Dan Bilzerian: Cryptos very own Russ Hanneman?

This guy fucks. The gambler, playboy, Instagram king and cryptocurrency investor, Dan Bilzerian, has made some bold claims when it comes in cryptocurrency. Love him or hate him, Bilzerian has recently declared to his 1.44 million Twitter followers that now is the “Time to get back in crypto”.

Dan Bilzerian Twitter “Time To Get Back In Crypto”

In fact, if Blitz is a man of his word, he won’t be just ‘getting back into crypto’, he will be piling his money into the market. Let’s hope he ploughs a significant chunk of his reported $90 million net worth into the market.

Dan Bilzerian reveals that he sold all his cryptocurrency on Twitter

The Instagram King Times Crypto Markets Perfectly

Dan Bilzerian crushing car with tank

Action Dan has claimed in his Tweets that he has timed the cryptocurrency market perfectly over the last few months:

Dan Bilzerian times cryptocurrency market perfectly

Believe him or not, one thing is for sure: Blitz only hops on the cryptocurrency bandwagon if: 1) The market is going to the moon 2) There is a crash.

Dan Bilzerian claims on Twitter "all my crypto is killing it"

It is highly likely that Blizerian’s brags about how much money he is making in cryptocurrency will influence some of his millions of Twitter and Instagram followers. After making the prediction that it’s “time to get back in crypto”, you can be sure that many of his followers will be influenced by his prediction and that if the market surges, Dan will want to take some credit for his call and talk about crypto on social media a lot more.

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What Cryptos Did Bilzerian Buy In November?

When it comes to cryptocurrency investment, it seems that Blitz likes to keep things simple.

Dan Bilzerian cryptocurrency portfolio

It would not be surprising if Bilzerian takes up some of the same crypto positions as he did last time. Indeed, this would not be a terrible strategy given the all time high discounts of these cryptos:

Bitcoin cryptocurrency logo

  • Current Price: $9,287.16
  • All Time High: $20,089.00
  • Increase Required To New All Time High: 116.31%
  • Where To Get It? Coinbase.

Ethereum cryptocurrency logo

  • Current Price: $685.74
  • All Time High: $1,432.88
  • Increase Required To New All Time High: 108.95%
  • Where To Get It? Coinbase.

Monero cryptocurrency logo

  • Current Price: $292.56
  • All Time High: $495.84
  • Increase Required To New All Time High: 69.48%
  • Where To Get It? Binance.

Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Logo

  • Current Price: $1,532.77
  • All Time High: $4,355.62
  • Increase Required To New All Time High: 184.17%
  • Where To Get It? Coinbase.


Social influencers like Blizerian really do matter when it comes to market sentiment and can influence the decisions of millions of people. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you think the cryptocurrency market is going to go on a run or not. One thing is for sure though: social influencers do not like missing out on ‘hot topics’ and crypto has already proven to be one of them.

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