The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers

Tracking your crypto investments can be a pain. Manually checking multiple cryptocurrency prices and working out the value of your total portfolio is a time-consuming process, to say the least.

So, what’s the solution? Well, crypto portfolio trackers are handy applications that make it easy for you to monitor the performance of all your cryptocurrency investments. Of course, you could opt for a crypto hedge fund in which case you’d have everything managed on your behalf.

However, which cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is best for you? Let’s find out.



Blockfolio is the most popular and one of the oldest cryptocurrency tracking applications in the world and this makes it the go-to choice for a lot of investors. The crypto coin tracker is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS. With the app, you can track hundreds of different coins at once and price data is pulled from various different exchanges. That’s not all. Blockfolio also allows you to set price notifications for any coin, alerting you when the asset reaches a certain price point. This means you can have your figure on the pulse of the cryptocurrency markets wherever you are.

Not only is Blockfolio’s interface one of the friendliest ones around, but it also allows almost every feature to be customized to your preferences. The app also has an exceptionally useful news feed to keep you up to date with the markets. Once everything is considered, it is perhaps not surprising that Blockfolio is so popular among cryptocurrency investors.

For a detailed overview of the Blockfolio’s features and tips to get started, check out our comprehensive guide.


Adding coins to Blockfolio app

As Blockfolio is one of the first crypto portfolio tracing apps, most features have been tested thoroughly. This means that bugs are few and far in between, which makes for a particularly stable experience. That being said, there are the occasional data errors, though the team is quick to clamp down on them.

The greatest advantage offered by the app is the price notification system. This is because very few crypto exchange offer stop limit orders, leaving investors at the mercy of crypto market swings. However, with the Blockfolio price notifications feature, you can be alerted to significant changes in cryptocurrency prices and make smart trading decisions based on that information. Basically, the app alerts you whenever a coin reaches a predetermined price point, allowing you to act on the price swings immediately. Knowing that there is a steep fall in prices may result in you selling your coins to cut losses, or a sudden pump in price may mean that you want to sell your positions before the price comes tumbling back down to earth. It’s ultimately your decision what you do with your money. However, Blockfolio gives you the latest information on the market to trade off.

The news section is also a really great addition to the app. Whilst being pretty bare-bones, it gets the job done by informing you of the current market trends.

The key benefit with Blockfolio has to be the insane levels of customization that the app allows for. You can even add a passcode, share screenshots, or modify the interface to display only percentage changes for your portfolio.


Delta coin tracker graphic


The leading competitor to Blockfolio, Delta is a leaner, meaner app that works a little faster and is slightly more reliable.

Delta is also a mobile-only app, with a simple user interface that cuts away much of the complexity of the Blockfolio app. For this extra simplicity, you should know that Delta does strip away a few features, such as order book tracking and volume indicators. However, it more than makes up for it through its user-friendly interface and fast performance.

The Delta portfolio tracker also offers some new innovations like a watchlist and the ability to track multiple portfolios at once. To understand the app in more detail, read our Delta app guide.


Coin graph on Delta Crypto App

The advantage of Delta over Blockfolio is simplicity.

In contrast to its more illustrious competitor, the Delta crypto tracker offers ways to customize the coin-tracking tool. While some may interpret it as a lack of features, many find the minimalistic app far easier to use.

When it comes to speed, Delta wins hands down and certainly has higher performance than Blockfolio. Also, Delta is much quicker in listing new coins than Blockfolio. This means if you are the type of investor that regularly buys the latest coins as soon as they hit exchanges, you should certainly consider using Delta.

The coin prices shown in the Delta app prices are also much more accurate and there are simply fewer data errors than you see in Blockfolio. This is an important consideration when it comes to day trading, where even a small error can end up costing you a lot. Whilst on the topic of day trading, we should also mention that Delta has the ability to track multiple portfolios. This feature means that you can keep your business holdings and long-term assets separate and still keep tabs on both portfolios.

The Wishlist is another lifesaver for crypto investors, allowing you to track coins without going into the market specifics. This lets you monitor the performance of coins you are interested in buying at a certain price.



Altpocket is a relatively new crypto tracker on the market. It distinguishes itself from the competition by calling itself a ‘Social Cryptocurrency Tracker’.

In addition to a crypto portfolio tracker, Altpocket offers a full-fledged social network. This lets investors connect with each other and share trading tips and advice. Portfolios can also be shared with your friends as well, giving them a glimpse of the coins you hold.

Altpocket also spares you the annoyance of manually entering all your transaction details into the tracker. This is because it can automatically import data from leading exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex or Poloniex.

For a more detailed look into Altpocket, head over to our complete guide and review.


The social aspect of Altpocket actually works rather well with the cryptocurrency tracker. It gives an insight into how top traders navigate the market and allows users to share their views with each. This enhances the flow of news, keeping investors informed of important trends and developments. The vibrant community also encourages honest discussion, educating everyone about different crypto investment opportunities.

However, even if we ignore the social function, Altpocket still manages to shine.

This is due to its super useful ability to integrate profiles from crypto exchanges like Coinbase. As most of the crypto world relies on Coinbase for purchasing and storing their coins, importing portfolios from the website ensures a seamless experience. This approach has the added benefit of being more accurate than a manual entry, preventing stupid typos from distorting portfolio data.

When it comes to Altpocket’s performance of the basic crypto tracker functions, there is certainly nothing to complain about. The interface is slick, the performance is also fast and free of errors. Altpocket will also release their mobile application soon, so things are only going to become better.

Interestingly, Altpocket also sports a helpful ICOs section, where they list promising Initial Coin Offerings and allow users to connect with the ICO teams as well. We think this is a rather useful feature, considering how common it is to see fake ICOs like Pincoin.

Ethos Watchfolio


In July this year, the Ethos foundation released their highly anticipated Ethos Universal Wallet. What sets the wallet apart from other crypto storage solutions in the market is a nifty feature called Watchfolio.

You see, Ethos is not just a wallet. Integrated within the app is a solution for tracking your crypto holdings, in an easy to use interface. It allows you to add any cryptocurrency, whether you actually store them on the Ethos smartwallet or not. As a result, you can use the Ethos app as just a portfolio tracker, even if your coins are safely stored on a hardware wallet somewhere.


The benefits of using the Ethos Watchfolio over a standalone tracking app are numerous. Not only do you save on storage and RAM usage on your mobile, but also get the ability to store all your coins in a single place. The Ethos universal wallet stores more different types of cryptocurrencies than any other wallet solution out there.

That’s not all, the Ethos team also have a Fiat Gateway in the works. It should not be long before you can use your bank account to buy crypto and execute trades on the Ethos Universal Wallet as well. This will let you react to price changes in real-time, allowing you to capitalize on a promising opportunity instantly.

Also, the Watchfolio tracks the price changes based on your point of entry, it shows changes in important stats in easy to understand graphs. Clicking on a coin even gives a more detailed information on the project, courtesy the Ethos Wallet’s Coin profiles. This is a pretty useful feature when deciding which crypto project to buy.

Then there is the Wishlist too.

Before you decide to invest in a new coin, you may first want to keep an eye on its performance in the market. Adding a coin to the Wishlist lets you do exactly that, with the added convenience of comparing them with your existing holdings as well. This makes the Ethos Watchfolio the perfect tool for keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, and making changes to your holdings based on market sentiment.

For a more detailed breakdown of its features and instructions on how to get started, check out our Ethos Wallet guide.



CoinTracker is one of the new kids on the block. Yet despite not being around as long a the likes of Blockfolio, it is still making waves in the crypto world.

You see, every cryptocurrency tracker out there needs all your cryptocurrency transaction histories to be able to work properly. Most tracking apps solve this issue by getting the user to input each and every transaction they have ever made – a tedious process, to say the least.

Some, like Altpocket, also support a few top crypto exchanges from which they can import user data. Whilst definitely a time saver, this solution falls short of perfect. This is because most investors don’t store their cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges, due to safety concerns and use wallets instead. This means that the importing of some exchange data is not the perfect solution and most people will still have to enter their crypto holdings into a crypto tracker the old-fashioned way.

However, CoinTracker has come to the rescue and has consigned manual cryptocurrency transaction entries to the history books.

The app features integrations with a massive 14 crypto exchanges, along with numerous crypto wallets. Due to this, CoinTracker – true to its name – is able to track every transaction across almost every crypto platform you are likely to use, making crypto tracking a breeze.

With this exciting solution, it is maybe not surprising that the San Francisco based startup raised $1.5 million in its initial seed funding. With its innovative solution to crypto portfolio tracking, we don’t think the CoinTracker app is not going anywhere any time soon.


The main attraction of CoinTracker is its simplicity. In a world populated full of so many different crypto trackers, there is maybe none that is more visually appealing or easy to use. The team has clearly gone to great lengths to ensure that users get the effortless experience that we have come to expect from professionally produced mobile apps. The fact that CoinTracker can import user data from all major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance , Kraken and many more shows how dedicated the team is to provide the best user experience possible.

Even more importantly, CoinTracker can import portfolios held in third-party crypto wallets as well. It does this by tracking your public keys, ensuring that no private information is ever compromised.

That’s not all, CoinTracker automatically keeps track of every transaction made from the supported wallets and exchange accounts, removing the need for tedious manual accounting. This automatic syncing paves the way for very accurate and up-to-date statistics on your investments, tracking your returns, asset performance, and much more.

And finally, there are the automated tax returns. This feature is maybe not much use to crypto hobbyists, however, tax returns are a groundbreaking feature for the serious cryptocurrency investors.

Previously, individuals and businesses were forced to painstakingly record their each and every transaction to ensure tax compliance. Now users can simply opt for tax returns offered by CoinTracker, which can generate a pre-populated IRS form for as little as $29. Undoubtedly this feature will save some crypto investors enough time to equal days of their lives every year.



Cryptagon is another crypto tracker that aims to make it easier to track your portfolios and is geared towards both advanced and newer investors.

On the tracking front, Cryptagon offers automatic integration with all leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The number of cryptocurrencies supported by app is also impressive, with more than 2000 crypto coins available for you to add to your portfolio.

The central selling point of Cryptagon is the easy interface, which can be extensively customized to enable more advanced features for crypto experts. It also features sub-portfolios, customizable groups and more, the enhancements really breathe life into this crypto tracker.

Add to that the really powerful notification system and cross-platform support, and you have a crypto tracker that covers all bases.


Cryptagon sets itself apart with a slew of advanced features that make it easier to understand the performance of your crypto portfolio.

Take its charts, for example. Cryptagon manages to pack a variety of information into a single screen in a visually appealing, clutter-free way. The overall experience will probably remind you of crypto exchanges that you already use, making the transition easier.

But the really innovative feature is the ability to create sub-portfolios for your investments. You can further customize them into groups sharing similar metrics, for example, your ICOs, swing trades, long holdings, etc. This lets you keep an eye on priority targets, and judge your holdings according to the measurements relevant to each group type.

Since all major online wallets are supported too, Cryptagon can automatically keep tabs on your trades, giving you a direct overview of your profits and returns without any further setup on your part. This only requires you to part with your public key, meaning that you can enjoy the benefit of automated crypto tracking without giving away any private keys.

These advanced features are further supported by a robust alert system, that will notify you of major price changes in your portfolio. Like everything else on the platform, the notification system is fully customizable as well, with each and every component of your portfolio capable of linking to it. With some initial setup, you can fully automate the monitoring of your portfolio, saving you from having to check on it every five minutes.



If you are familiar with navigating the interfaces of cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance’s desktop app, you will feel at home in Cryptopanic.

Cryptopanic is primarily a crypto news aggregator that doubles up as a portfolio tracker as well. The main reason for using Cryptopanic is the simple and efficient interface – a single glance is enough to get all the information you need.

Also, for those that simply don’t like using mobile apps, there are few better options than this. Cryptopanic is a dynamic website, functioning perfectly on both PC and mobile. Due to this, it is the best choice for those who like to switch between their desktop and phone for a seamless crypto tracking experience.


The most obvious advantage is that Cryptopanic is web-based; which means there is no need to install an app on your mobile. The interface also manages to pack a lot of information in a small space, cutting out unnecessary complications. The dark theme is also easy on the eyes, especially for reading at night time. For let’s face it; we all check out our social feeds before going to bed and most of us like to look at out crypto portfolio before bedtime.

Another draw is the extended view mode. It shows you the price of the coins in several currencies, such as USD, ETH, and BTC as well. The pricing in ETH is especially handy, as it is hard to find in crypto trackers that allow you to monitor your portfolio in this currency.

The performance and speed of the app is fast and lag-free. Whilst prices on individual exchanges cannot be tracked, Cryptopanic does a good job by itself, pulling in the latest prices without any noticeable delay. Maybe the biggest benefit of using Cryptopanic is – funnily enough – the accompanying News section. That’s because an important part of crypto trading is about staying up to date with the latest crypto developments. By keeping up-to-date with industry news, you maximize your chances of making winning trades, or abandoning the ship before it is too late.



Bitscreener is an interesting option to include on a list of the best crypto coin trackers. Unlike the other options we have covered, it is not just a cryptocurrency tracker.

It is a more of a crypto search engine which displays real-time information on the cryptocurrency market. However, you can set up personal crypto portfolios as well, but we don’t rate the Bitscreener portfolio tracker very highly. Bitscreener’s strength instead lies in providing up-to-date and accurate data on the movements of the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency market information is displayed in two ways:

  • Hard figures and performance charts – the bread and butter of every crypto trader.
  • Consolidated news sources – which help traders better understand the price movements in the market.

Bitscreener puts this information together in a professional and easy to understand interface. A single glance at the home page is enough to understand the key trends of the day.

When it comes to advanced features Bitscreener offers you chart galleries, screening tools, and other nifty features. In short, Bitscreener is packed with everything you need to keep up to date with the crypto market.


Bitscreener is a reliable source of updated market information. Instead of going through numerous crypto exchanges, you can just use Bitscreener to get the information you need faster.

With the BITX Coin, the platform also has a framework for providing and requesting other advanced services. This data can then be used to make better-informed investment decisions.

Bitscreener also displays many of the popular price analysis indicators favored by crypto exchanges. For example, the Simple Moving Average, Relative Strength Index, and Bollinger Bands, among others. This will probably make the tool particularly useful for active cryptocurrency traders.

A special feature of Bitscreener is the crypto market heat map. It uses rectangular blocks to show the market cap size of different cryptocurrencies and price movements. This is a very quick way of seeing how the crypto markets are doing at a glance and is ideal for those strapped for time.

The Bitscreener screening tool also deserves a mention. This is a unique feature and the screener lets you sift through 100+ coins based on different criteria. The parameters can include price, volume, age, and other important statistics.

For those who prefer visuals, there is the chart gallery. Whether you are looking for a day, week, month or even all-time chart, you can view all of them here. Once you combine all of Bitscreener’s tools with the news section then its easy to see how Bitscreener can be a very powerful tool indeed.





Cointracking is perhaps the oldest crypto tracker out there. That does not mean that it is outdated, though.

Supporting over 5500 currencies, 44 crypto exchanges, and 7 wallets, the Cointracking app is packed with features. From automatic data imports to auto-generated tax reports, the application does everything you could possibly want and more.

Whilst Cointracker maybe a tad overwhelming for beginners, there is no solution out there that offers so much under one roof. The result is that Cointracking has a large number of registered users, coming in at around about 300,000 users at the last count.

The crypto tracker is available both as a web service and a mobile app and offers a seamless experience on both devices. On the pricing front, the core services are completely free, with charges limited to advanced features only.


Cointracking’s list of benefits is almost endless. Because it’s been around for a long time, Cointraking has had the time to develop and offer every feature that its competitors can.

Perhaps the most notable feature are the ‘trade reports’ (not to be confused with tax reports). So, what are these reports? Basically, Cointracking compiles all your investment information into a single, comprehensive file complete with relevant charts. This report can be used to gain an understanding of the performance of your holdings, so you can adjust accordingly.

Entering new information to the app is a truly painless experience, with the service pulling all your information from the exchanges themselves. It continues to track transactions on these exchanges as well, saving you from manually entering in trades.

Wallet imports are supported as well, including hardware wallets like Trezor along with other online alternatives. All this data can then be used to generate complete tax reports, greatly simplifying the process of filing taxes on your crypto profits.

Cointracking also super useful for non-English speakers, as it supports many languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Korean etc. This gives Cointracking a much wider user base than other crypto portfolio trackers.

Google Docs

Google Docs? How does a cloud-based document editing service hold up as a crypto tracking tool?

Surprisingly well, it turns out.

You see, Google Sheets offers an IMPORTXML function, which can be used to get real-time price updates from respected crypto data providers like Coinmarketcap.

The main benefit of going for this option is the endless freedom to customize your tracking solution. With the right formulas and the correct structure, you can implement almost anything into Google Docs.

Want a color-coded price system? Done. Need a pretty chart to show all that data? Covered. Require the prices to be shown in a different currency than USD? No problem.

Also, this is the only reliable way to get a (mostly) offline solution working on the desktop – seeing that most crypto trackers are mobile applications or dynamic websites. Even more importantly, you may want to protect your financial information from third-parties, which is not possible for other coin trackers. Yes, Google will know the information in the sheet. However, they are super unlikely to sell it, unlike other tracking apps like Blockfolio.

The only shortcoming of Google Doc approach is the initial work needed to set everything up.

The good news is that you won’t have to start off with a blank sheet. Many people have created their own versions of a crypto portfolio tracker in Google Sheets and put it up for anyone to copy. So you just have to grab a pre-made spreadsheet, fiddle with some values, and you are good to go.

How to set things up

First, head over to the Poor Man’s cryptocurrency Google sheet and make a copy. Got it? Good. Because you are almost done.

You should be able to see that you already have a fully functional tracker. All that you need to do is adjust the amounts and the deposit values to reflect your own crypto holdings, and the sheet will take care of the rest.

But what if you want to add other coins? That is easy too.

Just copy over an existing row, and click on the ‘Current USD’ cell and you will see something like this in the formula bar.

Google docs crypto coin tracker Formula

Simply modify the URL with the name of the coin that you wish to add. If you are unsure, navigate to the relevant coin’s page on Coinmarketcap and check out your browsers URL bar. For example, for Cardano it will look something like this.

coinmarketcap coin name

And that’s it, you are done! While not the easiest of ways to track your crypto portfolio, it is definitely worth a try. A great thanks to Agam More for his brilliant guide and spreadsheet.

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