NANO Coin Web Wallet Review: The Best XRB Wallet?

There are several XRB wallets out there to store your NANO coins. But which one is the best? Our NANO web wallet review will help you decide if this option is best for you. We will also show you how to get the wallet set up.

What Is NANO Web Wallet?

The NANO web wallet is one of the two official wallets created specifically to store NANO coins. This lightweight wallet puts you in control of your own private keys. The benefit of the web wallet is that there is no big download. Unlike other wallets, you will not have to hang around for an hour and wait for the entire ledger to download, making NANO web wallet the fastest and easiest solution to store your coins.

How fast is the NANO web wallet to set up? Some investors have been able to start sending and receiving payments in as little as 30 seconds! Security has been made a priority as well, with every wallet being encrypted before being sent to the server. This means you are the only person who can see your private keys and that’s how it ought to be.

The web wallet is also very transparent. Anyone can look, analyze or improve the code on Github. As the web wallet is so light on system resources, it can be used on any device. This means you can use your NANO wallet anywhere and enjoy real freedom.

What Other Coins Does NANO Web Wallet Support?

The NANO web wallet is designed specifically for NANO coin. This means it only supports this coin and nothing else.

Is NANO Web Wallet Safe?

The web wallet is highly secure and all wallets are encrypted before being sent to the server. This means that you will be the only person to know your private keys. This is crucial as a private key is like the combination to open your NANO safe.

This web wallet has also been endorsed by the NANO team and is one of only two official wallets. This means the wallet is held up to higher standards than others and in term of security, there is a greater degree of accountability.

How To Setup NANO Web Wallet?

The NANO web wallet has been designed to be simple to set up and use. The first thing you need to do is to go to the NANO wallet site and sign up.

NANO Coin Logo

Key Information:

  • The wallet is one of two official wallets.
  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Encryption protects your private keys.
  • Supported on mobile, laptop and desktop.
  • Support:

Get The Fastest & Easiest NANO Wallet Now!

Step 1: Signing Up For Your Wallet

Once you’re on the NANO wallet site, just click the ‘sign up’ button.

How to download NANO web wallet

You will then be asked to enter your email and create a password. Key in the necessary details and click ‘Sign Up’. This will register your wallet and you should be taken to a successful registration screen. Here you will be shown your wallet identifier to log into your wallet and your recovery seed. Make sure you write both these pieces of information down and keep them safe.

NANO coin web wallet registration

Once you have taken care of your security arrangements, click ‘go to wallet’.

Step 2: Using Your NANO Web Wallet

Once in your wallet, you should see a home screen like the one below.

How to use NANO coin web wallet

Once you’ve bought your NANO XRB, to send NANO coins to your wallet just click the receive button and enter the amount of NANO coins that will be sent to the wallet. You will then see a QR code to use to send your NANO and a public address.

How to send funds to NANO web wallet

If you are withdrawing NANO coins from Binance, then enter the public address starting with ‘xrb_XXX’ as the recipient address. This will send your coins to your NANO wallet.

To send NANO coins from your wallet, just go to the wallet home screen and click ‘send’. Enter the public address for the account you want to send to and the amount of NANO. The click ‘send’ and your transaction will be processed almost instantly.

How to send funds from NANO coin web wallet


Setting up and using the NANO web wallet is a truly simple process. The wallet does everything you need and has a very easy to use interface. We love how quickly the wallet can be set up, that it’s supported on every device and how the wallet gives you control over your own private keys. The fact that the NANO team have made this wallet one of their official wallets, shows the confidence the team has in this product.

The TotalCrypto team is still to come across a more beginner friendly wallet than the NANO web wallet and we have no problem with highly recommending it. If you are looking for a wallet to store your NANO coins, we really don’t think you can go far wrong with the NANO web wallet.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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