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Cindicator Coin (CND) Cryptocurrency: Review & Guide

Our Cindicator (CND) coin guide will tell you everything you need to know. We’ll explain what the CND coin is, what it does and why you might consider investing in it. TotalCrypto urges caution before making any cryptocurrency investments and we encourage you to do your own research.

What Is Cindicator?

The Cindicator project marries together machine artificial intelligence (AI) with human intelligence, creating a hybrid system to forecast financial markets. The team call this ‘hybrid intelligence’. The idea is that by blending together artificial intelligence and human forecasting, the Cindicator system can make superior predictions compared to other processes.

The Cindicator platform already has over 100,000 active analysts and the wisdom of this crowd is harnessed to help make financial market predictions. The wisdom of the crowd has been shown to be exceptionally powerful in making predictions. The theory was first proposed in 1906 when the scientist Francis Galton went to a fair, where customers were asked to guess the weight of a bull. Around 800 people made guesses for the bulls weight, Galton analysed all the results and found that the average guess was 1197 pounds. The actual weight of the bull was 1198 pounds. Ever since, the wisdom of the crowd has been used to make predictions and has been cited in many official publications. Cindicator leverages this principle by asking thier analysts questions on financial and cryptocurrency markets and using these answers to help make predictions.

Artificial intelligence is used in the Cindicator system to evaluate and weight analyst responses. Analysts who have been more accurate in the past are given a higher weighting than those who are less accurate. The profitability of analyst’s past predictions is also accounted for and AI is used to run simulations of trading strategies to determine profitability and optimal trading strategy. Finally, artificial intelligence aggregates all the data and AI analysis into a final market analysis. This can then be used by the Cindicator community through the use of financial tools available on the platform.

Why Is Cindicator Useful?

Humans are obsessed with predicting the future and devising ever more accurate methods to achieve this. In traditional financial markets, millions of dollars are traded every second and trading robots are also highly used. Predictions for these markets are made daily and billions of dollars are invested every day on these forecasts. Financial forecasting is built on the back of analytical reports and in 2015 alone, professional financial traders spent over $50 billion on financial data and $4 billion on analytical systems. Estimates project that there will be a six fold increase in this spending by 2020, with around $300 billion spent on data and $24 billion on systems.

Cindicator is a predictive solution that not only acts as a system, but generates a vast amount of data. Professional traders are willing to pay extraordinary sums of money for this. The market Cindicator is going after is literally worth $100’s of billions a year and that’s just the finance industry. The project can be applied equally well to determine outcomes of sporting fixtures, political elections and, of course, cryptocurrency predictions.

How Does The Cindicator System Work?

Cindicator has three different elements, the pool of analysts, AI and the actual prediction product.  

1) The Pool Of Analysts

There are over 100,000 analysts on the Cindicator platform. Some of these analysts are professionals, others are not. Cindicator gives these analysts the opportunity to monetise their knowledge and predictive powers. In return the platform gains valuable data from the analysts.

How does Cindicator get data from the crowd? Well it asks analysts a series of questions everyday. These are based on the person’s interests and field of expertise. There is a focus on two main types of questions:

Binary probabilistic questions. This means asking a question that only has two possible answers – yes or no. Analysts respond to these questions by giving a probability percentage to express the likelihood of the event occurring. 0% > 49% is taken as a no, 51% to 100% is a yes. Percentages are used so that analysts can give their degree of confidence in the prediction. An example of this type of question would be:

“Will NEO be in the top 5 cryptocurrencies next week?”

Price related questions. These are just questions on what the analyst thinks about the price of an asset. This data is exceptionally useful for traders. In Cindicator, price related questions usually include a minimum and maximum price for an asset. An example for this type of question would be:

“Bitcoin closed at $9,000 on the 10th March 2018. In your opinion, what will be the maximum and the minimum price of Bitcoin on 11th March 2017?

Cindicator Analyst Incentives

Analysts are given both personal and group motivation on the Cindicator platform.

Personal Motivation: Each analyst is given a public personal rating on the platform. This is based on the accuracy of their forecasts. This public rating creates competition between analysts. Contributors are also financially motivated. At the end of each month the scores are fixed and a cash prize is distributed based on the number of points an analyst gets. This prize money comes from the reserve fund for forecasters remuneration. At the beginning of the month, ratings are reset and a new competition starts.

Group Motivation: Cindicator manage their own portfolio based on hybrid intelligence. As the forecasters are important to their management, a share of the profits is distributed to the analysts every quarter. Forecasters with higher scores in the reporting period gain a bigger share of this bonus money. After all, they have contributed more to its success than those who gave bad predictions.

2) Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is used to to analyse market and Cindicator analyst data. How is artificial intelligence used by Cindicator? There are 5 main ways:

  • Forecasters are studied. Behavioural patterns and common factors are identified. For example:
    • Analysts are clustered into bears or bulls, those with wide price predictions and those with narrow ones, analysts that follow trends and those that don’t etc.
    • AI also studies behavioural patterns. For example, how often to analysts make mistakes, how forecasters react to changing market conditions and in which situations they make mistakes.
  • AI experiments with predictive models and uses them to build algorithms.
  • Conducting experiments on groups and data clusters.
  • Machine learning is optimised and validated.
  • Analysis of forecasters predictions and the market.

3) The Product

After Cindicator has processed all the data through their machine learning system, Cindicator coin holders can then access the platforms products and use these to make trading decisions.

Product access depends on the number of CND coins you hold. There are currently four different package levels and at the time of writing the cheapest one will set you back $450.

Cindicator (CDN) cryptocurrency products and cost

Products include indicators such as: community choice, market event probability, week support and resistance levels, ICO ranking and price level indicators.

The Cindicator Team

The Cindicator project already has a working product and has positioned themselves in the lucrative financial data and systems niche. This highly ambitious project has done a lot right. However, investors need to see an excellent team in place to drive product development forward. TotalCrypto love the experience the Cindicator team. It is a relatively large 28 person team, which is well balanced with members specialising in data science, development, trading & analysis and community & support. Because of space limitations we’ll just focus on the projects co-founders.

CEO & Co-founder – Mike Brusov:  Mike has 8 years as a tech entrepreneur under his belt. During this time he has focused on predictive analytics and big data, before going on to co-found Cindicator.

CTO & Co-founder – Yuri Lobyntsev: Yuri started on the path to becoming a top notch CTO early and began coding then he was just 10. Yuri is not just a distributed applications developer, he is an outside of the box thinker, inventor and entrepreneur. Mr Lobyntsev is passionate about blending human and AI intelligence together and followed this passion when he co-founded the Cindicator project.

COO & Co-founder – Artem Baranov: Artem has co-founded numerous companies in the financial analytics, development outsourcing and medicine sectors. His role at Cindicator is to bring together all the different elements of the team, into a single driving force and push the company forward.

The Future Of Cindicator

Unlike most other cryptocurrency projects, Cindicator already has a working product, a network of over 100,000 analysts and has customers. The size of the financial data and systems market is massive and is predicted to be worth in excess of $300 billion per year by 2020. The project is competing for a slice of this massive market and if they can succeed in even gaining a small percentage of it, the company will be very successful indeed.

Currently Cindicator are just focusing on the financial and cryptocurrency markets. However, their tech can be used in other niches as well such as political and sports forecasting. The beauty of a project like Cindicator is that humans are always going to try and predict the future and forecasting methods are always going to be in demand.

The project still needs to continue growing their community, develop new products and keep improving their forecasting accuracy. Cindicator could be one of the best prediction tools in the world or fall by the wayside and be outdone by better prediction methods. What is for sure, is that if the project can continue to grow and keep acquiring new customers, that the price of the Cindicator coin will rise in value. There is a limited supply of the coins and they are required to get access to Cindicator predictions.

2018 is set to be an exciting year for the project and you can read more about this years roadmap here.

The Cindicator ICO

The ICO took place on the 24th September 2017 and quickly achieved its funding goal of $15 million.

Cindicator revealed how the raised ICO funds would be spent and gave us this breakdown:

  • Research & development, operational costs and new product creation – 55% of budget.
  • Hybrid intelligence portfolio which serves as a motivational pool for forecasters – 20% of budget.
  • Marketing – 10% of budget.
  • Legal costs – 5% of budget.
  • Monthly forecaster compensation fund – 5% of budget.
  • Partnerships & Acquisitions – 5% of budget.

Should I Invest In CND Coin?


  • They already have a working product, an ecosystem of over 100,000 analysts and have customers.
  • The financial data and systems industry that Cindicator is competing in is worth $100’s of billions of dollars per year. Even winning a small slice of this industry will make CND coin very valuable indeed.
  • There is always going to be demand for tools that predict the future.
  • Using the wisdom of the crowd and enhancing this with AI seems logical. Elon Musk himself said that “humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in the AI age”.


  • Traders and investors are prepared to pay huge money for the best predictive systems. Cindicator still needs to establish a reputation for being one of the best out there and keep improving their product.
  • Predictive systems are susceptible to technological disruption. More accurate prediction methods could be devised tomorrow and this would significantly devalue Cindicator as a business. For the project to thrive, it must stay one step ahead of the competition at all times.
Cindicator (CND) cryptocurrency price graph from Coinmarketcap.com

Image via Coinmarketcap.com

How Can I Buy Cindicator (CND) Coin?

The two best ways of buying Cindicator coin are by using Coinbase and Binance. Click here for our guide on how to buy CND coin.


Cindicator (CND) cryptocurrency logo

The project has largely gone under the radar of the cryptocurrency community. It’s a pretty unique project, operating in a very lucrative niche and actually has a working product. The fact Cindicator already has paying customers, sets it apart from many cryptocurrency projects.

The Cindicator coin has a very simple to understand and legitimate use case. TotalCrypto likes how the price of the CND coin will increase as the project gets more customers using its forecasting software.

2018 is set to be a big year for the project and TotalCrypto is sure that as the financial data and systems niche will evolve over time, we expect Cindicator to mature with it. TotalCrypto loves seeing innovative projects in the cryptocurrency space and we believe Cindicator is one of them.

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Below we’ve listed some key resources relevant to Cindicator (CND).

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As CND is a ERC-20 token, you can use any wallet that is compatible with Ethereum.

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Useful Links

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

Project Team

Mike Brusov Founder & CEO of Cindicator cryptocurrency project
Mike BrusovCEO & Co-Founder
Yuri Lobyntsev Co-founder & CTO at Cindicator cryptocurrency project
Yuri LobynsevCTO & Co-Founder
Artem Baranov Co-Founder & COO Cindicator cryptocurrency project
Artem BaranovCOO & Co-Founder
Aleksandr Frolov Cindicator cryptocurrency project
Aleksandr FrolovBackend Developer, Data Scientist
Evgeniy Koltsov Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Evgeniy KoltsovPython Developer, Data Analyst
Ekaterina Belonogaia Cindicator cryptocurrency project
Ekaterina BelonogaiaData Scientist
Misha Vasilev Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Misha VasileviOS Lead Developer
Sergey Zhirnov Cindicator cryptocurrency project
Sergey ZhirnovData Scientist, Back-end Developer
Irina Zhilina Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Irina ZhilinaData Scientist
Alexander Osipenko Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Alexander Osipenko Data Scientist
Roman Pyankov Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Roman PyankovData Scientist
Sergey Arefev Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Sergey ArefevData Scientist
Marina Cherniavskaia Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Marina CherniavskaiaHead of Design
Natasha Andreeva Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Natasha AndreevaProduct Manager
Vladislav Kazakov Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Vladislav KazakovProduct Manager
Sergey Bliznetsov Front End Architect
Alexander Yakushev Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Alexander YakushevFrontend Developer
Alexander Ponomarev Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Alexander PonomarevAndroid Developer
Alexey Zuzulis Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Alexey ZuzulisBackend Developer
Kate Kurbanova Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Kate KurbanovaHead of Analytics
Nodari Kolmakhidze Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Nodari KolmakhidzeChief Investment Officer
Simon Keusen Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Simon KeusenAnalyst
Kseniia Dovganiuk Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Kseniia DovganiukFinancial Market Analyst
Alexander Sasev Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Alexander SasevAnalyst
Hjørtur Justinussen Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Hjørtur JustinussenAnalyst
Ivan Kavaleu Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Ivan KavaleuHead of Support
Leonid Markizov Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Leonid MarkizovTechnical Support
Yana Marakhonova Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project
Yana MarakhonovaHead of Community


Charlie Shrem Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Charlie ShremFounder at CryptoIQ & Bitcoin Foundation
Anthony Diiorio CEO & Founder at Jaxx & Decentral & Founder at Ethereum
Anthony DiiorioCEO & Founder at Jaxx & Decentral & Founder at Ethereum
Marcus Killick OBE CEO ISOLAS LLP law firm
Marcus Killick OBECEO ISOLAS LLP law firm, Chairman Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group & Non Executive Director Gibraltar International Bank
Evan Cheng Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Evan ChengDirector of Engineering at Facebook
Reese Jones Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Reese JonesAssociate Founder at Singularity University
Stepan Gershuni Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Stepan GershuniBitcoin, blockchain, cryptoeconomics
Anton Govor Cindicator Cryptocurrency Advisor
Anton Govor Head of Strategy at Moscow Exchange
Etienne Brunet Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Etienne BrunetFintech VC & Oxford Research Associate
Andrej Rusakov Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Andrej RusakovCo-founder at Data Capital Management
Roman Storm Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Roman StormContributor at POA Network
Simone Giacomelli Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Simone GiacomelliFounder at Vulpem
Konstantin Gladych Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Konstantin GladychCEO at Changelly.com
Julian Zegelman Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Julian ZegelmanCrypto Law Attorney & Crypto Investor
Vivian Cheng Cindicator Cryptocurrency Project Advisor
Vivian ChengInvestor at Cota Capital
Boris Ryabov Cindicator Cryptocurrency project Advisor
Boris RyabovManaging Partner at Bright Capital

Do you think that Cindicator may be the future of financial market forecasting? If you need some more information on the project just check out the official Cindicator white paper.

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.
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