in 2019. This could potentially be a massive industry for Nucleus with the global physical security market projected to be worth $112.43 BN by 2021.

The reality is that the project will only truly work if it has a strong ecosystem and is adopted by businesses and customers alike. Nucleus can in theory work, but the ecosystem will certainly be broken if it does not have enough users.

The Nucleus Vision Team

Nucleus Vision Team

As investors we want to see a great project, but we also need confidence that the team can execute the vision. We think the project’s leadership team is strong and appear capable of executing.

  • CEO and Founder – Abhishek Pitti: Like many successful Tech founders, it seems that Abhishek went out of his way to get accepted into the best college he could and then dropped out. In his case it was the Harvard Business School. This was after Co-Founding LorvenSaft Tech and spending some time in investment at The Blackstone Group. It’s quite clear to us that Abhishek is an entrepreneur and has had success in successfully building and scaling businesses in the past.
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Martin Dudley: Martin has held many sales and marketing positions in his career. This also includes a 17 year stint as Director of Sales and Marketing at Levi. That’s right; the company that makes all the jeans. We are impressed with Martin’s past achievements in a retail setting and feel he is the perfect fit to help Nucleus make inroads into the retail sector.
  • Chief Technical Officer – Avinash Pitti: Avinash came out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are confident that after his past experience with businesses like the Bank of America, that he knows his way around a keyboard.
  • Chief Design Officer – Brooks Atwood: Brooks has occupied a lot of senior design positions throughout his career. Some of you may have heard of TedTalks. For those that have not, it’s essentially a televised conference where overachievers talk about interesting topics. Mr Atwood has been there and done that.

Who Else Is Backing Nucleus?

Where do we start? Nucleus has 12 high quality advisors, amongst them are people like; Min Kim the Co-founder of ICON, which is another ecosystem play and Ian Balina, who is an ICO YouTube sensation.

In terms of partners that Nucleus is working with, they have the likes of Vodafone and Intel. These are serious companies and it is nice to see them partnering up with Nucleus.

In terms of investors, Nucleus Vision has backing from Reliance Capital, Indusage Partners, QuadGen and Tim Draper. For those who don’t know who Mr Draper is, he is a venture capitalist and was the guy that bought 30,000 Bitcoin in 2014 which were seized from the Silk Road by the US Marshals. We don’t really care how much Tim bought his Bitcoin for, all we know that he is a smart guy for doing it.

The Future of Nucleus Vision

If Nucleus Vision execute their roadmap, we would say that they are knocking on the door of global dominance. By the end of 2022 they want to have achieved:

  • Deployment 1 million ION sensors.
  • Made 184 telecom partnerships
  • Identified 590 million users.

By this time they would have rolled out and scaled their security and retail solution. We will let Nucleus outline their own roadmap and it’s for you to decide if this is credible or exciting:

Nucleus Vision roadmap 2018 to 2020

Nucleus Vision roadmap 2021 to 2022

The Nucleus Vision ICO

Nucleus wanted to raise $40M in their ICO, which was scheduled to take place on the 28th Jan 2018. They actually achieved this funding goal through private funding and decided to cancel their public ICO. NCASH was then made available to the public after hitting the exchanges. Obviously we would have loved to have got in at ICO. However, we are sure that these strategic investor partnerships will serve the project well.

Should I Invest In Nucleus Vision?

Only you can make the decision whether to invest in NCASH or not. We are happy to give our thoughts though:


  • Great leadership team who have experience in building global brands in related niches.
  • According to Statista, the value of the Global big data industry was worth $33.5BN in 2017 and is projected to be worth $92.2 Bn by 2026. The market for data exchange is massive and that’s exactly what Nucleus Vision is doing.
  • Consumers gain more control over their data. We like the idea that consumers can choose whether to share their data or not. Currently, it seems we have little choice.
  • The global physical security industry is projected to be worth $112.43 BN by 2021. Again a massive industry and we like Nucleus’s ambitions for this space.
  • We don’t like bitty loyalty programs with points that expire. These only ever seem to benefit the retailer. We like the idea of a simpler and better solution.
  • Most of us spend a lot of our time online. It seems only natural to start digitalizing the offline world. We see the value in bespoke offers and a more personalized consumer experience.


  • The Nucleus project is so ambitious that we have to question whether the 4 year timeframe is realistic.
  • The problem so many cryptocurrency projects have had is difficulty getting merchant adoption. If adoption is limited with either consumers or retail merchants, then the whole ecosystem fails.
  • A project with this sort of vision can be subject to over hype.
  • Can Nucleus really beat non crypto businesses like Amazon?
NCASH price graph from coinmarketcap.com

Image via Coinmarketcap.com

How To Buy NCASH?

We have put together this detailed guide showing how you can get your hands on some NCASH.


There are so many projects out there in the cryptocurrency market. With NCASH we think we have found a project with a grand vision, looking to operate in extremely profitable sectors and have a great team. To top it off they already have a working product, unlike too many other crypto projects.

Who doesn’t want more control over their data, to be rewarded for sharing it, a personalised shopping experience and a safer world? This is why we think Nucleus Vision could really go places.

We are wary about merchant adoption, it is an area that so many cryptos have struggled to make progress in historically. We are quietly optimistic and excited to see where this project will go.

At Total Crypto, we do look at global trends and look to countries like Sweden who are already nearly a cashless society, with just 1% of value transactions being made with coins and notes. More and more people around the world seem to be using their cards to exchange goods and services. If Nucleus is adopted at the scale outlined in their roadmap, we wonder what the impact would be on fiat currency…

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Below we’ve listed some key resources relevant to NCASH.

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Useful Links

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

Project Team

Abhishek Pitti CEO & Founder At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Abhishek PittiCEO & Founder
Martin Dudley CMO At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Martin DudleyCMO
Subrata Siddhanta Executive President At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Subrata SiddhantaExecutive President
Avinash Pitti CTO At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Avinash PittiCTO
Brooks Atwood Design Director At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Brooks AtwoodChief Design Officer
Nishtha Rohatgi Director Of Telecom Partnerships At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Porject
Nishtha RohatgiDirector Telecom Partnerships
Sushmita Sinha Head Sensor Development at Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Sushmita SinhaHead, Sensor Development
Chandra Sekhar Director Business Operations At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Chandra SekharDirector Business Operations
praneeth vangari program manager at Nucleus Vision cryptocurrency project
Praneeth VangariProgram Manager
Sanjay Bisen Director Of Product Development At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Sanjay BisenDirector Of Product Development
Ajay Chakravarthy Retail Product & Digital Marketing At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency project
Ajay ChakravarthyRetail Product & Digital Marketing
Prernaa Agarwal Project Manager At Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project
Prernaa AgarwalProduct Manager


Min Kim Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Min KimCo-Founder Of ICON Foundation
David Wachsman Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Advisor
David WachsmanFounder & CEO at Wachsman PR
Jaron Lukasiewicz Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Jaron LukasiewiczFounder Of Coinsetter Exchange
Yiseul Cho Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Advisor
Yiseul ChoPartner At Blockchain Partners Korea
Arun Seth Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Arun SethFormer CEO British Telecom
Ian Balina Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Ian BalinaCommunity Advisor
Ausaf S. Ahmad Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Ausaf S. AhmadIoT & Blockchain Lead At Microsoft
Joy Batra Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Joy BatraAdvisor Corp Dev
Ravi Sinha Nucleus Vison Cryptocurrency project Advisor
Ravi SinhaHead of Advance Technologies
Dragos Stefanescu Nucleus Vision Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Dragos StefanescuDesign Consultant

Interested in Nucleus Vision and want to learn more? Just jump into the official Nucleus Vision white paper and read all about it.

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.
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