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The first question a lot of people have before getting involved with Bitcoin gambling centers around whether or not it is safe to do so. This is primarily due to the fact that these types of casinos request a lot of personal information. It’s not uncommon for a Bitcoin casino to ask for an ID card, copies of your utility bills, your phone number, and other data.

These questions are enough to make anyone uncomfortable, so it’s always wise to proceed with caution. Of course, it’s never truly possible to guarantee that Bitcoin gambling is a safe investment. There is a good chance you might suffer a significant loss, so never wager more than you can manage to lose.

Having said that, Cloudbet is a good place to use Bitcoin to place bets or play casino games. If that’s something you enjoy doing, our Cloudbet review below will help. Hopefully, you’ll find the information valuable if you’re looking for a safe place to make bets or play a few games.

What is Cloudbet?


Cloudbet is a platform specifically designed for playing casino games and sports betting with Bitcoin transactions. To use the site, you’ll have to create an account, deposit your Bitcoin, then start making bets. It only takes a few minutes to get up and going.

Once everything is set up, you can start withdrawing your winnings whenever you want. Cloudbet is designed to provide you with everything you want in a casino while betting using Bitcoin. The site just celebrated its fifth birthday, which makes it a veteran in the Bitcoin casino and gambling community.

Cloudbet opened its virtual doors in 2013 making it one of the first platforms on the market to specialize in Bitcoin betting. Since that time, the site has stayed at the forefront of the industry and is currently among the leaders in Bitcoin casino and Bitcoin sports gambling.

By using Cloudbet’s gambling functionality through Bitcoin, you get all the benefits directly associated with the digital currency. Features like speed, security, transparency, and low cost are all part of the Cloudbet experience. Additionally, you’ll get the added bonus of the appreciation of Bitcoin as a store of value.

Recently, Cloudbet added Bitcoin Cash as a means of place bets and gambling. The acceptance of BCH made the platform the first major Bitcoin casino to honor the Bitcoin Cash fork. As a result, any time you log into your Cloudbet account, you can choose between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Users can swap between the two digital currencies as often as they want.

Setting Up an Account

Cloudbet logo

  • Deal: Huge 100% 1st deposit bonus up to 5 BTC!
  • Promos: Regular special promotions.
  • Games: Slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, live casino, sportsbook, live sports betting & more.
  • License: Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Deposit Method: Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash
  • Support:
  • Provably Fair: No.

Want To Experience The Best Way To Bet Bitcoin?

Creating an account with Cloudbet is easy and straightforward. You can set up an account with either your smartphone or on your laptop or PC. All you have to do is go through the signup link below and click on the green “Join” button in the top right of the website to kick off the two-step process.


How to sign up to Cloudbet?

Once you provide your information (email, password, date of birth), you’ll receive an activation link in your inbox. Click on the link to confirm your account. When you do, you’ll be directed back to Cloudbet where you can make your first Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash deposit.

A big reason many people prefer to use Cloudbet is the level of anonymity that the platform offers. With Cloudbet, you aren’t required to provide any personal data. All you have to give them to validate your account is a legitimate email address. Submitting an email address and depositing your funds are the only things Cloubet requires of you.


How to deposit on Cloudbet

Depositing your funds onto the Cloudbet platform is a simple process. You’ll start by choosing the “Deposit” button available after you’ve successfully created and signed into your account. For each transaction, Cloudbet automatically creates a unique Bitcoin address.

You make the deposit into your Cloudbet account by copying and pasting the address provided by Cloudbet into your own Bitcoin wallet. If you prefer to use a mobile wallet, Cloudbet provides a QR code you can scan. Once you’ve successfully scanned or pasted the address into your own wallet, just sit back and wait for your funds to arrive.


The minimum amount you can deposit on the Cloudbet platform is 0.001 BTC. However, there is no maximum limit for deposits. For withdrawals, the same limitations apply. You must have 0.001 BTC to withdraw and there is no maximum.

Deposits placed to Cloudbet occur instantly. If you don’t see your deposit amount in your account within a few seconds, the platform strongly suggests that you reach out to their support team. You’ll need to provide the transaction details, however, Cloudbet wants to help resolve the situation so you have a pleasant experience with the site.

The same applies to withdrawals, as they are usually processed immediately. If you have a large withdrawal, however, you might experience a delay since these must be processed manually and won’t go through automatically. Again, if you feel like the withdraw is taking longer than it should, be sure to reach out to Cloubet to get the situation resolved. Don’t forget that you’ll need to provide the transaction details to the support team.

Cloudbet Bonus

CloudBet bonus up to 5 BTC

When you join Cloudbet as a new customer, they’ll currently give you a bonus based on your deposit. Cloudbet will match 100% of your deposit, up to a maximum amount of 5 Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. To qualify for the bonus, you have to make an initial deposit of at least 0.01 BTC or BCH.

To earn your BTC bonus, collect Cloudbet loyalty points (which we’ll get to in a moment) by playing casino games with your Bitcoin or placing bets on sports. Once you earn 800 loyalty points on the platform, Cloudbet will send 0.01 BTC your way. This deposit will automatically appear in your Cloudbet account.

You have one year from the day that you sign up to earn enough loyalty points to receive your full Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin bonus. Through your player dashboard you can view your status at any time, so you can see just how close you are to getting the next part of your bonus.

Loyalty Points

Any time you place a bet on the Cloudbet platform, you’ll earn loyalty points with the site. There are no restrictions to earning points based on the stakes, the sports, or the odds for the bet. These Cloudbet loyalty points are generated automatically each time you make a bet with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

The amount of loyalty points you receive does depend on the stake size and the price of your bets. Higher stake sizes and prices mean you’ll earn more loyalty points with Cloudbet. For instance, with bets in the sportsbook, you’ll receive your loyalty points which is the same as the stake multiplied by the price score, which is up to one.

If you’re not sure what the price score is, take the square root of the odds and subtract one. This is the decimal odds. For Cloudbet, loyalty points are the same as the stake multiplied by the game score. The game you choose to play will directly impact the game score. Blackjack earns the least and slots has the potential to earn the most.

Bitcoin Casino

Cloudbet casino games

Cloudbet’s Bitcoin casino offers all the popular games you’re familiar with. These games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and of course, Bitcoin slots. Cloudbet does its best to make its Live Bitcoin Casino as realistic as possible. It aims to give its users the feeling of being in a real casino while sitting in comfort in their homes.

The Cloudbet Live Bitcoin Casino offers over 65 tables with live dealers. Some tables will let you begin to play immediately, while others do require that you wait before you can play. Cloudbet wants its users to know that it offers the best odds in the market, along with the highest limits. Limits and odds are viewable at any time through Cloudbet’s sportsbook.

Bet Sizes

Bet sizes vary based on the game you’re playing in the Cloudbet casino. For example, if you decide you want to play the slots, the lowest bet you can make is 0.00002 BTC.

Casino Games

Upon visiting the Cloudbet Casino platform, you’ll notice tiles which represent each game available to users to play. You have a few options for finding which game you want. You can either browse through the choices or click a tab at the top of the screen. These tabs are sorted by Featured, Jackpot Slots, Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Bingo, Keno, and Instant Win.

If you hover over any of the available games, you’ll see an option to play for free if you’re not signed in, or you can log in to play.  Overall, you can choose from 29 featured games, 19 jackpot slots, 580 slot games, 56 table games, 31 instant win games, 48 video poker games, and six keno and bingo games.

Live Casino Games

Cloudbet live casino games

When you enter the Bitcoin Live Casino section of the Cloudbet platform, you’ll notice that it is quite similar to the layout of the regular Casino. Just like in the regular Casino, there are tabs located at the top of the page along with tiles for the games located on the main page.

Categories to choose from include Featured, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Table Games, and Other. Every Live Casino game shows you the minimum bet needed to play.

Live Dealers

Cloudbet’s live dealers are located in Central America or Southeast Asia. Each live dealer that Cloudbet uses has their own unique profile. If you want to view a dealer’s profile, just choose the “Our Dealers” button while you’re in Cloudbet’s live dealer casino.

Bitcoin Sportsbook

Cloudbet sportsbook

On Cloudbet’s main page, there is an option labeled Sports on the primary navigation bar. Selecting this option will take you to Cloudbet’s sportsbook. Listed on the left side are the sports from which you can choose. Cloudbet lists options for American football, baseball, bandy, basketball, boxing, cricket, darts, floorball, futsal, handball, golf, ice hockey, rugby, MMA, snooker, tennis, or soccer.

Near the top of the list is an In-Play option, which is the default upon opening. On this page, you can change the way in which you view the listed odds. The default listing is Decimal, however, you can choose to change it to fractional, American, Malaysian, or Hong Kong. Move to the right and you can choose to switch the default view from European to Asian.

Right next to the list of sports you’ll see either the most recent data for that particular sport or an option for more information. For example, if you take a look at soccer, you’ll notice the divisions of every league by country. If you select a league, you’ll be shown the odds and results for every match coming up.

If you’re in a certain sport, you’ll see the Live In-Play category show up on the right side of your screen. It will provide you with real-time updates and information. Above these updates, you’ll notice the bet slip.

Live Sports

Cloudbet live sports

When you visit Cloudbet’s live sports page, you’ll see the same options available for switching the view or format of the odds. On this page, you’ll always get the Live In-Play results. The scores will show on the left third of the page, while information specific to a highlighted game or match will display in the center. Just like the Sports page, the best slip resides on the right third of the website.

Sportsbook Bet Sizes

When you’re ready to wager on the Cloubet Sportsbook site, the minimum bet amount is 0.001 BTC. The maximum amount will vary based on the game and sport you select. With the majority of the evens on the Cloudbet site, the maximum bet will likely increase as the event draws closer and liquidity for the site increases.

If you try to place a wager for more than the maximum amount, or mistakenly fat finger the amount you wish to bet, Cloudbet will immediately reduce the amount to the maximum allowed. Of course, each player has their own limitations when using Cloudbet. If you feel like you need to have your limits increased, simply contact Cloudbet support and speak with them.

When you place a bet with Cloubet and the platform accepts it, you cannot modify, change, or cancel it. It’s final. However, since all bets are final, Cloudbet does recommend a method for at the very least negating your bet.

Cloudbet recommends making a bet that is the same but for the other side of your wager. This way, no matter the outcome, the bet will negate itself.

With Cloudbet, all of its listed events are automatically graded. However, keep in mind that delays can occur periodically while the outcome of an event is being verified. These types of delays tend to occur less frequently on the sports or leagues that are more popular. Lower-profile events may experience regular delays. If you do experience a delay, you’ll probably see a winning wager show up as “pending” until the outcome is completely processed.

Are the Games Fair?

Cloudbet casino girls

The RNG (Random Number Generator) games available on the Cloudbet casino all have an official RNG Evaluation Certification. These are issued by the Curacao eGaming Commission and conducted by the Gaming Laboratories International.

All of Cloudbet’s casino games rely on a state-of-the-art RNG system which creates an infinite number of possible combinations. These RNG systems allow for an entirely random outcome as you play on Cloudbet’s casino.


To create a wider client base, Cloudbet offers six different languages on its site. When you arrive at the site, the default language is English, however, you can also choose Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Polish, and Bahasa Indonesia. You can change the language from the flag dropdown located on the left-hand side of the site.


Mobile Support

Even though Cloudbet does not offer distinct applications for iOS or Android, it does support mobile browsers with a mobile casino. This is a separate interface designed specifically for use on mobile browsers. As a result, you can use Cloudbet on the go.

There are no additional requirements to access the mobile casino. Just head to Cloudbet on your smartphone and the mobile casino will automatically launch. This is great for those moments when you need to keep busy and want to spend a few moments playing the slots or sitting in on a few hands of blackjack.

Customer Support

On the Cloudbet site, you’ll find the “Support” button floating in the bottom right corner of the page. Click on the chat window will open it up and request your name or email address. Enter your message outlining the problem and from there you’ll join a live chat.

The live casino also offers a “Support” button with a chat feature if you need to reach out to customer service in that portion of the site as well.

Is it Safe to Use Cloudbet?

Cloudbet wants to make sure the funds their customers have on the site are secure and protected. One method the platform uses to ensure security is by depositing received Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash directly into cold storage.

The casino keeps the keys offline, which means they’re nowhere near any potential online threats. Cloudbet also ensures its customers that it will keep their deposits safe. Users can rest assured that their funds are safe due to the knowledge that Cloudbet keeps a hot wallet which contains enough funds to process withdrawals each day. This allows for a secure and quick withdrawal if necessary, which customers will appreciate.

Part of the reason that Cloudbet is known as one of the best Bitcoin gambling platforms is due to its commitment to providing security that’s among the best in the market. This serves as a way to ensure that player funds are protected. Additionally, the Cloudbet team focuses on providing an easy and enjoyable betting experience to all its customers, which shows in the design and usability of the site.


Cloudbet is a completely licensed site for betting with Bitcoin. It received its license from eGambling Montenegro. You can find all the pertinent information on the Cloudbet website which provides approval numbers and additional licensing information.

Wrapping Up


The bottom line is that Cloudbet is a solid online gambling site. It allows for wagers using either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash and has a polished look and feel when using the platform. It’s a fully licensed site that was among the first of its kind and goes to great lengths to protect its user’s funds.

The signup bonus users receive when joining Cloudbet is a great incentive if you’re searching for a reputable Bitcoin casino or sports betting site. No platform is perfect, and Cloudbet has its share of flaws, however, the fact that the site makes customer service a priority means they value their clientele and want to provide a positive gambling experience.

Unfortunately, residents in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore are prohibited from using the Cloudbet platform. Still, those that are able to use it are getting a great experience. You can choose from a wide variety of games, have an excellent selection of sports betting options, and join in on the live-casino action all while earning Cloudbet loyalty points.

Additionally, Cloudbet offers a mobile app, so if you have some time to kill, you can place bets and wagers on the go. Overall, the Cloudbet Bitcoin gambling platform provides an excellent option if you’re looking for a place to bet with Bitcoin.

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