Bitcointopia: A Brave New Frontier For BTC Or A Silly Idea?

Many of us already love Bitcoin, but have a group of US Bitcoin enthusiasts taken it too far? Their goal to establish Bitcointopia, a new city entirely powered by Bitcoin and they even go as far to provide the opportunity to secure Bitcoin jobs. The wider goal is that Bitcointopia is to form the capital of a newly founded nation called the United States Of Bitcoin. Are these children of Satoshi really building the country of the future? Or are the founders of this new nation misguided pioneers?

What Do The Founders Of Bitcointopia Envision?

Why do the founders of Bitcointopia think people will pack up their lives and join this new brave Bitcoin frontier? Well, they do go into the benefits of this new nation:

  • Bitcoin: Not surprisingly, Bitcoin will be the center of life in Bitcointopia, similar to how the USD is the center of life in the United States. This brave new city exists only to use Bitcoin, create Bitcoin and build with Bitcoin. It is clear that the founding father of this new city and nation-state will be Bitcoin.
  • Annoyed with the low levels of Bitcoin merchant adoption? Bitcointopia aims to start solving this problem. Every business run from Bitcointopia will accept Bitcoin as legal tender. The guys at the new city have taken things further and have ensured that every city department accepts BTC too. This means residents can use Bitcoin to pay for all public services and utilities. Bitcointopia accepts that trade with neighboring cities may involve the USD, but the simple solution is to just use the local or an online exchange.
  • Modern city services: Many Americans are fed up with old and crumbling city services. Bitcointopia is creating all services from the ground up. This means better public utilities, city standards, and renewable energy than other cities. Everything will be brand spanking new and fit for the modern era.
  • Homesteading: Fed up with the run of the mill housing? Well in Bitcointopia you simply buy the land and get access to all the utilities and transportation infrastructure in the city. Yes, you can buy an out of the box home. However, you also have the option of building your own homestead and customizing it to your own needs and preferences.

What Else Has Bitcointopia Got Going For It?

Every city needs an economy and Bitcointopia is no different. The guys at Bitcointopia must have looked at the success stories in the Middle East and concluded that a successful nation can be supported entirely through mining a commodity.

The founders envision that Bitcointopia will get the majority of its revenues through Bitcoin mining. The Bitcointopia Bitcoin mine will employ the majority of the city’s residents as miners, developers, and engineers. Not only will the mine provide employment for Bitcointopia residents, it also will spread the benefits of the Bitcoin network across the entire city.

Bitcointopia is hoping to be located in pristine wilderness in an environment full of mountains, open plains and even a river. The environment is also biodiverse and the Bitcointopia community is tasked with protecting this environment from harm and coexisting peacefully with nature.

Politics At Bitcointopia: A Better Form Of Democracy

Fed up of privileged millionaires running your country and making all the laws? Well, Bitcointopia intends to put an end to all that. Anyone will be able to run for office and write their own legislation and support whatever US politician they wish.

Bitcointopia also intends to bring democracy into the 21st century by using blockchain technology to record all votes and store them on an immutable blockchain. Through this process, there is no need for a centralized voting register and votes can be signed digitally. Politically linked transactions will be transparent, with political funding, candidate declarations, comments and legislation being available for all to see on a public ledger. Bitcointopia will, in essence, make democracy more transparent again and set new standards. This process is called Bitcongress and you can learn more about it in the official whitepaper.

Interested In Joining The United States Of Bitcoin?

Does this Bitcoin utopia sound like the place for you? Well, land at Bitcointopia is available right now and is available in 1 to 3-acre plots. Land purchases start at just 0.5 BTC and you will receive your land deed from the State of Nevada in just 3 to 6 weeks after purchase. Just so you know, any necessary land taxes will be paid by Bitcointopia for 5 years and after that residents must pay these taxes themselves.

Maybe a Bitcoin city sounds like a bit too much for you. Instead, you might be more interested in a Bitcointopia timeshare. This new city will allow land to be purchased by multiple people and if this option is for you, just ring up your friends to get the details hashed out.

For those that love the idea of Bitcointopia but are just not ready to take the plunge, you can support the initiative by donating Bitcoin to build hospital, parks and other public places for the Bitcoin pioneers.

For those that have studied their history and have decided that the most profitable option is to sell goods and services to the miners, there is an option for you. Commercial land is available right now to develop into hotels, shops and much more. However, be prepared to accept Bitcoin and if fiat is your thing you can always pop down to the local exchange to trade this for dollars.

Want A Sweet Home At Bitcointopia?

Land is all well and good, but you will need a home to actually enjoy your Bitcoin fuelled life. The question is what options are open to you in Bitcointopia?

3D Printed Homes

If you’re on a bit of a Bitcoin budget or need a fast housing solution, then a 3D printed home is the option for you. Not only is 3D printing an awesome technology, but your 3D printed home can be built in less than 24 hours. If you’re worried about the resilience of such an affordable home, fear not. This housing option is built with concrete, wood and fastened together with metal. These types of homes have been created to withstand 150 miles per hour winds and can be integrated easily with the latest technology. Prices range from just 2 to 5 BTC a home.

Container Homes

Know what a shipping container is? Well, Bitcointopia is putting these to better use and fashioning homes of all shapes and sizes out of them. The best part is that homes can be completely customized for your needs. The smallest home that can be created has 100 square feet of space, but 8 bigger containers can be used to create a multi-story 1,400 square foot living space.

These building blocks can be used in their hundreds to create entire apartment buildings and the cost of the typical container home will set you back just 5 to 20 BTC.

Fabricated Homes

If you are keen to do your bit for the environment then a fabricated home is the option for you. Not only are energy efficient light solutions available, but design options can be implemented to maximize the amount of solar energy you can generate. These fabricated homes are entirely eco-friendly and there are almost unlimited customizable options open to you. The guide price for such a home is only 5 to 20 BTC.

They Will Say: Bitcointopia Wasn’t Built In A Day

Needless to say, Bitcointopia is still under construction. The land has been bought and you can see the city plan in the graphic below:

Despite the futuristic marketing of Bitcointopia, anyone thinking of joining this brave new community must be aware that there is a mismatch between expectation vs reality. You will not find a sky packed with drones or metallic shiny buildings reaching for the sky. Instead, you are likely to be welcomed into the new temporary town hall instead.

All new frontier projects must start somewhere and the Bitcointopia community will have growing pains. Before packing your bags to head off to Bitcointopia, just be aware of what you are getting yourself in to.


Do you believe that the newly launched Bitcointopia project will succeed? Or do you believe it is an experiment that Bitcoin maximalists have taken too far? The TotalCrypto team will be monitoring the developments of these brave Bitcoin pioneers. We are certainly interested to find out if the idea will gain traction. One of the main issues with this project is actually breaking away from the United States and actually forming the new nation the United States Of Bitcoin. Although this seems like an awesome idea, we must remember that the last time there was a serious breakaway from the Union it resulted in a pretty big civil war.

If you are interested in new beginnings in the cryptocurrency space, please do take a moment to have a look around TotalCrypto’s newly launched site. We hope you like what you see. The TotalCrypto project is dedicated to solving the problem of misinformation that is rife in the cryptocurrency space. Our goal is to provide reliable and insightful content on investment, trading strategies, exchanges, wallets, ICO’s and coin reviews.

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