How to Buy & Sell Ripple (XRP) – Step by step guide

So you’re wondering how to get exposure to Ripple (XRP) and see it go to the moon? You probably have 2 main questions; how to buy XRP and where can I buy and sell Ripple? First of all, XRP is simply Ripple’s token. If you are investing in Ripple you will be either buying XRP tokens or trading CFDs XRP tokens.

There are two paths to choose from to make your first Ripple investment. We will reveal all in this guide. You should be aware that you will likely need to pass ID verification for either option.

The Easy Way To Buy & Sell XRP

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Unfortunately, if you are based in the US then this option is not open to you. If you are are located in the land of the brave, just skip ahead to the ‘Another Way To Buy & Sell Ripple’ section of this article. For everyone else the easiest way to buy and sell Ripple is through a CFD broker.

CFD stands for “contract for difference”. What on earth does that mean? At CFD brokers you are buying a XRP contract that’s supported by the value of XRP tokens. This means if XRP goes up by $100, you get a $100 return from your investment. If you are really confident that the Ripple price will increase, CFD brokers usually give you the opportunity to leverage your position. Leverage of 20X means a $100 gain in the price of XRP would return a $2,000 profit. You must be aware that this works the other way too if the Ripple price goes down. Leveraging is more risky, but the gains can be massive.

Benefits of CFD Brokers

  • CFD brokers are fully regulated unlike crypto to crypto exchanges.
  • You only need to setup and pass an ID check for one account to buy and sell Ripple.
  • With CFD brokers you deposit via methods like card, bank transfer and PayPal. Once your account is funded you can then invest in Ripple. It’s that simple.
  • CFD brokers usually give you the option to leverage your investment. Sometimes this is up to 20X! You should be aware that this is a lot riskier if the price moves against you. However, this does give you the opportunity to achieve much higher gains.
  • Customer support is on the whole better than cryptocurrency exchanges. Usually there are also a much wider array of support contact methods.
  • With CFD brokers there are no concerns with storing your Ripple, creating wallets and being responsible for keeping it safe.

Which Crypto CFD Broker Should You Choose?

Don’t worry; we have done the research so you don’t have to. The best CFD broker will depend on who you are and what your circumstances are. Our top 3 crypto CFD brokers all offer something a bit different from each other. It’s up to you which you think is best and where to buy and sell Ripple.

plus500 broker logo

Plus500 Key Facts

  • Big Company – Plus500 Ltd is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.
  • Established Track Record – Plus500 have been in business for 10 years.
  • Insurance – Balances on Plus500 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This means that customer balances are insured for up to £50,000.
  • Deposit Methods – Supported deposit methods and minimum deposit limit for each:
    • Debit/Credit card – Visa or Master Card (min – 100 GBP)
    • Electronic wallet – PayPal/Skrill (min – 100 GBP)
  • Tradeable Cryptocurrencies – Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA & Litecoin.
  • Customer Support Methods – 24/7 live chat and email via online form.

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80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

Plus500UK Ltd authorized & regulated by the FCA (#509909). You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please refer to the Disclosure documents available on the Plus500 website.

etoro logo

eToro Key Facts

  • Established Track Record – Etoro was born all the way back in 2007.
  • Popular – with over 6 million registered users eToro has quite the trading community.
  • eToro is Different – eToro mixes things up by offering social trading opportunities. You get the chance to see the strategies of trading experts and follow them. Thousands of people on eToro copy the
  • Insurance – Balances on eToro are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This means that customer balances are insured for up to £50,000.
  • Deposit Methods – Supported deposit methods and minimum deposit limit is $200 > $500 depending on method:
    • ?? Credit / Debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club).
    • ?? Neteller
    • ?? Skrill
    • ?? Webmoney
    • ?? China Union Pay
    • ?? Giropay (Sofortüberweisung)
    • ?? Webmoney
    • ?? Yandex
    • ? Wire Transfer
  • Deposits – €2,000 max deposit for unverified accounts.
  • Tradeable Cryptocurrencies – Ripple, Dash, Neo, Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin.
  • Leverage – eToro doesn’t offer any leverage for crypto trading.
  • Customer Support MethodseToro Friends, Facebook and email.

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Need help getting started on eToro? Just check out our dedicated guide.

e-Toro is regulated by the CySEC and the FCA.


IQ option logo

IQ Option Key Facts

  • Established – IQ Option was founded in 2013.
  • Global Presence – IQ Option has an astonishing global presence, serving 231 countries and counting. With over 25 million registered users, you know you are in safe hands with one of the largest CFD brokers out there.
  • Tradeable Cryptocurrencies – IQ Option has the largest range of crypto currencies offered by any CFD broker we know. These include: Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Neo, Stellar, EOS, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Tron, OmiseGo, Qtum, Zcash and Bitcoin Gold. This makes IQ Option the perfect option for anyone who might be interested in the opportunity of investing in a wider range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Lowest Min Deposit Requirement – IQ Option gives everyone the chance to participate in cryptocurrency trading. It’s $10 minimum deposit limit is the lowest out of all the CFD brokers by a country mile.
  • Deposit Methods – IQ Option supports the following deposit methods: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard, wire transfer, CashU, Skrill Netller, Webmoney, iDeal, Fasa Pay and Boleto.
  • Customer Support MethodsPhone, post and email.

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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Day Trading Ripple?

Need help with the basics of CFD trading? Don’t worry, we have a guide for that. Just check out our Day Trading Cryptocurrency 101 – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

Another Method To Buy & Sell

We will show you how to buy Ripple US style. This second way to buy XRP is also ideal for those that want to actually own and hold Ripple. This is slightly more complex than using CFD brokers, but we know anyone can do it. The scientists in the Total Crypto lab have tested many methods and we think we have an easy process.

buy and store ripple infographic

Our 7 Steps To Buying & Storing XRP Explained

  • Create a Coinbase account.
  • Convert your USD, EUR or GBP to either Bitcoin or Ethereum. We would recommend using Ethereum as the transaction times are faster than Bitcoin. Having problems with Coinbase or confused? Check out our comprehensive: How to use Coinbase guide!
  • If you’re in the UK, check out this article. 
  • How to buy Ripple on Binance? Create a Binance account. Binance is a Cryptocurrency exchange which will allow you to trade your Bitcoin or Ethereum into XRP.
  • Once you have setup your Binance account, transfer your Bitcoin or Ethereum from your Coinbase account to your Binance account.
    • Go to “Accounts” in the navigation bar when logged into Coinbase.
    • Hit the send button for the Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet you wish to send from.

      storing ripple

      Screenshot from Coinbase: Hit the send button for either Bitcoin or Ethereum (depending on which crypto you have purchased).

    • Enter your Binance deposit wallet address as the recipient address in your Coinbase account . You can find your Binance wallet address by logging into Binance, selecting “Funds” and hitting “Deposit” from the dropdown. Select either Bitcoin or Ethereum and you will see your Binance deposit address. IMPORTANT: Your wallet addresses for depositing Bitcoin and Ethereum will be different. Make sure you are sending Bitcoin from Coinbase, to a Binance Bitcoin wallet address or Ethereum from Coinbase, to a Binance Ethereum address. 

      Screenshot from Binance: Finding your Binance deposit address.

      Screenshot from Coinbase: Input your Binance deposit address as your Coinbase recipient address.

    • Enter the amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum you wish to send to your Binance account.
    • Hit continue and the confirmation details of the transactions should appear.
  • Head over to the Binance exchange and select the XRP/BTC market to convert Bitcoin into Ripple or the XRP/ETH market to convert Ethereum into Ripple. Need help with Binance? Check out our comprehensive Binance guide!

Getting Your Ripple To Safety

  • Once you have got your XRP on Binance, we advise you get it off the exchange as quickly as possible and store it in your own personal XRP wallet to keep it safe. The next step is to setup your own Ripple wallet and we recommend you get a Ledger Nano S for the maximum level of security. Alternatively you can create a free GateHub or Toast wallet to store your XRP. Find wallets confusing? Just checkout our comprehensive wallet guides.

    On Binance go: Funds > Withdrawals and search XRP. Once you have setup your Ripple wallet on Ledger, Toast wallet or Gate Hub, just enter your receive wallet address as the “XRP withdrawal address” on Binance.

  • Once your Ripple wallet is setup, simply send your XRP from Binance to your wallet address.

How To Store XRP In The Most Secure Way?

An important thing to know is where to store Ripple safely. It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies like Ripple have been the target of hackers. As the price of XRP increases we imagine that this threat will only increase. The reality is that if you lose access to your Ripple wallet or you get hacked, there is no one to ask for help. So if you are wanting to own XRP, we recommend you use a hardware wallet.

What is a hardware wallet? This is a device that securely stores your Ripple wallet private key and protects it from exposure to the outside world. If you want the highest level of security a hardware wallet is the way to go. The Ledger Nano S is the most popular hardware wallet that supports Ripple.

If you choose Ledger to keep your Ripple as secure as possible, we recommend ordering directly from Ledger. We have heard from the Reddit community that some people buying Ledgers off ebay have had their crypto stolen. How has this happened? Some Ledger sellers have initialized the device and noted down the recovery seed words. The seed words can be used to access crypto on the device.  These seed words are intended to be a recovery backup in case you lose your Ledger. Essentially some seller have been selling second hand Ledgers as brand new and stealing funds deposited on them.

Please note your Ledger will always generate your 24 recovery seed words when new. If it does not then something is wrong and we recommend you return the device. If your Ledger has a sheet of paper with the recovery seed words already on it, then its a scam.

Ledger scam. Paper recovery sheet.

See a recovery sheet like this and you can be sure your Ledger has been compromised!

What You Need To Buy XRP This Way

Coinbase exchange logo

Coinbase Key Facts

  • Established Track Record: Coinbase was founded in 2012 and is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Serious Backers: Venture capital firm IVP, who were involved in the latest funding round, have been early investors in businesses like Netflix and Twitter. Other investors include companies like the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Easy To Use: Coinbase is renowned for it’s easy to use interface. This makes it the perfect exchange for cryptocurrency newcomers.
  • Small Minimum Deposit: You can invest as little as €6 into cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.
  • Regulated: Coinbase is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges to be regulated.
  • Insurance: Customer funds are insured and segregated. US customers are even insured up to a balance of $250,000.
  • Deposit Methods : Credit / debit card, bank transfer and PayPal for US customers.
  • Tradable Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email and FAQ’s.

Looking to invest more than $100 on Coinbase? Good news! You will also get $10 FREE by signing up through Total Crypto!

Need help setting up an account? Just checkout our comprehensive Coinbase guide!

Binance exchange logo

Binance Key Facts:

  • Largest In The World: Binance is the biggest crypto to crypto exchange in the world!
  • Huge Selection Of Cryptocurrencies: Binance offers you the opportunity to get your hands on over 100 different cryptocurrencies. Ripple is one of them.
  • User Friendly: The crypto to crypto exchange is the simplest we have ever used. We think this has been one of the main factors leading to Binance’s explosive growth.
  • Customer Support: Binance offers email multi language support for ?? ?? ?? ??

Buy Ripple on Binance – the worlds largest crypto to crypto exchange.

Need help setting up a Binance account or scratching your head on how to transfer from Coinbase to Binance? Just checkout our Binance guide.

Ledger hardware wallet logo

Key Facts:

  • Secure: A Ledger is the most secure way we know to keep your Ripple safe. If security is a concern to you, invest in the best security solution for your Ripple.
  • Popular Hardware Wallet: Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet that supports Ripple.
  • Dedicated App: The Ledger application suite has a dedicated Ripple app.

Store your Ripple in the safest way possible with Ledger.

Are You Too Late To Buy & Sell Ripple?

We think that anyone buying Ripple today is still early to the party. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy. Think about the number of people you know that actually own cryptocurrency? We bet most have heard of Ripple and Bitcoin, but have not yet dipped their toes in the water. In terms of cryptocurrency adoption, do we think 15% of the population own any cryptocurrency? If not, then this puts us in the early adoption phase of the technology adoption curve. It’s quite simple really: being early means there is a potential for big gains.

Are we early or late in cryptocurrency?

We believe we are still in the early adaptor phase.

You might have read through our second method of buying Ripple and asked yourself why it is so bitty. The reason is because cryptocurrencies like Ripple are still young. The infrastructure is not yet there for an ‘all in one’  solution. The steps you have to currently take to buy XRP are daunting to most people and put them off investing. Think about how many more people would buy XRP if it was easy. Right now most people don’t even know where to buy Ripple.

Coinbase is the most commonly used way to buy cryptocurrency. Every time a new cryptocurrency has been added to Coinbase, this has resulted in a massive surge in the price. Guess what: Ripple has not been added to Coinbase yet. Coinbase listing XRP could result in a massive surge in price.

What Is Ripple’s Mission? How Much Could It Be Worth?

Before you decide to invest you should ask yourself; what does Ripple do? We will try and explain this simply.

Have you ever sent an international bank payment, had to pay high fees and wait around 5 days for it to be processed? If so, you probably have come to the realization that the current banking infrastructure is simply not very good.

Ripple intends to upgrade the world’s payment infrastructure. Incredibly, Ripple can process transactions anywhere in the world within 4 seconds! This means adoption of Ripple would be a real system upgrade. Every year over $155 Trillion is transacted across national borders. It’s safe to say that if Ripple achieves its goals and is adopted, then XRP investors will do very well.

What We Wished We Knew About Buying & Selling Ripple?

At TotalCrypto we have done the trial and error so you don’t have to. Our top tip is to be aware of dollar cost averaging. The problem with investing in cryptocurrency is that it’s easy to get caught in the hype. If everyone is talking about a cryptocurrency like Ripple, then chances are it has been hyped to record highs. This results in a lot of people buying in one big lump sum and buying near the top. When a pullback invariably occurs, the temptation is to sell quick to try minimize your loss.

Don't be the guy going all in here!

Don’t be the guy going all in here!

How can you manage your investment so you aren’t the chump buying at the top and selling at the bottom of the market? Dollar cost averaging XRP is simply splitting up your Ripple investment into several chunks and investing a fixed amount every week or month. It is important to understand that this strategy doesn’t guarantee you will avoid losing money. However, it does mean that you buy fewer XRP tokens when the price is high and more when the price is low. This helps avoid a situation of you buying all your XRP at high prices and then not having enough cash to buy when prices are low.

Ultimately it’s your choice when you choose to buy XRP but dollar cost averaging smoothes out some of the risk.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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