Is the Delta crypto app the best way to track your portfolio?

What is the Delta Crypto App?

It was in the deep primordial past of 2017 that the Delta crypto app first burst onto the scene and into the hearts and minds of investors needing a better crypto portfolio tracker.

Delta is designed to provide an intuitive and low-maintenance platform for tracking cryptocurrencies. Building on a solid suite of tracking tools, Delta also seeks to provide a complete solution for making portfolio decisions. To make that happen, it provides a dynamic picture of the market as a whole, with the latest coin prices, market charts and even a highly configurable alert system so you can stay ahead of the curve with investment opportunities.

Here’s a quick guide to some of its key features along with some thoughts on why I feel it’s a great portable option for managing your crypto portfolio.

A wander through Delta’s feature list


Portfolio overview

One of the biggest challenges for making smart decisions about crypto is that you have to find a way to claw your way to the top of your portfolio so you can “look down”. Without a way of seeing across the spectrum of your portfolio two things will happen. You’ll lose track of positions and you’ll miss crucial opportunities.

Delta shines as a portfolio management tool for one simple reason: it’s designed specifically to make strategic decision making easier. It gets the kinds of decisions you’re going to make and places as few clicks as possible between you and making that happen.

Delta Coin Tracking App Portfolio

As someone who easily suffers from analysis paralysis, I appreciate Delta’s intuitive portfolio presentation. It’s simple. In crypto, where rapid changes and ever evolving abstractions can make one’s brain melt like processed cheese in a microwave, I really appreciate it when someone figures out a way to make something easier. I think Delta excels in that department.

I can see my total holdings and any important market changes without tapping, squinting or messing about. Better yet, I can look at my portfolio at 3 in the morning after a few beers and still quickly understand what’s happening.

Coin analysis

It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that Delta supports a big range of coins.

All your usual suspects are represented, of course: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash to name but a few. No surprises there. But you’ll also find some seriously obscure coinage supported. On the box, the claim is that over 2000 coins can be handled through Delta. I haven’t counted but it looks about right. You can even add custom coins, a long overdue feature vital to covering off ICOs that haven’t yet hit an exchange.

So, the first thing to say about coin Delta’s coin analysis is that you can get as exotic as you like. For those of us who enjoy experimentation and speculation across the weird and wonderful altcoin spectrum, this alone is a huge plus.

In terms of the quality of analysis you’ll get against your crypto coins, my take is that the Delta crypto app provides solid, well-presented analysis. Can you go deeper? Of course you can. To sniff out every meaningful signal on any coin you’ll need to be more creative and intuitive than any single app will allow. But Delta will give you everything you need on highs, lows and total volume in an attractive, easy-to-follow format.

Coin graph on Delta Crypto App

With one spasmodic twitch of a thumb I can change my views and insight on any coin from chunky to grainy. It’s a similar experience to the one I was describing with the Delta crypto app’s portfolio view. They make it quick, easy and intuitive. The data gets into your eyeballs fast.


The transaction feature of the app offers no surprises, but I consider that kind of a good thing when it comes to crypto transaction handling. Any platform requiring more than a few screens or too many fancy visual elements begins to discourage me when it comes to transferring coins.

With Delta, it’s intuitive and straightforward. You search for the cryptocurrency you’ll be using for the transaction. Then you choose the exchange. Then you add the transaction details. A big plus is that a transaction can be subtracted or added from a holding. That way you don’t have to double your work by entering the flingin’ flangin’ data twice.

By now you’re hopefully noticing a common thread with the Delta app crypto experience. A lot of work has gone into making the user interface as painless as possible to use. Using this app, generally you’ll find you can navigate the screens and make decisions without having to think too much about the interface itself.

The best way I can think to describe it is it frees up mental bandwidth. Maybe I’m lazy, but less messing about with fiddly screens and buttons is a huge draw for me.


It’s probably worth taking a step back here and mentioning the Delta crypto watchlist view. Maybe it won’t win any design innovation awards, but again, its very non-fanciness is exactly what I’m looking for in a crypto tracking app. If I want flowery, I’ll go to my mom’s place and steal some pot pourri.

Delta Crypto App Watchlist

Want to order it differently? Click on the sort criteria. Keen to take a glance at a coin’s hourly shenanigans? No problem. Tap on the time filter. It’s just enough functionality to get a quick view of whatever you’re keeping your eye on. I also like that it’s easy to add and remove coins with just a few taps.

How To Add Alerts On Delta Crypto App

Then we get to the alerts functionality of the Delta platform. It’s easy to set up personal notifications for whatever cryptocurrency you’re watching. While the repeating alert feature isn’t going to be of great interest to everyone, for those interested in cyclical movements in value it’s a nifty option to have at your fingertips.

The thing I appreciate most though is the simple fact that the app will buzz me if something significant happens. Don’t get me wrong, the option to check my delta portfolio while I’m buying Pringles at Walgreens at 2 in the morning is pretty cool. But where the Delta crypto app comes into its own for me is that it actually allows me to forget about my coins while I’m out and about doing something else. Any app that lets me be lazy and eat my Pringles in peace is a sound investment.

Delta is offered across multiple platforms

I have tired, non-millennial’s eyes. Having to stare for too long at a phone screen makes me almost as grumpy as staying up past 10pm. I’m therefore extremely grateful to the developers that they allow users to transfer their data across to a decent sized screen. With the extra screen real estate, the delta portfolio screen is much easier on the eyes than its diminutive smartphone counterpart. Delta has apps available for both Mac and Windows PCs.

Delta Crypto App Mobile graphic

Never Lose Track Of Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Again!


Issues or concerns


CSV import isn’t yet a thing

If you’re keen to transfer your existing data across to this platform, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. For now, no method exists for transferring an existing dataset but I note that the developers have slated it for release in the near future. Given their track record of responsiveness to customer’s requests, I’d watch their support pages for updates.

You’ll have to pay for some features

The free version of the Delta crypto app only allows one portfolio. To be honest, this prompts little more than a ‘meh’ from me. One portfolio is enough for my already overtaxed brain to watch and maintain. If you’re a hardcore, multi-portfolio owning blackbelt in crypto-fu then sorry, you’re going to need to pay for the Pro version to get that luxury. In fairness, it’s probably also worth pointing out that the monthly fee they’re charging is peanuts.


The two obvious alternatives out there are Blox and Blockfolio. Both have their ardent followers and their mouth-frothing detractors. If you want to maintain multiple portfolios for free, I’d steer you toward Blox. If you’re looking for a tool which integrates deeper coin research, Blockfolio will probably appeal.

It goes without saying that they all have their strengths and weaknesses and much of it boils down to how we think and use the data.

The upshot


So, is it worth trying?

In my opinion, yes. The Delta crypto app works in a way that feels compatible with how I think. Its charts provide enough data to tell me something meaningful without nudging my brain into a state of analysis paralysis. The Delta portfolio screen is clear, basic and “just enough”. Similarly, the delta crypto alert and watchlist layouts impress me with their simple, non-flowery solidity. Somehow, it just seems to let me be lazier (in a good way!) than other platforms I’ve experimented with. Adding to its appeal, while the Delta crypto app is clearly great for beginners, my impression is that it can scale with the demands of serious investors as well.

How to Use Delta

The Delta app is pretty pain-free to set up. Five minutes is about all you need to be managing a Delta portfolio screen and using the alerts and watchlist features.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the device you want to use it on and follow the Delta crypto app download and install instructions
  3. See that giant, mysterious Plus button slap bam in the middle of the screen? Click or tap it.
  4. Here you have your first decision to make. You can add a transaction manually or you can connect an Exchange account. The Exchange account is a guided process designed to minimize any technical pain points. If you opt to enter your first transaction manually, you’ll see a screen like this:
  5. Once you complete the form, your Delta portfolio screen is all set. All you need to do is to keep it up to date.
  6. Next, to take full advantage of Delta’s features, you’ll want to set up your Watchlist and get a few alerts in place. Start by clicking the all-seeing eye button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Remember that whole deal with the enigmatic plus button right back at step 3? Same deal. Click on the plus and get busy entering a few coins to watch.
  8. Tap on any coin you just added, and you’ll get a screen drilling into more detail. This is also where you can fire up the alert screen. It’ll look a little something like this:
  9. See that tab which says ‘Alerts’? That’s the button the crazy folks at Delta use to set up an alert. I told you this app was intuitive! Click/tap on it and you’ll see a screen like this:
  10. Click that funky blue cross to set your first alert. Enter the exchange and trading pair, then set your threshold. Finally, decide whether the delta crypto alert will be one-off or repeating.

That is literally it! In ten steps you’re managing a portfolio and have a few crypto analytical tools working to make your life easier. To drill deeper, just jump into the Delta crypto support pages. They’re well maintained and easy to follow.


I fell asleep somewhere around the portfolio bit. Can you summarize this whole article in 30 seconds or less?

Sure! Delta is designed to provide an intuitive and low-maintenance platform for tracking cryptocurrencies. A lot of effort has gone into making the design very easy and intuitive.

Is it perfect? No. Nothing is perfect. Here are some of the potential negatives you should be aware of:

  • To manage more than one Delta portfolio, you’ll need to pay a small subscription. To manage multiple portfolios for free, check out Blox.
  • It isn’t designed to help you do detailed coin research. Other software does that better. Try Blockfolio, for example. Personally, I think you’re better off doing that yourself anyway, independently of any app.

Is it pretty dang good and worth checking out? Yes. Absolutely. Here are the standout strengths of the Delta app as I see it:

  • It’s clear, well-designed and NOT unnecessarily fancy. It’s designed to be easy to use. The developers have made a solid effort to not saturate the app with excessive data and as a result it’s far easier to work with.
  • It supports over 2000 coins, including obscure crypto. This makes the app more versatile and a good platform from which to experiment and speculate.
  • The advantages of having alerts can’t be understated. To have an app which will buzz you when something requires your attention is fantastic and having become used to that feature, I wouldn’t want to be without it.
  • It has a mobile and a desktop version which synchs up. This means you have that luxury of seeing your entire delta portfolio on a big screen. This just makes everything easier.

You can check the app out here. It’s a cryptocurrency tracker that you should certainly take a look at. Good luck!

Not sold on Delta? Take a look at the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers before you decide.

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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