Where & How To Buy Dent Coin – Step by Step Guide

Does investing in the world’s first second-hand mobile data marketplace sound exciting? If so, then you need to know where to buy Dent coin and how to buy it. We’ll show you everything you need to do to get your hands on those elusive Dent coins.

Good Time To Buy Dent Coin?

The Dent project is only around a year old and held their initial coin offering on the 26th of July 2017. Dent coin was then quietly listed on exchanges on 13th of August 2017 and was priced at just $0.000628 per coin. Dent can be seen as a classic sleeper coin. For the first five months on exchanges, it attracted very little trade volume and it was common to see only $10,000 worth of Dent coin being traded per day. The Dent coin price exploded on the 6th of June 2018, reaching $97 million in 24-hour trading volume and hit $0.082 per coin.

Fast forward to today and Dent is chilling out at the $0.0019 price point. That’s an incredible 98.22% loss from the projects all-time high. There is little doubt that all cryptocurrencies went wild and were overvalued in December and January. However, Dent may just provide an incredible opportunity for investors to get in at a low price and enjoy oversized gains in the next bull run.

The TotalCrypto Team believe that Dent coin provides a great opportunity for crypto investors. The project already has a working product, a large roster of mobile operator partnerships and there is no established second-hand mobile data marketplace. When compared to other cryptocurrency projects, the Dent coin market cap of just $20.6 million seems small and undervalued.

Dent Coin Price Prediction

We are not into giving outrageous price predictions. The truth is that no one really knows which cryptocurrencies will be super valuable long-term or which ones will sink into obscurity. However, with any cryptocurrency project, you need to ask yourself if what they are doing is actually useful? Do you think there is a need for a marketplace giving people the option to buy, sell or donate cheap mobile data? Given that half the world’s population is excluded from using mobile data due to price, Dent is trying to solve a real problem.

The next question is pretty difficult to answer: Can the Dent team actually do it? The good news is that over twenty mobile operators have agreed to work with Dent and they are serving 14 different countries. However, there is a long way to go to achieve the levels of world domination outlined in the Dent white paper.

With the Dent project, we must respect they are trying to achieve something that no one else has. We think the business opportunity is great. However, the crypto project will only succeed if they get the users and telecommunications companies on board and do so en masse. If all this is done, then Dent could be the glue that holds global mobile operators together, whilst taking a share in a $386 billion per year market.

Because of this, the TotalCrypto team thinks that Dent is an all or nothing proposition. It seems quite unlikely that the project will be ‘kinda’ successful long-term. It will either succeed or fail. Success will likely see the Dent coin price reach astonishing levels of valuation from today’s levels. However, we must accept that failure will probably see it fall to zero. That’s why we think Dent coin is a super high risk/high reward cryptocurrency.

Where To Buy Dent Coin?

Right now, there is no direct way to buy Dent coin with conventional currency. The good news is that this problem is being worked on by numerous exchanges like Binance. In the not too distant future, we expect you will be able to deposit and buy Dent coin directly through Binance.

However, Binance only accepts cryptocurrency deposits right now. This means you will have to use an exchange like Coinbase to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and then send this to Binance to trade for Dent coins. We know that having to make two different accounts is annoying and time-consuming. However, there is no easier way to buy Dent coin for investment purposes.

If you’re interested in actually using Dent coin to buy mobile data, the easiest way is by downloading and depositing directly through the Dent app. Please note that any coins bought through the app cannot be sent to a cryptocurrency exchange and are simply used to buy mobile data.

Dent App Key Facts

  • Supported: on iOS & Android devices.
  • Deposit Methods: PayPal & Card.
  • Coverage: 14 countries including the US.
  • Data Deals: Offered by 20 different mobile operators including AT&T, Verizon, Orange & more.

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Creating A Coinbase Account

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange logo

Buying Dent Coin For An Investment? Here’s What You Need To Know About Coinbase:

  • Solid Reputation: The exchange is the most popular way for newcomers to get into cryptocurrency. Coinbase was established in 2012 and has one of the longest business records in the industry.
  • Designed For Beginners: Coinbase has been made with the single purpose of making it as easy to get into crypto as possible.
  • Accepted Deposit Methods: Card, bank transfer & PayPal (US customers).
  • What Cryptos Can You Buy? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.
  • Regulated: Coinbase boasts that it is compliant with all necessary regulation.
  • Funds Are Insured: US customers have balances of up to $250k covered.

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Need a Coinbase walkthrough to show you how to create & set up your account?

Coinbase Account All Set? What To Do Now?

When your Coinbase account is set up, the next thing to do is to go ahead and buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Once logged into your account, hit the ‘Buy/Sell’ button.
    How to navigate to Buy/Sell on Coinbase
  2. A screen will pop up prompting you to add a payment method. Press this button.
    How to add a payment method to your Coinbase account
  3. Select a deposit method: Our recommended way to deposit on Coinbase is by using a bank transfer. This is the cheapest method. However, it may take up to five working days for the funds to hit your account. If time is of the essence you can deposit using card or PayPal. Just be aware that you will pay more in fees depositing this way.
    Adding a bank account or credit / debit card to your Coinbase account
  4. When your deposit has gone through and you have funds on Coinbase, the next thing to do is to buy some Ethereum or Bitcoin. Hit the ‘Buy/Sell’ button and select either Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  5. Key in the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  6. Choose the wallet you have deposited funds into as your payment method
    How to buy cryptocurrency on Coinbase.
  7. Look over your order and hit ‘Confirm Buy’. Your Bitcoin or Ethereum will then be credited to your account.
    How to complete your cryptocurrency order on Coinbase

We have shown you the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency on Coinbase. However, there is another slightly tricker but cheaper way. To do this you will need to use CoinbasePro (historically known as GDAX). If you’re happy to jump through this extra hoop, then check out our Coinbase guide where we show you how to do it.

  • 📈 Avaliable Cryptos: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, BAT, XLM, ZEC, DAI, ZRX
  • 💳 Deposit Methods: Credit/debit card, bank transfer & PayPal
  • 💲 Accepted Currencies: AUD, GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, SGD
  • 🎧 Support: Email & FAQ’s.
  • 💰 Fees: 4%

Create A Dent Coin Wallet

We are into forward planning and it is probably a good idea to have your Dent wallet setup before buying your coins on the exchange. What you need to know is that Dent coin is an ERC-20 token. This means it is built on the Ethereum blockchain and can be stored in an Ethereum compatible wallet.

The question is: which one to choose? In terms of free wallet options, our two favorites are MyEtherWallet and the Ethos universal wallet. Right now, we would recommend you go for Ethos. The reason is that the wallet stores over 100 cryptocurrencies and is as secure as a hardware wallet.

This also means that if you want to dabble in a few other cryptocurrencies, you will most likely be able to store them in your Ethos wallet too. Cryptocurrency is complicated enough as it is and it’s useful to store most of your coins in one place. Also, Ethos plans to introduce conventional currency deposits and offer an exchange in the future. Having an Ethos wallet ready to go could pay an even higher dividend in the future.

Ethos Wallet logo

Store Your Dent Coins In The Most Secure All-in-One Wallet

Setup Your Binance Account

So, you have your Ethos wallet good to go and your Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase. The next step is setting up an exchange account that gives you the option to buy Dent coin. The number one exchange to trade Dent is not surprisingly also the largest exchange in the world.

Binance is the place where we buy most of our cryptocurrency. We like it because of their easy to use interface, great selection of high-quality cryptocurrencies and good reputation. These three reasons that have propelled the exchange to the most popular in the world.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange logo

Binance Key Info:

  • The Most Popular Exchange: More cryptocurrency investors call Binance their home than any other exchange.
  • Wide Selection: Binance offers access to over 100 cryptos.
  • Clean Design: The exchange is well laid out & beginner friendly.
  • Mobile Support: The exchange offers both an Android and iOS app.
  • Deposit Method: Crypto only.

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Need to double check you are setting your account up properly? Just read our Binance walkthrough.

How To Deposit On Binance?

To deposit on Binance just follow the steps below and you will have your Bitcoin or Ethereum there in no time.

Step 1: Locate Your Binance Deposit Address

  • When logged onto your account, hit ‘funds’ and select ‘deposits’.
    How to find deposit address in Binance exchange
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you select the same cryptocurrency you have on Coinbase. Choose Bitcoin if you own BTC or Ethereum if you have ETH. If you send your crypto to the wrong type of address you may lose it.
  • Your unique Binance deposit address will then be displayed. Make sure you copy this address to your clipboard.
    How to find your deposit address in the Binance exchange

Step 2: How To Send Your Crypto From Coinbase

  • Log into your Coinbase account and hit the ‘Accounts’ button.
  • Find the cryptocurrency you own and click the ‘Send’ button.
    How to send cryptocurrency from Coinbase
  • You will then see a screen with a ‘recipient’ wallet address box. Paste in your Binance deposit address into this box and double check its correct.
    How to enter your Bitcoin wallet address to send funds off Coinbase
  • Click ‘Continue’ and your funds will be sent to Binance.

How To Buy Dent Coin With Binance?

We’ll show you how to buy Dent coin on Binance in just three simple steps. Once your deposit has been processed just follow the guide below:

  • Once you’re logged into Binance, navigate to the homepage. You will then see a list of markets for different cryptocurrencies. You need to find the correct market to buy Dent coin. To do this, select ‘BTC Markets’ if you deposited Bitcoin or ‘ETH Markets’ if you deposited Ethereum. Then type in DENT into the search bar and click on the ‘DENT/BTC’ or ‘DENT/ETH’ market.
    How to find Dent coin market on Binance exchange
  • The trading screen will then appear. Click the ‘Market’ button to buy Dent coin at the current market price. Then just key in the number of Dent coins you wish to buy. You can also use the percentage buttons to use a fixed percentage of your Binance balance to buy the crypto.
    How to buy Dent coin on Binance exchange
  • After you click the ‘Buy Sent’ button your Dent coins will then be credited to your account.

  • 📈 Avaliable Cryptos: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC & 120 other cryptos
  • 💳 Deposit Methods: Crypto only
  • 💲 Accepted Currencies: Crypto only
  • 🎧 Support: Email ticket
  • 💰 Fees: 0.10%

How To Send Dent Coins To Your Ethos Wallet?

Now you know everything about how to buy Dent coin, the last thing to decide is where you will store your coins. You should know that many people keep their coins on Binance and this is certainly the easier option. However, we recommend you store you Dent coins in a private wallet you control.

Why create an extra hoop to jump through? Well, cryptocurrency exchanges can get hacked and are targets for crypto thieves. This is is not very surprising seeing that exchanges hold tens of millions of dollars worth of crypto. Also, as much as we like Binance, you should ask yourself if you can 100% trust them to keep your crypto safe and always ensure you have access to your funds. If the answer is ‘no’, then you should consider taking custody of your own coins.

It’s completely up to you. However, if you want to store your Dent coins in your Ethos wallet, just follow the steps below:

  • Copy your Ethos public wallet address for Dent coin – if you need help finding this, just read our Ethos wallet guide.
  • Once logged into your Binance account, select ‘Funds’ from the top navigation bar and select ‘Withdrawals’ from the drop-down.
  • Click the cryptocurrency box and another drop down will appear with all the coins on Binance. Select Dent coin and paste your Ethos wallet address into the Dent withdrawal address box.
    How To Withdraw Dent coin from Binance exchange
  • Key in the number of Dent coins you want to withdraw and hit the ‘Submit’ button. Your coins will then be sent to your Ethos wallet.

Not so fun fact: Binance will charge you a fee with withdrawing your crypto. This changes from time to time and depends on the Dent coin price at the time you withdraw. You can check the latest withdrawal fees here.

Final Word

The TotalCrypto team has exceptionally high hopes for the Dent cryptocurrency project. We love the idea of a second-hand mobile data marketplace and getting even more people online. It’s quite staggering that around of the world’s population find mobile data too expensive and we hope that cheaper prices can get more people online.

We think that the Gigabytes for Africa initiative could play a vital role in empowering Africans to start e-businesses and connect with the world. The truth of the matter is that people don’t really want handouts, they want the tools and the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their community. Mobile internet access is a key component of fostering sustainable development and we will certainly be donating our unused data to this cause.

Even though Dent seems a great project on paper, it must be stressed that a lot needs to be achieved for the project to be deemed a success. The Dent project will either fail or succeed, it is unlikely that there will be any half measures. Please do bear that in mind if you choose to invest your hard earned money.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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