9 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges & CFD Brokers for 2019

2017 will forever be known as the year that put cryptocurrencies on the map. Cryptomania swept the world and this brought with it a giant wave of new investors all asking “where can I buy cryptocurrency?” and “where is the best place to buy?”

In this article, we will examine what makes a good cryptocurrency exchange and break down the pros and cons of the top nine places to buy cryptocurrency. The goal of this article is to help you choose the biggest and best cryptocurrency exchange for 2018 and beyond.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is just a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. What makes this confusing is that there are several different types of exchanges. The best cryptocurrency exchange for you will depend on what you want to do and which cryptocurrencies you are interested in buying. Let’s jump into the different types of exchange:

#1 Contract For Difference (CFD) Brokers:

This type of exchange allows you to buy and sell contracts backed by cryptocurrency. This exposes you to the price movements of the cryptocurrency you have invested in.  


  • CFD brokers are fully regulated and licensed.
  • As you are buying and selling contracts, this means that you do not have to worry about the ins and outs of storing cryptocurrency. There is absolutely no need to set up cryptocurrency wallets with this exchange option.
  • All CFD brokers accept conventional currency deposits and generally have a much wider range of payment options than other cryptocurrency exchange types.
  • CFD Brokers are one-stop shops for cryptocurrency investors. Provided the coins you want exposure to are offered at the broker, there is no need to create accounts at multiple exchanges.
  • They offer a greater selection of cryptocurrencies than Coinbase.
  • Leveraged trading is often offered as a special feature. This magnifies your investment gains or losses.


  • CFD brokers only offer exposure to the largest cryptocurrencies. This means if you are interested in buying more exotic cryptos, this option is not for you.
  • They are one of the more expensive ways of getting exposure to cryptocurrencies. You essentially pay a bit more for the convenience
  • This type of exchange does not accept US customers.
  • At a CFD broker, you will not actually own the underlying cryptocurrency and only a contract. This means you cannot withdraw your cryptocurrency off the exchange and take full custody of your crypto.

#2 Crypto Exchanges Which Allow Conventional Currency Deposits

These types of exchange all allow you to deposit via bank transfer. Usually, other payment methods like PayPal are also supported. However, the precise payment methods open to you will depend on the exchange. The thing to note is that all these exchanges allow you to buy the actual cryptocurrency and not just a contract.

This type of exchange can be viewed as a gateway into the cryptocurrency markets. The reason why is that numerous exchanges only accept cryptocurrency deposits. Without gateway exchanges that offer a fiat currency deposit method, most people will simply not be able to invest in the market.


  • These exchanges are one of the only ways to convert conventional currency into cryptocurrency. They provide a crucial service when it comes to giving investors access to the cryptocurrency markets.
  • This type of exchange is usually the first cryptocurrency business investors come into contact with. These exchanges know this and usually have invested a lot of money in making the interface as easy to use as possible. This makes these exchanges generally the most user-friendly ones out there.
  • A significant proportion of these types of exchanges are US friendly.


  • Usually these exchanges are one of the more expensive ways to invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Generally the selection of cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell is significantly smaller than offered by other exchange types.
  • It’s never a good idea to hold cryptocurrencies on an exchange in case they get hacked. This means that investors buying cryptocurrency on these types of exchanges should be prepared to setup crypto wallets to store their coins safely.

#3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Only Accept Crypto Deposits

When buying and selling anything, most of us are used to using conventional currency like the USD. On this type of exchange, cryptocurrencies are bought with other cryptocurrencies. This can take some getting used to for newcomers to the crypto markets. The simple way of thinking about it is that these exchanges allow you to swap one cryptocurrency for another.

The thing you need to know is that you cannot usually directly swap exotic cryptocurrencies such as Wabi coin for Power Ledger. Most of these exchanges usually have two to four main trading pairs. The most common ones are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether (a stable coin which is meant to be a replacement for the USD)

Common cryptocurrency trading pairs: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Tether

This means that on these types of exchanges, investors holding exotic cryptocurrencies will usually have to trade their exotic cryptocurrency for Bitcoin or Ethereum, before trading this for another cryptocurrency. It also means that if you are transferring funds from a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts conventional currency deposits to one that doesn’t, you are best off transferring either Bitcoin or Ethereum. This way you can buy the crypto you want faster and with fewer fees.


  • This type of exchange usually offers the best selection of cryptocurrencies out there. Usually, you will be able to access over 100 different cryptos on this kind of exchange.
  • Trading fees are relatively low.
  • Many of these exchanges are US friendly.


  • Many of these exchanges are unregulated.
  • This sort of exchange is an attractive target for hackers.
  • As no conventional currency deposits are available, this type of exchange is not a one-stop shop and you will have to create a second cryptocurrency account.
  • Trading cryptocurrencies for other cryptos can take some getting used to.

A Final Word On Different Cryptocurrency Exchange Types

Right now, in the cryptocurrency market, most exchanges are centralized. This just means that you are trusting a third party (the exchange) to keep your funds safe. It is for this reason that we recommend you store your funds off an exchange and in a wallet you personally control. This solves the problem of third-party trust.

However, there are some decentralized exchanges out there. This exchange type does not hold customer funds at all and is not at risk of being hacked. Instead, cryptocurrency trades take place directly between the users. This peer to peer trading means you don’t have to entrust your funds to any third party whatsoever.

Decentralized exchanges are also completely anonymous, whereas centralized exchanges are not. If you value your privacy then decentralized exchanges are probably the way to go.  

Finding The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange: What Factors Should You Consider?

Many people ask us ‘What is the best cryptocurrency exchange 2019?’ Actually, they are asking the wrong question. A better question is ‘what is the best crypto exchange for me?’ Some people will value specific factors over others. Also, people generally have different ideas of what they would like to hold in their cryptocurrency portfolio and have different computer skill levels.

We have thought long and hard about what makes a great exchange and have concluded that there are 12 major factors to consider when deciding what the best crypto exchange is for you.

#1 What Cryptocurrencies Are Available?

There is simply no point in making an account at a cryptocurrency exchange if it doesn’t do one of two things:

  1. Allow you to directly buy the cryptocurrency you want on the exchange.
  2. The exchange gives you the means to buy the cryptocurrency you want elsewhere.

When starting out on your cryptocurrency journey, your first choice is whether you should choose a CFD broker or a cryptocurrency exchange that allows conventional currency deposits. If the cryptocurrency you want to buy is not offered on CFD brokers, then you would really be wasting your time creating an account there.

Remember, the major reason why investors bother with exchanges that only accept crypto deposits is that they want access to the cryptocurrencies offered on the exchange.

#2 Deposit Options

If you only want to deposit money via a payment method like PayPal, then there is little point in looking at exchanges that don’t support this payment method. A solid start to choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange for you is to consider what deposit method you want to use and which exchanges support it.

#3 Country Restrictions

If the country you are located in is not accepted by an exchange, you cannot create an account there. You are certainly best only off looking at exchanges that will accept your country as customers. This is particularly an issue for US investors.

#4 Exchange Reputation

Not all exchanges are created equally. Some have poor reputations for hacks and how they have dealt with them in the past. Others have treated their customers exceptionally well, provide a great service and have been praised in mainstream media for their efforts.

#5 Security

None of the exchanges we have reviewed in this article have experienced a major hack. We cannot comment on the inner workings of security at any exchange. However, we have looked at the security features offered and who is backing the exchange to succeed.

#6 Fees

Everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck. Fees can quickly add up for regular traders. However, if you are the type of investor who wants to buy a cryptocurrency and hold it for years then fees will be less of a concern.

#7 Mobile Support

We all live busy lives and many investors will want to be able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the go. If that’s you, then it’s likely a great mobile app will be important to you.

#8 Customer Support

Newcomers to the cryptocurrency markets are likely to highly value first class customer support. This is one area where cryptocurrency exchanges have admitted they can do better and many have taken steps to improve their customer support since January 2018. For those investors that want the fastest customer support possible, it’s often best to choose exchanges that have live chat or phone support.

#9 Exchange Special Features

Most investors will not really need any exchange special features. However, if you are interested in margin, leveraged or futures trading, then you should know that most exchanges do not offer these services. If you think that you want to take advantage of special features like this or might do in the future, then it might be a good idea to choose an exchange that offers them.

#10 Trading Volume Rank

Binance exchange trading volume

Image via Coinmarketcap.com

All the exchanges reviewed in this article have solid to great trading volume. The reason why trading volume matters is that on low volume exchanges even a $1000 buy order might be enough to move the price of a cryptocurrency. This means that the average price you pay for your cryptocurrency could be higher than on other exchanges. Or alternatively, you might have to buy your cryptocurrency in smaller orders throughout the day. Which is annoying and takes time.

#11 Ease Of Use

Some cryptocurrency exchanges are more user-friendly than others. Mistakes made due to a confusing user interface can cost you money. Also, buying cryptocurrency is difficult enough as it is and we think there is value in making this as painless as possible for us.

#12 Decentralized (DEX) Or Centralized (CEX)?

Some people want to protect their privacy or simply don’t want to trust third parties with their funds. If that’s you, then you are probably best off choosing a decentralized exchange to buy your cryptocurrency on.

Finding The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Or Broker For You

We have used a lot of different cryptocurrency platforms in our time. Most, we have decided not to share with you as we didn’t think they made the cut. However, we do have nine contenders for the best cryptocurrency exchange or CFD broker that we want to share with you.

We will run over the key facts, the pros and cons of each option to help you find the best crypto platform for you.

Best cryptocurrency exchange comparison 2018

Coinbase / Coinbase Pro

Coinbase exchange logo

Coinbase Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: Yes – Debit card, bank transfer & PayPal.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: 5 – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash.
  • US Friendly? Yes.
  • Exchange Reputation: Excellent.
  • Security: Excellent.
  • Fees: Relatively High.
  • Mobile Support: Yes, iOS & Android app available.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email.
  • Trading Volume: #14 in the world.
  • Ease Of Use: The simplest way of buying cryptocurrency.
  • Platform Type: Centralized exchange.

Need More Info On Coinbase Or A Guide Showing You How To Use Coinbase?

About Coinbase

Buying Bitcoin with Coinbase app graphic

Coinbase, founded in 2012, is perhaps the most well known and established cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The exchange is one of the few to be fully regulated and actually insure customer funds. Coinbase is also exceptionally friendly for beginners, with a process to buy and sell cryptocurrencies that really has been made as simple as possible. They also have a fantastic iOS and Android app that can be downloaded for free. These key factors have meant that most investors dipping their toes into the cryptocurrency markets for the first time, will do so on Coinbase.

Coinbase also accepts customers from over 30 different countries. This includes most of Europe, North America, UK, and Australia. Most Asian customers are not accepted and if you are from this area then you are should check out the Huobi or OKEx exchanges.

The exchange really is an excellent gateway into the cryptocurrency markets. Sure, there are only five different cryptocurrencies available to buy. However, Coinbase is really intended to be an entry point into the cryptocurrency markets or for those that want to buy only the biggest cryptocurrencies. Access to more exotic cryptocurrencies can be got by opening up another cryptocurrency exchange account and sending your Bitcoin or Ethereum there.

Who Is Coinbase For?

Coinbase Verdict
? Top Choice For: Cryptocurrency beginners that just want the easiest way to buy and sell crypto.

? Poor Choice For: Crypto day traders that want to access to advanced features such as leverage or margin trading.


plus500 broker logo

Plus500 Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: Yes – Credit/debit card, Skrill & PayPal.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: 6 – Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA & Litecoin.
  • US Friendly? No.
  • Reputation: Excellent.
  • Security: Excellent.
  • Fees: Relatively High.
  • Mobile Support: Yes, iOS & Android app available.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email & live chat.
  • Trading Volume: N/A
  • Ease Of Use: Easy
  • Platform Type: CFD broker.

Want To Check Out How Easy It Is To Trade On Plus500? Just Read Our Walkthrough.

80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

Plus500UK Ltd authorized & regulated by the FCA (#509909). You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please refer to the Disclosure documents available on the Plus500 website.

About Plus500

If you’re a fan of European football, you might be thinking that Plus500 sounds familiar. The reason why is that the CFD broker actually sponsors Atletico Madrid. Plus500 is also fully regulated and has offices in London. The company is also listed on the London stock exchange as well.

Plus500 really is one of the biggest CFD brokers in the world and actually sports one of the highest rated trading apps on the Apple and Google Play stores. Although Plus500 doesn’t offer the largest selection of cryptocurrencies, it does offer all the tools that any aspiring cryptocurrency trader could want.

As customers will be buying and selling contracts backed by cryptocurrencies, there is no need to setup wallets to store cryptocurrency. Everything can be done on a single fully regulated account. This makes the exchange one of the easiest ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency and get exposure to the market.  

Although Plus500 doesn’t accept US customers, it does accept over 50 countries from around the world and has opened its doors to most of Europe. We think Plus500 has the best customer support in the entire cryptocurrency market. Their live chat support is truly excellent and we have never had to wait more than a minute to get connected to a Plus500 support representative.

Who Is Plus500 For?

Plus500 Verdict
? Top Choice For: Traders and those that want fully regulated and insured exposure to cryptocurrencies. Plus500 also offers one of the easiest ways to get exposure to cryptocurrencies.

? Poor Choice For: US investors and investors that want exposure to more exotic cryptocurrencies.


Kraken Exchange Clear Logo

Kraken Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: Yes – Bank Transfer.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: 17.
  • US Friendly? Yes.
  • Exchange Reputation: Excellent.
  • Security: Excellent
  • Fees: Medium.
  • Mobile Support: No.
  • Customer Support Methods: Live chat.
  • Trading Volume: #15
  • Ease Of Use: Fairly easy.
  • Platform Type: Centralized exchange.

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About Kraken

Sign up to Kraken Exchange image

The Kraken exchange was founded in 2011 and is one of the most well-respected cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Kraken was the exchange that supported MTGOX credit claims for investors who were burned by the debacle. Not only does this show that Kraken is one of the ‘good guys’ in cryptocurrency, it shows they care about the wider cryptocurrency community.

The exchange is headquartered in San Francisco and is actually home to the largest Bitcoin/EURO market in the world. This has made the exchange exceptionally popular amongst European investors. The Kraken exchange also supports more fiat currency pairs than any exchange. Here you are free to trade Bitcoin in either USD, Euros, Canadian dollars, Japanese Yen or GBP. This has made the exchange a favorite amongst investors that wish to trade in and out of their own native currencies.

The Kraken exchange has already proven that it takes security exceptionally seriously. It was the first ever exchange to pass a cryptographically verifiable proof-of-reserves audit and has won much praise in the media for its excellent security.

Kraken’s professionalism was also picked up by Bloomberg who made Kraken the first ever exchange to display a price on a Bloomberg terminal. The exchange provides a unique blend of having an exceptional track record, a wider selection of cryptocurrencies than Coinbase, a good suite of trading features and has conventional currency deposit options. With all this in mind, we can’t help but think that Kraken is one of the best alternatives to Coinbase you will find in the market.

Who Is Kraaken For?

Kraken Verdict
? Top Choice For: Traders looking for a good set of features and up to x5 leverage trading. Kraken is also an excellent choice for cryptocurrency beginners, particularly from Europe.

? Poor Choice For: Traders and investors looking for a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to choose from.


Huobi Exchange logo

Huobi Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: Yes – Bank Transfer, Alipay & WeChat Pay.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: Over 100.
  • US Friendly? No.
  • Exchange Reputation: Good.
  • Security: Good.
  • Fees: Medium.
  • Mobile Support: Yes, iOS & Android app available.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email.
  • Trading Volume: #3.
  • Ease Of Use: Fairly easy.
  • Platform Type: Centralized exchange.

Want To Learn More About The World’s Biggest Up & Coming Cryptocurrency Exchange?

About Huobi

How to find right markets on Huobi Exchange

Huobi was founded in 2013 and initially focused on building up its customer base in Asia. Today, the Huobi exchange is focusing on global expansion and has recently opened up an office in the US. There is little doubt that the exchange has the US market in its sights. Even without this key market, Huobi is already boasting the third highest trading volume in the world and serves over 130 countries.

The truth is that most people in the West have not heard of Huobi yet. However, with the expansion plans in place, we believe that Huobi will compete for the title of being the largest exchange in the world.

Not only does Huobi have conventional currency deposits and a huge range of cryptocurrencies available, it also has the most advanced features we have seen in any exchange. Whether you want leveraged trading, over the counter trading or margin trading, this exchange has it all. Huobi has also developed excellent mobile apps as well. So if you want to trade cryptocurrencies on the go, then Huobi could be the exchange for you.

Huobi Is TotalCrypto’s Overall Top Exchange Pick

We think the Huobi exchange is a rising star and will see a lot of success in the West. European investors are only just beginning to hear about the exchange and we expect the exchange to grow significantly once word of mouth spreads. If you are in the US, don’t despair: Huobi are working hard to comply with US regulation right now and we don’t think it will be long until they open their doors to the US market.

The exchange seems very well run and has the most extensive set of features for any cryptocurrency exchange out there. Huobi also has a policy of setting money aside in case they get hacked. The idea of this fund is to reimburse customers for any funds that may be lost. We really like this forward thinking and it demonstrates that the exchange really does have the best interests of its customers in mind. If you were to ask us ‘what is the best cryptocurrency exchange?’ and forced us to answer, we would probably have to say Huobi.

Who Is Huobi For?

Huobi Verdict
? Top Choice For: Cryptocurrency traders that want all trading features. If you are an Asian cryptocurrency investor you need look no further than Huobi.

? Poor Choice For: Traders that want fiat currency trading pairs.


eToro CFD broker logo

eToro Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: Yes – Credit/debit card, Giropay, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, China Union Pay, Yandex & wire transfer.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: 11.
  • US Friendly? No.
  • Exchange Reputation: Good.
  • Security: Excellent.
  • Fees: Relatively High.
  • Mobile Support: Yes, iOS & Android app available.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email & Facebook.
  • Trading Volume: N/A.
  • Ease Of Use: Easy.
  • Platform Type: CFD broker.

Want The Security Of A CFD Broker & The Ability To Copy The Trades Of Crypto Experts?

About eToro

eToro was established in 2007 and is a contract for difference broker. Like Plus500, you buy and sell contracts backed by cryptocurrencies on the platform. This gives you exposure to the price movements of the cryptocurrency, whilst not having to worry about storage considerations.

Not only is eToro fully regulated, it also has a massive six million registered users. The CFD broker’s popularity can be partially attributed to its copy trading feature. This special feature allows you to sort eToro traders by how much profit they have made and allows you to copy their trades with the click of a button. This makes eToro the perfect choice for anyone that wants a relatively hands-off approach to cryptocurrency investing.

eToro also has a highly rated Android and iOS app. If you might want to trade cryptocurrencies on the go, then eToro has you covered. It should also be noted that eToro offers investors with the widest range of deposit options in the cryptocurrency market.

Who Is eToro For?

eToro Verdict
? Top Choice For: Investors that want to copy the trades of crypto experts and need access to a wide array of deposit methods.

? Poor Choice For: Anyone that wants exposure to more exotic cryptocurrencies.


OKEX Exchange Logo

OkEx Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: Yes – Bank transfer, Alipay & WeChat Pay.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: Over 100.
  • US Friendly? No.
  • Exchange Reputation: Solid.
  • Security: Good.
  • Fees: Medium.
  • Mobile Support: No, but iOS & Android Apps are in BETA.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email & Phone.
  • Trading Volume: #2.
  • Ease Of Use: Medium.
  • Platform Type: Centralized exchange.

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About OKEx

OKEx may just be the largest exchange you have never heard of. Right now, the exchange has the second highest trading volume in the world and that’s with a mainly Asian customer base. The exchange was established in 2014 and actually attracted funding from many different venture capital groups. Today, OKEx is expanding globally and serves over 100 countries.

It still remains to be seen if OKEx can replicate the success it had in China and has only recently translated its site into English. In case you are wondering where OKEx is located, their main offices are in Hong Kong right now. However, they have announced they will be coming to Malta shortly. We like how OKEx is voluntarily moving into a harsher regulatory environment and are willing to comply with anti-money laundering regulation.

Not only does OKEx give customers access to over 100 different cryptocurrencies, it also offers leveraged, margin and futures trading. We think these advanced features will be more than enough to satisfy even the most diehard crypto trader out there.

In terms of customer support, OKEx is the only exchange we know of that actually offers phone support. If having the option to speak to a customer representative is important to you, then OKEx is the place for you.

Although we found the exchange slightly more difficult to use than any other exchange on this list, a technically savvy person should be able to get on just fine.

Who Is OkEx For?

OKEx Verdict
? Top Choice For: Asian cryptocurrency investors and traders that want advanced features.

? Poor Choice For: Anyone located in the US or people with less advanced computer skills.


Changelly exchange logo

Changelly Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: Yes – Visa & Mastercard.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: 66.
  • US Friendly? Yes.
  • Exchange Reputation: Very good.
  • Security: Excellent.
  • Fees: Medium.
  • Mobile Support: No.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email.
  • Trading Volume: N/A.Ease Of Use: Fairly easy.
  • Platform Type: Decentralized exchange.

Want To Know The Full Low Down On The Worlds Most Popular Decentralized Exchange?

About Changelly

changelly cryptocurrency exchange homepage screenshot

Changelly is a decentralized exchange, which means it cannot be hacked and that transactions are anonymous. If anyone is using the exchange to trade different cryptocurrencies it offers some of the lowest fees out there. However, if you are looking to deposit a relatively modest amount like $120, then the exchange is very expensive to use if you are depositing conventional currency. A $120 deposit with a Visa card will set you back $16 in fees. It’s for this reason that we strongly recommend looking at other exchange options if you want to deposit a reasonably modest amount.

The exchange was founded in 2015 and has over 1.5 million registered users. It’s one of the most popular decentralized exchanges out there. The Changelly team are headquartered in the Czech Republic and have made using a decentralized exchange as simple as possible. Fees to use the exchange are just 0.5% and are exceptionally competitive versus other exchanges.

The thing to know about Changelly is that because it’s a decentralized exchange, you will need to set up your own cryptocurrency wallets to use it. If you don’t want to jump through this extra hoop, we recommend you look at other options like Plus500 or eToro.

Who Is Changelly For?

Changelly Verdict
? Top Choice For: Anyone that wants to keep their transactions anonymous or wants an unhackable exchange.

? Poor Choice For: Investors entering the cryptocurrency markets with a modest investment. There are simply cheaper ways to deposit funds on a cryptocurrency exchange.


Binance exchange logo

Binance Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: No – crypto only.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: Over 100.
  • US Friendly? Yes.
  • Exchange Reputation: Excellent.
  • Security: Excellent.
  • Fees: Medium to low.
  • Mobile Support: Yes.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email.
  • Trading Volume: #1.
  • Ease Of Use: Fairly easy.
  • Platform Type: Centralized exchange.

Want To Learn More About The World’s Largest Crypto Exchange?

About Binance

Binance exchange trading screen

Ask the question; ‘what is the best cryptocurrency exchange?’ to any seasoned cryptocurrency investor, then the chances are they will pick Binance. Why is this?

Well, Binance has only been around since 2017 and since then it’s become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Its meteoric rise can be attributed to it’s simple but effective interface, the huge number of great cryptocurrencies available on the exchange, high trading volume and multi-language support.

Binance has done things a little differently to other exchanges. Whereas a lot of other exchanges list any old cryptocurrency, Binance has the reputation of only listing cryptocurrencies they deem to be good projects.

The Binance exchange has also earned the reputation of having excellent security. Indeed, they were the first exchange to ever have all their smart contracts fully audited. The Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng is also exceptionally active on social media and frequently updates customers with any goings on at the exchange. This clear and effective communication has only helped build an exceptionally loyal customer base for the exchange.

The Zhao Changpeng Factor

Zhao Changpeng also has a life story which has endeared him to the cryptocurrency community. Here is a man who left China as a child and started a new life in Canada with his parents. Money was tight and a young Zhao took it upon himself to work two jobs to help support the family. He was a McDonald’s burger flipper during the day and worked in a gas station by night. These formative years instilled a legendary work ethic in Zhao and this can be seen in his work for Binance today. With such a strong leader at the helm, it is perhaps no wonder that the Binance exchange provides such a highly polished service. It is for these reasons that so many cryptocurrency investors will pick Binance as their choice for the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Who Is Binance For?

Binance Verdict
? Top Choice For: Anyone who wants an excellent selection of high-quality cryptocurrency projects and low fees.

? Poor Choice For: Those that do not want to make a second cryptocurrency account.


Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange logo

Kucoin Key Facts

  • Conventional Currency Deposit: No – crypto only.
  • Number Of Cryptocurrencies Available: Over 150.
  • US Friendly? Yes.
  • Exchange Reputation: Very good.
  • Security: Good.
  • Fees: Medium to low.
  • Mobile Support: Yes.
  • Customer Support Methods: Email.
  • Trading Volume: #36.
  • Ease Of Use: Fairly easy.
  • Platform Type: Centralized exchange.

Want To Learn More About One Of The Fastest Growing Exchanges On The Planet?

About Kucoin

How to buy Electroneum (ETN) on Kucoin exchange

The Kucoin exchange first started in 2011 with extensive blockchain research. The Kucoin team refused to launch their exchange until they were happy with the product and finally launched in 2017. After six years of hard work, what you find on Kucoin is an excellent and well thought out crypto exchange.

In their short history, Kucoin has gained a reputation for quickly listing new cryptocurrencies. This presents users with an opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies early before they get listed on Binance. Usually, this strategy yields strong profits and many Kucoin customers have an account there for precisely this reason.  

Kucoin has the biggest selection of cryptocurrencies of any exchange reviewed in this article. This makes it the ideal place to pick up small cryptocurrencies with potential before they get listed on larger exchanges.

The Kucoin exchange is very beginner friendly and they have also gone to the effort of translating the exchange into multiple languages so that investors can trade in their own native language. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency hypermarket we really don’t think you can go too far wrong with Kucoin.

Who Is Kucoin For?

Kucoin Verdict
? Top Choice For: Those that want to invest in smaller or new cryptocurrencies. Fees on the exchange are also low when compared to competitors.

? Poor Choice For: Traders that need high exchange volume.

TotalCrypto’s Favorite Exchanges

Still having problems deciding on the best crypto exchange for you? We’ll share our favorite exchanges based on our personal experience.

The Best Crypto Exchanges For Regular Currency Deposits

? Winner: Coinbase

Regardless of how much you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, we think that Coinbase is the easiest to use and start getting exposure to the market. The exchange has a great mobile app and is fully regulated. Coinbase has been specifically designed to cater to newcomers to the cryptocurrency space and we think they have done a truly excellent job.

? Second Place: Plus500

Plus500 was a massive company even before it started offering cryptocurrency trading. We love that the CFD broker is fully regulated and answerable to shareholders. We think this is one of the main reasons why Plus500 customer support is as good as it is. Plus500 offers investors a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency exposure and offers a slightly bigger selection of cryptocurrencies than Coinbase.

One of the main drawbacks to Plus500 is that you are just buying and selling contracts. This means the exchange is a poor choice for anyone that wants to take possession of their cryptocurrency.

The Best Crypto Exchanges For Altcoins

? Winner: Binance

When it comes to finding a first class exchange to buy and sell altcoins we have to go with Binance. The exchange is the largest in the world and offers access to many amazing different cryptocurrencies. We love the interface and find it particularly easy to use. Also, they do have an awesome mobile app as well.

? Second Place: Kucoin

Although Kucoin has significantly lower trade volume than Bianance, it does offer access to the widest selection of cryptocurrencies available. If we cannot find the cryptocurrency we are interested in on Binance, our next place to look will be Kucoin.

The Best Up & Coming Cryptocurrency Exchanges

? Winner: Huobi

If we were to bet on a cryptocurrency exchange to usurp Binance for the number one spot, we would put our money on Huobi. The exchange has already risen to the third biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and that’s just with its Asian customers. With it’s US office already operational and US compliance work, we think it’s only a matter of time until the exchange opens its doors to US customers.

Ultimately, we think Huobi will be a massive hit with the US market. It simply offers more features than any other exchange, has great mobile support, supports fiat deposits and has over 100 cryptocurrencies on the shelves.

? Second Place: eToro

eToro is relatively new to the cryptocurrency game. However, it is one of the easiest ways to gain exposure to the crypto markets. eToro also offers a unique copy trading feature, that allows investors to copy the trades of the most successful crypto traders. We think this feature will be a massive hit amongst investors and will catch on quickly.

The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Combination For US Investors

? Winner: Coinbase & Binance

For US investors, our favorite way to get into cryptocurrencies is using Coinbase. It’s the most user-friendly way we know to get involved in cryptocurrency markets and is our top pick for converting USD into cryptocurrency. However, the somewhat limited selection of cryptos on Coinbase means that we need to do our shopping elsewhere for more exotic cryptocurrencies.

To get access to exotic cryptocurrencies we would certainly look to get them on Binance. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world after all and their solid reputation means that investors won’t go too far wrong.

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