10 Cryptocurrency Documentaries You Must Watch

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but don’t want to spend hours scrolling through page after page of dense text, there are plenty of quality documentaries that make this topic easier to digest. 

Here are 10 of the best crypto docs to check out, covering different aspects of the market to give you a good grounding in key concepts and hot topics.

1 – The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Delving into the politics of Bitcoin and how its founding ethos has been eroded, this film analyses the origins of the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency. If you’re a sceptic at the moment, it might change your mind.

2 – The Blockchain Explained

If you can spare six minutes of your time, this discussion of blockchain technology is a worthwhile watch. It covers the basics well, with attractive animations making some of the bigger ideas much easier to digest.

If you’re a fan of the hugely popular Kurzgesagt channel on YouTube, this short is presented in a similar way. And unlike some other crypto docs, it avoids hyperbole and conjecture. Instead it gets to the heart of the topic quickly and without any unnecessary filler.

3 – Life Inside A Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Back in 2014, Motherboard went behind the scenes at a facility in China where vast servers mine for Bitcoin around the clock. The farm’s monthly output was 4050 coins; worth $1.5 million at the time, or more than $43 million at today’s prices.

It gives an insight into the kinds of resources which are required to actually get anywhere when mining cryptocurrencies. It also investigates the environmental problems that are being created as their popularity grows.

4 – Bitcoin In Uganda – Empowering People

The benefits of Bitcoin have generally been felt by investors and miners in developed countries. This documentary tells a different story, examining how the currency is being sent back to impoverished parts of Africa to help fund important educational projects.

5 – Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

This comprehensive film looks into the transformative impact that Bitcoin is having on global finance, arguing that it could eliminate traditional currencies altogether and change banking for the better. Plenty of expert interviews and some eye-catching visuals help it stand out from the crowd.

6 – The Bitcoin Gospel

In spite of its name, this documentary doesn’t argue that Bitcoin is equivalent to a religion. Instead it provides practical information about the way the currency works, its benefits when compared with traditional alternatives and the pitfalls that are holding it back from total global domination.

People who are already familiar with the industry will recognise plenty of familiar faces, including early investor Roger Ver, who is often known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ for his evangelistic support of the currency.

7 – Banking On Bitcoin


Originally appearing on Netflix, this feature length documentary is one of the most thorough overviews of cryptocurrency to date. It benefits from high production values, intriguing insights and lots of footage you won’t see anywhere else.

Following the lives of some major movers and shakers in the world of Bitcoin, it makes a point of showing the jarring juxtaposition between how this currency is growing and how the traditional world of finance operates.

8 – The Bitcoin Doco

Some cryptocurrency documentaries can be a little dull and self-important, but this entertaining series focusing on the rise of Bitcoin in Australia is far more light-hearted in its approach.

It does a good job of showing how this technology is being adopted at different rates in certain regions of the globe, and what the economic impact of its uptake can be in the places that embrace it.

9 – Bitcoin And The History Of Money

To understand why cryptocurrencies are such a radical concept, you need to have a decent grasp of how money works and the evolutionary changes it has undergone over the centuries. This short film does just that, contextualising Bitcoin in the broader financial landscape that it is starting to disrupt.

Starting from the early days of humanity when bartering and trading began, it covers right up to the era of credit cards and electronic banking. And since you can watch it in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee, it should be easy to get through during your next break from work.

10 – Why Do Banks Fear Bitcoin?

Some see cryptocurrencies as a way of escaping the grasps of banks and making money more egalitarian and accessible to the masses. Taking control of currencies out of the hands of the few and giving it to the many is all part of the decentralised nature of Bitcoin.

This short but sweet documentary deals with the implications of this, and tackles the reasons that bankers might be worried about the future of their industry, while raising questions of its own.

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