NEON Wallet Guide – for storing NEO cryptocurrency

Our NEON wallet guide will show you how to setup the most popular NEO wallet, how to claim your GAS dividend and finally how to store your NEO assets in the safest possible way. NEO is an up and coming application developer platform that has begun to compete with Ethereum for ICOs. This means more and more cryptocurrency investors have needed to setup wallets like the NEON wallet and we expect this trend to continue throughout 2018. 

What Is The NEON Wallet?

The NEON Wallet is a free method to store and manage your NEO and NEO based tokens. Storing coins in this wallet also ensures that you get your GAS dividend for NEO coins and enables you to participate in NEO based ICOs.

It was created by the CityOfZion, a group of developers backed and endorsed by the NEO Council. Important Terminology
Public address: A public key is essentially the same as your bank account number. It is required for another person to send funds to you. If you have a friend that wants to send you funds, you would give them your public address to process the transaction.

Private Key: Think of this as a complex password that proves you own the tokens and are authorised to access them. It’s exceptionally important you never share this with anyone. If anyone finds out your private key they can access your crypto and do whatever they choose. A private key is essentially the same as the pin to your bank account; you should treat it the same way.

You get one private key. Do not lose it. Otherwise you will likely lose access to your cryptocurrency.

How Do I Find Out If I Need A Neon Wallet?

To do this, simply:

  • Head over to, click the ‘Tokens’ tab and select ‘Full List’.

    How to find out what cryptocurrency platform tokens are on in

    Image via

  • Then just hit control F on your keyboard to bring up the finder in your web browser and type in the name of the cryptocurrency you wish to check. In this example, we will see if DeepBrainChain is built on NEO and if we need a NEON wallet to store it.

    How to find which cryptocurrency tokens are on NEO using

    Image via

    We can now see that we need NEON to store DeepBrainChain off an exchange.

How Do I Setup A NEON Wallet?

The first thing you want to do is to go to the CityOfZion Github and download the latest version of the NEON Wallet. The guys at the CityOfZion have ensured that MAC, Windows and Linux versions are avaliable. Simply select the download compatible with your operating system – in this example we will use MAC.

Downloading the NEON wallet on the Cityofzion Github

  • Once the download is complete, we need to make sure it’s installed properly. With MAC, we just move the wallet to our applications folder.
    How to instal the NEON wallet on MAC
  • You will then see the NEON in your applications folder.
    How to find the NEON wallet on MAC
  • If you try to open the application, do not be alarmed that your computer will say it’s from an unidentified developer.
    NEON wallet unidentified developer message on MAC
  • To enable the official wallet just hit system preferences and click ‘Security & Privacy’.
    How to enable the NEON wallet on MAC
  • Once you have drilled into ‘Security & Privacy’, you will see a message that NEON was blocked. Just hit ‘Open Anyway’.
    How to open the NEON cryptocurrency wallet on MAC
  • Once opened you will see the home screen. Just click ‘Create A New Wallet’.
    How to create a new NEON cryptocurrency wallet
  • You will be prompted to create a passphrase. This protects your NEON wallet. We recommend you use a super strong password.
    Creating a NEON wallet passphrase
  • Next you will get your NEON details. We recommend printing out a copy as a backup and storing this securely.
    NEON cryptocurrency wallet backup keys
  • Exit the application and reopen it. Then just hit ‘Login Using A Saved Wallet’.
    How to login to the NEON cryptocurrency wallet
  • Simply choose your wallet from the dropdown and enter your passphrase to login.
    Logging into the NEON cryptocurrency wallet
  • Congratulations, you are now ready to go!
    The NEON Cryptocurrency wallet

How Do I Use My NEON Wallet?

Fortunately the guys at the CityOfZion have done a great job in creating a user friendly design. We will quickly go over some basic wallet functions and show you how to use it.

How To Receive NEO Tokens Or Coins?

To receive NEO or tokens built on the platform you need to find out your public address. Simply hit the ‘receive button’.

How to find your receive address in NEON cryptocurrency wallet

You will then see your public address. Just copy and paste this address to send NEO, GAS or NEO based tokens to your wallet.

example of NEON wallet public address


How To Send Funds?

  • Just click the send button on the home screen.
  • You will then see a screen for you to enter the recipient address, the asset you want to send and the amount. Then click next and your funds will be sent.
    How to send funds from the cryptocurrency NEON wallet

How To Claim NEO GAS & Find Your Tokens?

To claim your GAS dividend, just click the arrow icon and this will be credited to you. If you send NEO based tokens to you wallet, these will display in the token and balance section.

How to claim your NEO GAS dividend in NEON wallet

Can You Make NEON More Secure?

The free NEON wallet is a great way to manage your NEO and NEO based assets. However, we are aware that some investors will only be interested in the best possible security. To get this, you will need a to combine NEON with a hardware wallet.

What makes a hardware wallet secure? These devices store your private keys and keep them safe from keyloggers and phishing attempts.

Fortunately for us, Ledger has come to the rescue by offering NEO support. Ledger are renowned for their excellent security and are highly regarded in the cryptocurrency community. We use one ourselves to store our coins and thoroughly recommend it.

How Do You Make Ledger Work With NEON?

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that the NEO App is installed on your Ledger.

  • Make sure you have installed the Ledger Manager App and your hardware device is plugged into your computer. 
  • Install the app on your device.
    How to download the NEO Ledger app in Ledger Manager App
  • Select the NEO app on your Ledger.
    Opening NEO App on Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet
  • Open up the NEON application and click ‘Login Using A Ledger’.
    How to login to the NEON cryptocurrency wallet with Ledger hardware wallet
  • You will then see a login screen and you should be able to see that your Ledger and the app has been found. You can then login to your wallet.
    How to login to NEON wallet with ledger hardware wallet

Congratulations, you have done it!

Ledger Hardware Wallet Logo

Not Got A Ledger Nano S Yet? Want To Store Your NEO In The Safest Way Possible?

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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