Chainwise Cryptocurrency Convention: What’s it all about?

The Chainwise Cryptocurrency Convention is the brainchild of YouTuber and cryptocurrency influencer Crypto Crow. He is well known for documenting his cryptocurrency journey on YouTube and has developed a large and loyal fanbase of almost 80,000 subscribers. The convention is a new initiative, with a focus on getting lots of like minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts together in one place.

It is a two-day conference, with the first day focusing on more advanced topics and the second day being aimed at novices. This format means that there’s something for everyone.  The central idea of the conference is to offer an inexpensive entry point for people new to cryptocurrency. This is perhaps what is most striking about Chainwise – the entry price is a fraction of the cost of almost any other cryptocurrency convention. A day ticket costs $20.

The conference takes place February 15-16, in Cincinnati Ohio, with 50% of ticket sale profits being donated to the local Shriners Burn Hospital. For those too far away to make it, each of the guest lectures will be turned into 1 hour television episodes broadcast on BizTV. And for those outside the states, the videos will also appear on Crypto Crow’s YouTube channel.

Guest Lectures

Nick Saparono – Co-Founder & Lead Developer at The Divi Project, a new crypto startup looking to address the difficulties surrounding the usability of cryptocurrencies. Their overall idea is to make an app that makes transactions in cryptocurrency as easy to use as transactions through PayPal.  

J-Rod – A long time Crypto Trader and a founding member of Acquitas, an automated crypto trading platform. He will be giving a guest lecture in his area of expertise – crypto bots and algorithmic trading of digital assets.

Crypto Wendy O – A Crypto Trader and passionate crypto advocate on Youtube. She posts in depth interviews and technical analysis in the cryptocurrency and digital assets space. She will be delivering a guest lecture on the second day, aimed at helping beginners understand technical analysis.

Charles Hoskinson – Involved in a number of cryptocurrency projects including Invictus Innovations and IOHK. He also was a member of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee. Charles has been involved in cryptocurrency for a long time, and offers both deep industry insight and plenty of hands-on experience. He will be discussing his latest cryptocurrency, Cardano, as well as his own predictions for the future. This is definitely one not to be missed!  

Alex Mashinsky – Inventor and CEO of Celsius Network, a fintech startup that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies and gain interest. Alex has been disrupting in the tech world for quite some time, in fact he is credited as the inventor of VoIP (voice over IP), the foundational technology that allows voice communication over the internet. He is now disrupting the banking sector with his recent move into the world of cryptocurrency. This is the area he will be delivering a guest lecture on, with a talk on banking with blockchain.

George Shearer – A coder with 30 years experience in IT. George will be discussing artificial intelligence and its potential to disrupt the world of banking and digital currencies.

Vlad Kartashov – CEO of War Riders, a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game where players earn cryptocurrency while they play. He will be delivering a talk about blockchain gaming, and how the worlds of online gaming and digital currencies are converging.

Crypto Beadles – CEO of the Sages Group, and a long time crypto enthusiast and influencer. He will be delivering a guest lecture on decentralisation through cryptocurrencies.

Joshua Dewitt – CEO of coinlion, a new crypto trading platform. He will be giving a talk on the second day, introducing beginners to the concept of trading cryptocurrencies over exchanges.

Last but not least, Crypto Crow will also be giving a number of talks himself, with both an introduction to blockchain and a grounding in how to trade cryptocurrencies securely.

Stay Informed
There are also still more speakers and attendees to be announced, so keep an eye on the Chainwise website over the coming months. Tickets are on sale now at $20 a day, or $39 for a weekend pass. For those wishing to exhibit at the conference, prices for a booth begin at $1500

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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