The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies In 2020

It’s no secret that public interest in cryptocurrency has significantly dwindled during the Crypto Winter. The problem gets even worse when you stop and realize that your project is competing with over 2,000 other projects for attention. Yes, you could just decide to take the ‘if we build it, the people will come’ approach. However, will your project’s supporters be happy to wait for you to execute your roadmap? If not, then the easiest solution is to draw on the skills of experienced marketers to help your project stand apart from the crowd.

Unfortunately, marketing needs constant maintenance and effort. There is a reason why huge recognizable brands, like Apple, still invest heavily in their marketing departments. With disruptive tech like cryptocurrency, it is even more necessary to continue educating people about your project and its latest achievements.

Marketing is a core part of most crypto projects pre and post ICO/STO strategy. After all, without a community or being able to satisfy your current group of supporters, it’s exceptionally likely that you’ll struggle to gain traction. Instead of attempting an expensive trial and error scattergun approach, most projects opt to contract specialists in a specific marketing strategy. This includes techniques such as content marketing, social media, public relations services, pay per click, display marketing and more.

It is undoubtedly a complicated job to select the right marketing agency partner for you. It is important that you are comfortable with the agency and how they propose to go about marketing your project. Specialist cryptocurrency marketing agencies know the market and what generally creates value within the industry. This is why we have focused on crypto specific agencies. One final thing to know is that agencies are often well connected in the crypto industry and are able to connect you with other allied professionals. Without further ado, we’ll jump into our picks for the best crypto marketing agencies in 2020. logo is an up and coming cryptocurrency agency specializing in operating bespoke content and influencer marketing campaigns for STOs, ICOs, and existing projects or crypto businesses. The agency rejects traditional forms of marketing such as Facebook, Google ads and extremely expensive endorsement deals. Instead, TokenMarketing focuses on creating bespoke content that actually engages readers and distributing this through a network of cryptocurrency influencers which includes:

  • 6.2M monthly organic website visitors.
  • 500k+ YouTube subscribers.
  • 1.9M Twitter followers.
  • 1.3M Facebook fans.

This focus on creating organic campaigns to kick-start real adoption, client ROI and spreading the word about great crypto projects to the people who care, has gone down exceptionally well with business owners, crypto projects and influencers alike.

CoinBureau square logo

“As a crypto business founder and online marketer, I know how to generate traffic. However, Tom and his team have provided us with some really unique insights and advice. They are achieving consistent results in their blockchain marketing by creating and executing bespoke campaigns tailored to convert users.”

– Nic, Founder of CoinBureau

Bitboy crypto

“Tom and the TokenMarketing team clearly care deeply about the future of Cryptocurrency. While many projects and Blockchain businesses put the focus solely on money, Tom seeks to put Worldwide crypto adoption first. This is what we need more of in the space.”

BitBoy Crypto, YouTube & Blockchain Community Influencer


TokenMarketing’s dedication to quality content can be seen through their strict writer policy, which states that all writers:

  • Hold a Masters or MBA.
  • Have worked in the crypto space for at least a year.
  • Are native English speakers.

TokenMarketing’s dedication to running affordable and sustainable marketing campaigns that actually connect projects and crypto businesses with an engaged audience, means they are set to make waves in 2020. Currently, marketing campaign prices start from just $2,500 and go up to $10,000 per month. However, we don’t expect these prices to hang about for too long as TokenMarketing have likely priced their marketing campaigns at an initial low rate to gain market share.


ICOBox logo

Is one of the biggest and most established ICO service providers in the crypto space. Indeed, they can help you with almost anything to do with your ICO and their basic package offers:

  • Tech solution
  • Legal
  • Escrow
  • Basic traffic package
  • Business consulting
  • Marketing consulting

However, the cost for this basic ICO package doesn’t come cheap with ICOBox charging 40 BTC (over $110k) and a 3% success fee.

The agency also offers additional marketing packages such as:

  • Marketing support: Price – 40BTC (over $110k) + 1.5%
  • South Korean regional marketing package – $120k per month + 6% success fee.
  • Japanese regional marketing package – $120k per month + 6% success fee.

ICOBox can really be seen as the one stop shop for crypto projects looking to have all services under one roof. Despite the relatively high prices, ICOBox seems to have delivered for clients in the past.

ICOBox’s professionalism, experience, and reputation should mean they continue executing for clients in 2020 and beyond. However, the agency’s comparatively high marketing fees could mean that projects decide not to utilize ICOBox’s full suite of services and instead opt for cheaper alternatives.


GuerrillaBuzz square logo

Guerrilla Buzz is a blockchain PR and growth marketing agency specializing in creating a buzz around relevant crypto channels and platforms.

That includes Reddit, Telegram, Steemit, Quora and crypto forums such as Bitcointalk, CryptoCurrencyTalk and more.

If your company is looking to drive quality traffic from the top crypto and blockchain communities, Guerrilla Buzz is certainly the agency you should look at contacting.

The agency also offers Content marketing, SEO and different growth services. Here is what Bancor, which is one of their clients had to say:


If you imagine your marketing efforts as an army, Guerrilla Buzz is like a super-advanced tank: perfect support for traditional efforts or incredibly powerful on its own. They are a highly recommended tool to keep in your arsenal.”

– Omri Cohen, VP Growth of Bancor

The agency’s range of services and ability to create a real buzz within the blockchain and crypto communities means that they should be set to have a great 2020.

FoxTail Marketing

FoxTail Marketing logo

FoxTail Marketing is a digital marketing agency that also serves clients outside of the crypto space. However, the agency offers a huge range of services aimed at mid-market companies. These include SEO and marketing services such as content marketing, paid advertising like pay per click or display advertising, social marketing, lead generation and more.

When it comes to helping ICOs, Foxtail Marketing can handle almost all of your operational requirements and offer a suite of services which include:

  • Social media management
  • Press releases
  • Crypto forum announcements
  • Web design
  • Reddit management
  • Display ad campaigns
  • Token structuring advice
  • Community management

This means that Foxtail Marketing offers almost everything you need to launch your ICO and promote your white paper. Being able to have a single contact and draw upon such an extensive range of services could be a massive plus for cryptocurrency founders who need help in a wide range of areas and would prefer a single point of contact.

KEY Difference Media

KEY Difference Media logo

Focuses solely on the important challenge of marketing and adding value to crypto projects in ICO. This includes content marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, media buying, and conversion optimization. In essence, KEY Difference Media is all about bringing you closer to your potential ICO supporters, generating leads and conversions. This requires the building of trust with audiences which KEY Difference Media executes with multi-touch marketing and strategic branding strategies.

The agency also offers ICO advisory services for media planning, partnerships and strategic development of your project. If you’re a little short in the advisor department the agency can also create hype to help you attract even more great advisors.

With their wealth of experience, the Hong Kong and Indian based agency could be set for a solid 2020.

Final Word

Finding the correct cryptocurrency marketing partner could be the most important decision you make this year. Marketing execution is one thing, but keep in mind the importance of a fluid flow of communication. Some cryptocurrency founders prefer to take a more hands-off approach to management, whilst others like to play a more active role in marketing efforts. Cryptocurrency marketing agencies work in different ways and it’s important that the agency you end up choosing is the right fit for your project and is compatible with how you run your business.

Ultimately it’s worth taking your time in choosing which agency you want to work with. Every agency mentioned offers a free initial consultation to help you get a feel for the agency and the value they can add. We recommend you use this opportunity and get in touch with a few agencies before making your final decision.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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