10 Best Cryptocurrency News Apps

As the crypto market continues to grow, it gains popularity. In doing so, it becomes more and more mainstream. This means more and more people are going to want to keep up with the goings on of the crypto space. And what better place to get all the latest and greatest news than on your smartphone? If you want to have daily info at your fingertips, just use your smartphone to get it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of mobile applications available for both Android and iOS operating systems. We’ve sorted through some of the best cryptocurrency applications available and provided them in the list below. Hopefully, these help you quickly access the cryptocurrency news and information you need.


Coinstats logo

CoinStats is admittedly one of the most prominent Cryptocurrency and Portfolio tracking platforms amongst crypto enthusiasts, investors and traders. Perhaps the most considerable and crucial advantage of CoinStats is that it allows you to auto-connect and track all of your wallets and exchange accounts in one place. The platform’s clear interface and intuitive system lets you easily navigate the important stats of the marketplace and also provides an extensive array of pragmatic analysis, useful tools and handy features for making the best market research and confident investment moves. 

Packed with real-time price and other necessary data on nearly 8,000 cryptocurrencies from over 400 exchanges, useful tools like notifications, quick-swap trading, market and portfolio analytics, crypto-related news from over 40 sources, as well as many other fundamental features, CoinStats aims to bring the most effortless solutions for crypto portfolio management and market research. The app is accessible both on mobile and web platforms and assembles everything you need in one single place.

Key info:

  • 4.7-star rating and over 80,000+ ratings on App Store.
  • Available on iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Telegram Bot, Browser Extensions, Apple Watch.
  • Single extensive platform to track and manage all your portfolios.

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Crypto Crunch

Crypto Crunch logo

One of the most highly-rated cryptocurrency apps available is Crypto Crunch. You can not only get information about popular cryptocurrencies, but the app will also inform you about breaking stories. These might originate in Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or any other popular social media outlets.

Additionally, Crypto Crunch provides instant crypto news updates and real-time tracking of all your favorite cryptocurrency prices. You can also get helpful market analysis and insightful tips from experts in the industry.

These features make Crypto Crunch the perfect mobile app for investors, day traders, or any other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It provides users with a lot of crypto information from some of the most trusted sources around the web.

To wrap up Crypto Crunch, it also helps those who are trading cryptocurrencies on a regular basis. The app gives them information which is usually provided by credible sources. You can find the Crypto Crunch application on both the Android and iOS marketplaces.

CryptoCrunch App

Key info:

  • 4.5-star rating in Google Play Store.
  • Available for Android.
  • Get the latest crypto news, coin prices & market analysis.

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BTCNews logo

This app pretty much tells you exactly what it does in its name. Bitcoin Crypto News is a great source for getting all the most important news and data as it pertains to the cryptocurrency space. This is a great aggregator if you want to have all your crypto information in one place.

Bitcoin Crypto News offers plenty of features which gives its users access to news articles tailored to their interests and reading habits. The app also has a wide array of valid and credible news sources. This means you’re getting the best crypto information in the palm of your hand.

The app also lets you track a few fiat currencies like US Dollars, the Euro, and the GB Pound. All Crypto News is available for download on both the Android and iOS marketplaces.

BTCNews screenshots

Key info:

  • 4.7-star rating on Apple App Store.
  • Avaliable on iOS.
  • Stay up to date with the latest crypto news and analysis.

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Crypto News

Crypto News logo

Crypto News provides high-quality information and news in the cryptocurrency industry, which means their users get up-to-the-minute data from credible and reliable news sources. The app also gives users live Twitter updates from high-profile altcoin analysts, detailed accounts of upcoming ICOs, and live price information on your favorite cryptocurrencies.

If you’re interested in using the Crypto News mobile app, you can download it on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Crypto News App Screenshots

Key info:

  • 4.5-star rating on Google Play store.
  • Available on Android.
  • Get the latest crypto news direct to your phone.

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Cryptocurrencies: Prices, News, Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies - Prices, News, Portfolio value logo

Another great mobile application for crypto news is Ivo Stoyanov’s Cryptocurrencies currency tracker. This application is designed to give users up-to-date prices on their favorite coins, breaking news and events, and a personal portfolio so they can track the value of their digital currencies.

Users also get an easy to use and navigate UI, which gives users the ability to move seamlessly between various sections of the application. The Cryptocurrencies app provides users with a market cap ranker and a price tracker, a portfolio manager, an altcoin viewer, and a live asset module.

You’ll also get an online reader which pulls in news from trusted sources like CryptoCoinNews, BitcoinExchangeGuide, CoinDesk, and CoinTelegraph. Thanks to these and other features, users get updated prices, which allows them to make smart decisions based on the value of their coins.

Cryptocurrencies is a completely free mobile application. You can download it through either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. It takes less than five minutes to install and get up and going with this app.

Cryptocurrencies App screenshots

Key info:

  • 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store.
  • Available on Android.
  • Get the latest news and track crypto prices.

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Crypto News Scoop

Crypto News Scoop Logo

Crypto News Scoop is a great mobile application for cryptocurrency that aggregates all the latest news about crypto and blockchain technology. That means you’re getting the information you need to make informed decisions about an ICO, trading a specific altcoin, or when you’re thinking about investing in a digital currency.

You’ll get high-quality news from the best cryptocurrency outlets available. This information is curated based on events like ICOs, market analysis, crowdfunding, and other crypto related data. Crypto News Scoop provides articles and updates on a daily basis to ensure that you’re informed and current on prices, signals, trading info, and news stories.

With Crypto News Scoop, you’ll get all the info you need, presented in a concise and easy-to-use interface. Additionally, you’ll get plenty of features like price ticker and charts, an ICO tracker, coin signals, news and analysis, videos, and plenty more.

Crypto News Scoop requires no signing up and is completely ad-free, so you don’t have to worry about getting a bunch of emails or trying to navigate around advertisements. If you want to download Crypto News Scoop, it’s available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Crypto News Scoop App screenshots

Key info:

  • 5-star rating on Google Play Store.
  • Available on Android.
  • Get the latest news crypto, ICOs, signals, and prices.

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Blockfolio App

Blockfolio logo

Just as you would expect, Blockfolio is a portfolio management app for your smartphone that gives traders and investors the information they need to stay apprised of their favorite cryptocurrencies. A great feature you get with the Blockfolio app is the ability to set price alerts. You can also compare cryptocurrencies to one another, and Blockfolio has an extensive list.

The app supports nearly 800 digital currencies and provides all the tools necessary for viewing your blockchain assets. Another useful feature of the Blockfolio app is that it supports price target alerts. You’ll get notified when you need to be so you can make the best decisions for your portfolio.

Blockfolio is available on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. Download it to have all the trading information you need.

Blockfolio app screenshots

CoinMarketApp – Crypto, Portfolio, ICO Tracker

CoinMarketApp logo

When you use the CoinMarketApp smartphone app, you’re getting easy and quick access to nearly two thousand different cryptocurrencies. This is one of the more popular cryptocurrency apps on the market, with nearly 1M downloads.

You’ll have access to great features with the CoinMarketApp. Features like a personalized portfolio, alerts you can customize, exchange information, and relevant cryptocurrency news. Users can also make use of an education section to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as receive notifications when new coins are added to the market.

If you’re interested in downloading the CoinMarketApp, you can find it on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store.

CoinMarketApp screenshots

CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph

CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph logos

It might be cheating to put these two high-profile news publications on the same line, however, you can’t go wrong downloading either of these for all your crypto related information. Both apps will give you all the headline-worthy news you need within the crypto world. You’ll never miss the latest when using either CoinTelegraph or CoinDesk for all your crypto related news.

You can find both mobile applications on Android’s Play Store and the iOS App Store.


CoinDesk app screenshots


Cointelegraph app screenshots


TradingView logo

Last on our list is TradingView, and while this mobile application doesn’t provide much in the way of news, it is a very helpful app if you do a lot of crypto trading on a regular basis. While the app isn’t quite as robust as the site itself, you will get plenty of charting information like bonds, stocks, or cryptocurrency pairs.

You can get TradingView from both the iOS and Android platforms. Just visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the app to get all the information you need when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies.

TradingView app screenshots

Key info:

  • 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store.
  • Discuss trading with more than 7M users.
  • Available for iOS & Android.

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our list has given you a good place to get started with finding the best cryptocurrency news app for your needs. Of course, our list is nowhere near exhaustive. There are many other apps available through both Android and iOS that might be better suited to what you need. However, we believe these are some of the better ones currently available.

As the cryptocurrency space continues to show growth, so will those interested in this type of technology. Eventually, mobile applications that focus on crypto-related news and information will become increasingly popular.

When you are selecting a cryptocurrency news app, consider its core features. This will help you determine which one makes the most sense for you. Ultimately though, the decision is up to you. Try out some of the apps on our list to get you started. More than likely you’ll discover that it provides you with the features you need to keep you up-to-date with the latest in the crypto community.

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