Electroneum Wallet: Where & How to store ETN Cryptocurrency

About this guide: Our Electroneum wallet guide will show you where and how to store your electroneum cryptocurrency. We will also show you how to find your public key to allow you to get your ETN coins off exchanges and store them yourself.

What Is The ETN Wallet?

It is a web wallet that is created when you make an account on the official Electroneum site and it allows you to store your ETN. This means you do not have to depend on exchanges to keep your ETN coins safe for you.

This is a good idea because as cryptocurrency prices rise, exchanges become an ever bigger target for hackers. Why take the risk of the exchange being hacked? Additionally, you must ask yourself how much you trust the exchange? By storing your ETN yourself, you have complete control over your cryptocurrency and don’t need to worry about the integrity of exchanges.

TotalCrypto.io Important Terminology
Public address: A public key is essentially the same as your bank account number. It is required for another person to send funds to you. If you have a friend who wants to send you funds, you would give them your public address to process the transaction.

How Do I Set It Up?

The first thing you want to do is to head over to the official Electroneum site and create an account.

Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency logo

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  • Fill in your email address and create a strong password. Just press the ‘Create Account’ button once done.
    Create an Electroneum account form
  • You will then be sent an email activation email. Just click the link to activate your account. Cannot find the email? Make sure you check your SPAM folder.
    Electroneum account activation email
  • Fill in your mobile phone number, confirm you are not a robot and hit ‘send SMS’.
    Electroneum mobile number form
  • A confirmation code will then be sent via SMS to you phone. Just enter the code into the form, prove you’re not a robot and click the ‘Submit confirmation code’ button.
    Electroneum mobile confirmation code form
  • You will then be asked to enter a recovery email. Feel free to use a family member or friend’s email address. Just enter your Electroneum account password and press the ‘Continue’ button.
    Electroneum pin recovery email setup form
  • You will then get another activation link sent to your primary email address to confirm your PIN recovery details. Just click the link to continue.
    Electroneum pin recovery verification email
  • The last step is to create a 5 digit pin to keep your account extra safe. Once you are happy with your pin, just click ‘Save PIN’.
    Electroneum pin setup form
  • Congratulations your Electroneum web wallet is good to go! You can now login at any time by using my.electroneum.com.

How Do I Use It?

To send ETN to your new wallet, you will need your public address. You can find this by logging into your Electroneum account and clicking the “Manage Wallet’ button which will then reveal your public address.

Finding Your Public address in the Electroneum wallet manager

If you have your ETN on an exchange like Kucoin, this is the address that you copy and paste into the exchange withdrawal screen (as we showed you in our how to buy guide).

Withdrawing Electroneum (ETN) from Kucoin exchange to ETN wallet

Once you process the transaction from the cryptocurrency exchange, your Electroneum will then be sent to your wallet.

How To Send Electroneum?

Once you have ETN in your wallet, you may want to send it elsewhere or send it to a cryptocurrency exchange to sell. To do this, just hit the ‘Manage Wallet’ tab and click the ‘Send ETN’ button.

How To Send Electroneum (ETN) using Electroneum Wallet Manager

You will then be asked to input the address you wish to send to. If you want to send your ETN back to the Kucoin exchange:

  • Login to your Kucoin account.
  • Click ‘Assets’.
    Navigating to Assets in the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange
  • Scroll down the list of cryptocurrencies until you find Electroneum and then click the ‘Deposit’ button.
    Depositing Electroneum (ETN) on the Kucoin exchange
  • You will then be asked to confirm that you want to send ETN to Kucoin. Just click confirm and then the Public address will be revealed. Copy and paste this address as the one you want to send to when using the Electroneum wallet manager.
    Getting Electroneum (ETN) deposit details from the Kucoin exchange
  • Important: You will also be given a Payment ID by Kucoin. Make sure you use this when processing a payment from the Electroneum wallet manager.
    Entering send address and payment ID in the Electroneum wallet manager
  • The next step is to enter the amount of ETN you want to send to Kucoin. Once done, hit ‘Review Transfer’.
    Entering send amount in Electroneum wallet manager
  • Finally, review your transfer and click ‘Confirm’. You will then see a screen to enter your Electroneum pin. Once confirmed, your ETN will then be sent to the Kucoin exchange.
    Reviewing and confirming transfer in Electroneum wallet manager


You should be ready to store your ETN in your own wallet now and know the ins and outs of processing Electroneum transactions. For now, stay safe out there guys.

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