How To Setup & Use Trezor Wallet – Step by Step Guide

Trezor is undoubtedly one of the safest wallets out there, but it’s finally arrived and you’re wondering how to setup your new Trezor? Don’t worry, we will talk you through the steps and you will be storing your crypto on your Trezor wallet in no time.

Setting Up Your Trezor

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Has your Trezor arrived? We will talk you through the 7 easy steps to setup your Trezor:

Step 1: Make Sure The Box Has Not Been Tampered With

The first thing you want to do when you receive your new Trezor is to make sure the silver hologram security seals are intact. They should take a reasonable amount of effort to remove. If the security seals are not there or have been tampered with, return your Trezor immediately! If everything looks legit, then go ahead and open the box

Trezor hardware wallet box

Make sure the hologram security strips are there and intact.

Step 2: Make Sure Everything Is There

When you open the box you should find:

  • Trezor
  • USB cable
  • Instruction sheet
  • Strap
  • Two recovery seed cards
  • Trezor stickers (we are not exactly sure why you would want to advertise that you own a Trezor)

Everything there? Perfect, let’s get our Trezor good to go.

Trezor box contents


Step 3: Connect Your Trezor To Your Computer

Pick up the USB cable and plug one end into your Trezor and the other into your computer. Your Trezor should be directing you to

Trezor directs to when plugged into computer

Step 4: Head Over To

Enter in your web browser and select your Trezor device. screenshot

Select your device type.

You will then be directed to install firmware on your device. Just click Install firmware.

Trezor install firmware screen

Just click install firmware.

Once the firmware has been successfully installed, you will be then asked to unplug your Trezor from your computer. Just unplug your Trezor and reconnect it to continue.

Step 5: Creating Your Trezor Wallet

After plugging your Trezor back into your computer, you will then be asked if you want to create a new Trezor wallet. Click ‘Create New’ to continue.

Creating a new wallet on Trezor

Select ‘create new’ to setup your new Trezor wallet.

You will then be notified once your Trezor wallet has been successfully setup. Feel free to scroll through Trezor features in the popup and then click ‘Continue to the wallet’.

Your Trezor is ready screen

Step 6: Creating a Backup

The next step is creating a backup for your Trezor. Simply click the ‘create a backup’ button to complete this.

Backing up your Trezor schrrenshot

Create a Trezor backup.

In this process you will be generating your 24 word recovery seed. Make sure you don’t take a photo, write it down on your computer, type it anywhere or store it in cloud storage. Just write it down with a pen on your recovery seed card. This method cannot be hacked.

Creating a Trezor backup.

Click continue. Just make sure you have a pen and your recovery sed card ready.

Your 24 word recovery seed will then be shown word by word on your Trezor screen. Write these down on your recovery seed card.

Trezor recovery seed card

Your Trezor recovery seed card.

Once you are done and have checked your recovery seed words you have successfully backed up your device. Then click continue to finish setting up your Trezor.

Trezor you have successfully backed up your device screenshot

Just click continue to move onto the next step.

Step 7: Naming Your Trezor

The next step is to name your Trezor. This is important so you know that the Trezor you are holding is actually yours. Also, if you have multiple Trezors you will want to be able to tell them apart.

How to name your Trezor

Name your Trezor.

Your Trezor device will then ask you to confirm the name change change. Just click confirm.

Step 8: Setting Up Your Trezor PIN

You will be asked to setup your new PIN on your Trezor.

How to set your Trezor pin

Confirm on your Trezor that you wish to setup a new PIN. You will then see a 3×3 grid with numbers on your Trezor and a 3×3 grid on your screen. Enter your PIN using your computer. You will be asked to enter your PIN twice to verify it.

How to setup pin on Trezor

Congratulations, you have finished setting up your Trezor and are ready to go.

Using Your Trezor

How To Access Different Cryptocurrency Wallets on Trezor?

The first thing you are going to want to do is to send cryptocurrency to your Trezor. Hit the Bitcoin panel in the top left of the screen to select different Trezor cryptocurrency wallets. It’s that simple.

How to change cryptocurrency wallet on Trezor

Click Bitcoin in the top left corner. This will show you all your Trezor wallet options.

How to change cryptocurrency in Trezor

Select the cryptocurrency you wish to manage in Trezor.

How To Receive Cryptocurrency On Your Trezor?

After you have selected the correct cryptocurrency wallet on Trezor e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, just click ‘receive’ and you will see your Trezor wallet address. You can also generate additional wallet addresses by clicking the ‘+ More Address’ button.

To view your full receive address, you will be asked to enter you Trezor PIN and then you will see the address on screen and on your Trezor. Make sure that both addresses match before sending any funds to Trezor.

How to receive cryptocurrency on Trezor

Just select your wallet address.

Then simply copy your Trezor wallet address and send your cryptocurrency from the wallet where you are currently storing your coins. Your coins will then be stored in your Trezor wallet.

Sending Cryptocurrency From Trezor

Sending cryptocurrency is easy on Trezor. Just make sure you have selected the correct cryptocurrency wallet e.g. Litecoin wallet if you want to send Litecoin. Once you hit the send button, you will be asked to enter the wallet address you wish to send to, the amount and you can select the fee you wish to pay (higher fees send faster). After you have filled in the details just hit send and you are done.

How to send cryptocurrency on Trezor

Enter the necessary particulars and hit send.


Trezor have made a great hardware wallet and we think it’s got the most user friendly software out there on the market. We hope that once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easy to use too. For now, stay safe guys and may all your cryptos moon ???

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