The 6 Best Ripple Wallets

Ripple (XRP) is swiftly becoming the cryptocurrency of choice for many investors. A small problem with XRP is that Ripple, its creating company, does not believe in creating wallets for the token itself. As such, there is no ‘default’ official wallet for XRP.

So what do you do? It takes a long time to sift through the various applications that have flooded the market, all of which are claiming to be the best option for storing your XRP.

Fear not – We are here to help you out. Below is a list of the best Ripple wallets for storing your cryptocurrency safely and easily.

Toast Wallet

If you are looking for an XRP only wallet, there are few better options than Toast. Easy to use, multi-platform, and open source, the wallet ticks all the right boxes.

It’s owned by StarStone Limited, a software start-up based in Dunedin, New Zealand, which, together with a vibrant open source community, helps maintain the software for the best user experience.

Advantages of Toast Wallet

  • XRP only Wallet: Many wallets for Ripple are actually multi-currency wallets that also happen to support XRP. While such wallets can be useful for people looking to invest in many tokens, for a user looking for an XRP only solution, choices are rare to come by. Moreover, a wallet focusing specifically on Ripple will offer much better integration, support, and is likely to update to keep up with changes in the currency as soon as they appear, in comparison to a wallet that supports hundreds of tokens. Toast is, therefore, a good choice for those looking for a no frills attached, XRP only application. For our detailed review and user guide on Toast, feel free to follow this link.
  • Mobile and PC support: Toast works on both the mobile and PC platforms, so you can transact your XRP at the device of your choice. Android or iOS, Windows or Macintosh, take your pick.
  • User-friendly interface: Beginners and experts alike would feel at home with the Toast Wallet. The app is designed to be visually appealing and clutter free, making the task of navigating through its controls as simple and intuitive as possible.
  • A secure ‘hot’ Wallet: Toast offers the best of both worlds: it provides the convenience of a hot wallet without sacrificing on the security of your funds. With self-custody of your private keys and encrypted storage, Toast ensures that your funds are always safe even when the app is online.

Want more information? Read our detailed Toast Wallet guide.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic swaps have been a buzzword in the crypto world for quite some time now. What it achieves is allowing direct token exchanges between cryptocurrencies on different chains without having to go through a middleman like Changelly or Shapeshift.

Not only does this save you the sometimes exorbitant processing fees these services levy, but also makes the transactions far more secure as they do not go through public servers. The transactions happen via the blockchain directly, protecting them and keeping them anonymous as well as decentralized.

The Atomic Wallet has been created on the foundation of the atomic swap technology, and as such offers unprecedented freedom to its users. Supporting a very large number of cryptocurrencies, all of which can be easily swapped among each other, the atomic wallet basically functions as a decentralized exchange of its own.

Advantages of Atomic Wallet

  • Atomic Swaps: You must have heard the hype about atomic swaps before. As the name of the wallet suggests, the app is based around atomic transactions. This lets it securely perform cross chain token exchanges without relying on third-party service providers. Oh, and it is decentralized.
  • Self Custody of Private key: Many wallets (and crypto exchanges) tend to store your private key on their servers. This can lead to security vulnerabilities as the servers can be hacked, losing the funds of all the users stored on it. Atomic Wallet avoids this by encrypting and storing your private key on your own device only, ensuring that only you can spend your funds.
  • Multi-Currency: With over 300 currencies supported, the Atomic Wallet offers many options for crypto investors to purchase and diversify their assets. Paired with their easy token exchanges, it makes Atomic a decentralized crypto exchange of sorts.
  • Non-Atomic token exchanges: Not all cryptocurrencies support atomic swaps currently. For them, the Atomic wallet also allows the facility of exchanging their crypto via Changelly or Shapeshift, whose services are integrated into the platform directly. While these services charge highly from their customers, they can be necessary for certain tokens which are yet to implement atomic swaps.

Guarda Wallet

Guarda, in recent times, has been swiftly gaining in popularity as a wallet for many different currencies. Guarda is a multi crypto wallet, supporting every currency ranging from the expansive list of ERC-20 tokens to the staples of Bitcoin or Ripple, and even extending to outliers like Monero or IOTA.

No wonder then that it makes it to our lists of the best wallets of both IOTA and Monero as well. While the advantages of using the wallet are far more numerous than this small introduction would allow listing, here are some of its most interesting features.

Advantages of Guarda Wallet

  • Cross-Platform: Guarda is truly cross-platform. Be it Linux or Fedora, Macintosh or Windows, Android or iOS, every platform of note is supported. And in case you dislike downloading native apps, there is always the web wallet accessible from each and every platform that runs a browser.
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies supported: The list of cryptocurrencies supported by Guarda is immense. Almost every serious token can be held in the wallet, allowing crypto investors an easy, fuss-free option to store their entire investment portfolio on without any confusion. And unlike other such ‘universal’ applications, even different Blockchains are supported side by side, so you can hold your IOTA and your Ripple in the same wallet.
  • Private information stored locally: A major security oversight made by many crypto exchanges and wallets is that they store the user’s private key on their own online servers. While this does speed up transactions somewhat, they leave the user’s funds susceptible to malicious attacks, as the servers themselves can be targeted by hackers. Guarda, thus, stores your private information used for accessing your crypto account on your local device only, transmitting only the signed messages through the network. This means that your funds are safe with you even when online.
  • Exchange crypto assets on the fly: Through a partnership with Changelly, users on Guarda can shift their crypto assets from one token to another with a few simple clicks, bypassing the need for KYC and other restrictive regulations you face when going to a crypto exchange for the same purpose. And the process is much quicker now, so you can exchange your tokens even as you spot a great investment opportunity. This lets you react to market changes without having to invest more money into the system.

Need more details? Check out our comprehensive Guarda wallet review.

Exarpy Wallet

Exarpy is a unique take on the web wallet. Conventional apps and crypto exchanges require the users to create accounts, which are then used to identify users and perform transactions on behalf of them. In this process, they might even end up holding their user’s crypto in their own servers, for example in Coinbase or Binance.

Exarpy, in contrast, does not store any user information. Actually, it does not maintain any database at all. So how does it work?

Think of the application as a layer or a bridge. Instead of performing the transactions requested by its users, it connects them directly to the blockchain. This offers incredible speed and security, as no servers need to sync with your data first.

Moreover, this eliminates the possibility of losing funds through cyber attacks, which is always a risk in other wallets and exchanges. Add to that a simple, easy to use interface, and you can understand why the Ripple world is loving Exarpy.

Advantages of Exarpy Wallet

  • A ‘Warm’ Wallet: Wallets are usually classified between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. Hot means an application that remains online, transmitting your information through the insecure network of the web. Cold means a wallet that stores your token offline, keeping the private key away from hackers. Exarpy is not your usual wallet. While it does function over the web, it does not store your private information or maintain any databases of private keys of its user. Instead, it uses the Blockchain connection directly to transact. This makes it much more secure than any other hot wallet, while much handier than a cold wallet can be.
  • Platform Agnostic: Exarpy does not come as a native application for download. This means that you can access it from anywhere, on any device, and always be presented with the same, clutter-free interface. This also translates to an absence of irritating bugs brought about by porting applications to various platforms, and the delay in fixes brought about by having to maintain six different applications.
  • No storage of user data: The greatest fear in using a service like Coinbase is that your private keys are stored on their servers. Any day, the database could get hacked, leading to the loss of billions of funds. This centralization of funds completely defeats the very purpose of the decentralized blockchain, which was created to deal with exactly this kind of scenario. Additionally, even those services which only keep records of the users themselves, but do not store their funds, still resort to tracking. Analytics are used to track their user’s spending habits and preferences, which indirectly compromises their privacy and security. Exarpy does not fall into the same trap. It does not maintain a database of user data at all, instead relying on facilitating direct blockchain based transactions.
  • Blockchain Transaction History: Usually, hot wallets keep a log of the performed transactions, which they can use to show the transaction history. While convenient, this exposes a vital security flaw; the log can be accessed by hackers and used to trace your transactions. This is avoided in Exarpy by using the Ripple blockchain ledger itself to furnish a history of transactions, which are irreversible and secure.

Ledger Nano S

Any list of crypto wallets is incomplete without a solid hardware option. The Ledger Nano S, by the virtue of its reasonable price and extensive token support, usually makes it to the top of this list.

The reason for this is that a hardware wallet is a must if you plan to store any significant amounts of cryptocurrencies. While there is usually no limit to the number of tokens you can store on a mobile wallet, it can be dangerous to store large amounts in such applications. These ‘hot’ wallets function by transmitting your data over a network – or in some cases – storing it in their own servers.

This can expose your funds to theft and misuse. The better option for long term storage, thus, is a ‘cold’ wallet option, ie. a hardware wallet. To learn how to set up your Ledger Nano S for storing XRP, refer to the official support docs here. As to the advantages of doing so, read on.

Advantages of Ledger Hardware Wallet

  • Maximum Security: Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the security strength of a hardware wallet. Stored on a specialized chip within a tamper-proof device, a Ledger Nano S safeguards your funds better than any other crypto storage alternative. Hot wallets, especially, are quite unsafe. Because they are always online, they can be broken into by a dedicated hacker. A Ledger, by contrast, remains offline from any network, connecting only to sign transactions with its encrypted private key.
  • No risk of losing funds online: Many of the web wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges out there function by storing their user’s funds on their own private servers, which compromises their security. A dedicated hacking attempt can steal the data, allowing them to spend your funds without your permission. A hardware wallet is a self-custody wallet; your private key is never transmitted outside the device.
  • More durable than a paper wallet: Some of the advantages of a hardware wallet are also shared by your humble paper wallet, such as offline storage, self-custody, etc. But a major point for going the hardware route is the inherent sturdiness and durability afforded by the technological option. A piece of paper, however well stored, is liable to get easily damaged or lost. A Ledger is much more long lasting and requires less forethought in safekeeping.
  • Good for large amounts of tokens: If you have quite a large number of tokens of any crypto, it can become quite a pain to safely store them. You can go with paper wallets, but then the wallet itself has to be locked into a bank locker for optimum security. A Ledger comes with a PIN system, which means that even when storing your funds in plain sight, no one can just access your private key and spend them. Also, many wallets have integration with the Ledger Nano, allowing you to receive, track, and send your tokens even with your private key backed up on the hardware device.

Does setting up a Ledger sound hard? We show you all the steps to set up your Ledger.

Ripple Paper Wallet

Finally, we come to the good old paper wallet. While we do mention it last, it is only because of the lack of novelty in the option, not because of any shortcoming in it. A paper wallet still remains a valid and good option for long term, inexpensive storage of any cryptocurrency.

The advantages of using a paper wallet are quite straightforward: there is no electronic medium involved, neither hardware nor software, so chances of someone getting access to your funds are almost non-existent.

Furthermore, no advanced technical knowledge is required, as it only requires a printer and a pen to create (never print out the key itself, only the fancy paper). On the monetary front too, it can save a quite a good amount in comparison to a hardware wallet, which does not come cheap.

Advantages of XRP Paper Wallet

  • Easy to Setup: Unlike a hardware wallet, there is no complicated process for setting things up. You just need to print out your key on a piece of paper, and seal it somewhere safe. By far the simplest method for storing your funds.
  • No risk of getting hacked: As a physical piece of paper, the paper wallet has one great advantage over every other electronic storage format – it cannot be accessed digitally. What this means is that it cannot be remotely hacked, like the mobile you use for your daily transactions.
  • Good for long term storage: If you have coins that you wish to lock up and forget about for a year, then a paper wallet is just the thing for you. Pack it up in a capsule, and chuck it into a bank locker, and your funds are safe! Just don’t do it with crypto you regularly speculate with, as it can be a chore to get it out of the locker again.
  • An inexpensive alternative for cold storage: Cold storage is the storage of tokens offline. This can be done by the means of a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S, or a simple Paper Wallet. Unless you have a large amount of funds, a hardware wallet might be too expensive for you. In that case, a paper wallet provides a cheaper option for safeguarding your meager assets safely.

Want a Ripple paper wallet walkthrough? We have you covered.

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