Best Blockchain Courses & Certifications

It’s no secret that blockchain continues to find uses in many markets and industries throughout the world. This technology is a driving force in disrupting the areas in which it is used, specifically in the finance sector.

As blockchain grows, so does interest in the technology. That means there are more people interested in learning and being a part of the industry. Of course, learning about blockchain isn’t as straightforward as many people believe.

As a result, we’ve taken our time to list some of the best blockchain certifications and courses available. We did the legwork so you don’t have to mindlessly search for classes that may or may work for you.

There is no shortage of courses available to those willing to put in the time and effort. However, we’ve listed some of the better ones for you here. The certifications and courses below will help you go from blockchain newbie to veteran in a matter of months of weeks.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist is well-known in the world of cryptocurrency. He is a software developer, popular speaker, and the creator of the Ivan on Tech Academy. It’s fair to say that Ivan knows what he’s talking about when it comes to cryptocurrency. He makes the mundane topics of blockchain exciting and interesting.

It is clear from the courses available with Ivan on Tech that an understanding of the industry and how it behaves it key. This is evident from the way that the courses provide valuable information to both veterans and newbies alike. Ivan on Tech starts with the basics in blockchain technology training, laying a firm foundation first, and goes from there.

While Ivan on Tech does provide blockchain courses and certifications, the academy also goes a long way in educating users on cryptocurrency and ways in which it improves our financial systems.

For instance, Ivan on Tech offers information on crowdfunding and ICOs, which gives those interested in blockchain an in-depth look at how these work. The thinking behind this is that those already part of the industry, or those wanting to become part of crypto, will gain a solid background in what dictates some of the market volatility.

A great place to start with the Ivan on Tech Academy is with the Blockchain Deep Fundamentals course. This blockchain training focuses on Ethereum, Bitcoin, analyzing ICOs, and other industrial use cases that are common to the market.

The blockchain courses through Ivan on Tech provide short videos as in introduction to the content available in each chapter. If you’re looking to begin and gain a better understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Ivan on Tech is a great place to start.


B21 Block is an online blockchain and cryptocurrency school. It began in 2015 with the goal to provide the highest quality educational materials on the topic.

Whether your goal is to learn about bitcoin, develop your own Dapps or trade cryptocurrency, B21 BLOCK has courses to help. Check out their list of courses here.


Udemy logo

Udemy is a site that offers a wide variety of courses to its users. Included in these classes are a few blockchain options that will help you get a better understanding of blockchain technology. Here are a few of the blockchain courses that Udemy offers, which will aid you in developing a firmer understanding of the industry and the technology behind it.

Blockchain Fundamentals

This introductory blockchain course provides videos to its users to guide them. Through Blockchain Fundamentals, users will learn a great deal about how Bitcoin and the blockchain work. You’ll experience a great blockchain class that simplifies the blockchain experience, making it easier to understand.

Basics of Blockchain

This Udemy course is perfect if you’re brand new to blockchain and want to start from the ground level. To start with Basics of Blockchain, all you need to have it a desire to learn more about blockchain.

You’ll go through four sessions with Basics of Blockchain, which include 33 lectures. The Blockchain Overview section will give you the essential building blocks of blockchain technology. You’ll learn more about the inner workings of the blockchain, discover helping jargon, and getting a better understanding of blockchain traits. This overview also equips you with fundamental concepts like blocks and hashing.

With the Economics of Blockchain session, you’ll learn more about the early days of blockchain along with internet adoption. This will compare how the economics of the industry looked then, and what is occurring in the world now. Overall, Economics of Blockchain shows the importance of making blockchain mainstream.

The Blockchain Technology module takes students through the basics of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this session, teams break down the basics of decentralization and how it will change the way in which we transfer value.

The last session under the Basics of Blockchain course is titled Business Blockchain. Through this section, students will discover ways in which the blockchain has yet to be introduced to the world. This module involves a great understanding of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole and will greatly benefit those that have interest in areas such as scalability and privacy.

Ethereum and Solidity

Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's Guide

Another great blockchain course in Udemy’s catalog is its Ethereum and Solidity blockchain class. Before taking this course, you’ll want to have a solid understanding of NPM and JavaScript.

In this blockchain course, you’ll learn how to design, test, and apply smart contracts. You’ll also perform an in-depth breakdown of Ethereum and the critical concepts associated with its network. Users will also learn how to use the most recent development tools for Ethereum, as well as how to build applications that reside on the blockchain.

Users will also discover practical examples of the blockchain and the capabilities of its applications. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the Ethereum network and Solidity.

Blockchain A-Z

This blockchain course is an excellent course for beginners, as it only requires a basic understanding of math to begin. One of the great features about the Blockchain A-Z course is that it gives its students in-course support with applications that exist in the real world.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to create your first blockchain, understand the core concepts of smart contracts and how they work, and learn the basics of cryptocurrency transactions.

The Blockchain A-Z course is split up into three separate modules. Through the first session, you’ll learn how to build a blockchain; the second helps you to gain an understanding of how to create a cryptocurrency, while the third addresses developing a smart contract.

If you’re new, or just starting out in the world of blockchain, this course might be perfect for you. It provides simple explanations throughout and works from the ground up to create a solid understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


To those within the world of blockchain, it goes without saying that the technology itself is disrupting many industries and markets. However, a lot of governments are using the technology to their advantage.

Something to keep in mind though is that as the properties inherent to the blockchain continue to evolve, so will the blockchain itself. Demand for those familiar with the technology will rise. Therefore, it’s critical that you educate yourself. One way you can do that is through Edureka.

While blockchain is better suited for those that have a solid understanding of software development or finance, Edureka’s course is open to everyone. This blockchain course sets a solid foundation for users no matter what their background or experience.

This tailor-made blockchain training course takes users through a guided overview of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, and Hyperledger platforms. You do need to have a basic understanding of Linux and the Command line, however, it isn’t a requirement. Edureka offers basic courses which take users through programs to get them better equipped to handle blockchain principles.

Additionally, Edureka’s blockchain certification helps students learn more about the Ethereum network and how to create their own private blockchains and smart contracts. You’ll also use the Hyperledger composer to learn details surrounding how to build business networks while also learning more about developing and deploying multichain platforms.

Throughout the blockchain course that Edureka offers you learn all about consensus algorithms like Proof-of-Stake and Proo-of-Work, along with many other skills. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Various hashing algorithms
  • Developing decentralized applications
  • Expanding smart contract knowledge-base
  • Learn how to establish private blockchains
  • Use common blockchain platforms like Ethereum
  • Understand the inner workings of the distributed ledger and the technology behind it


IBM Logo

IBM is a big player in the blockchain world, and only its IBM blockchain certification courses only serve to strengthen their stance. While the company does offer many courses and classes for more advanced users, here are a couple you might consider if you’re not as deeply ingrained in the world of cryptocurrencies as more experienced users.

Blockchain Essentials

IBM Blockchain Essentials course

The Blockchain Essentials course that IBM offers is a short class perfectly catered toward beginning developers. You will learn more about the basics of blockchain while also gaining an understanding of how Hyperledger and IBM use this technology.

The course doesn’t take long to complete. Most users only spend a few hours on it, and its great for those that are just starting to learn how to develop for the blockchain. The two-hour course lays out the foundations of blockchain and goes into detail around how IBM is leveraging the technology.

This is a great course for those starting out in the developing world who want to get a better grasp of blockchain technology and how it impacts the business and financial worlds. The Blockchain Essentials course is well designed and easy to follow.

Additionally, the course is personable as well. Chapters are easily identified and short enough that you don’t have to dedicate half your day to completing one module. IBM goes out of their way to ensure that the content is understandable no matter what your background or experience.

There are checkpoints throughout the course to ensure that you are retaining the information. However, these also serve as a way to make sure you aren’t overloaded and remaining focused on the content at hand.

Those with a desire to learn about blockchain in a simple and easy to understand format should check out IBM’s Blockchain Essentials course. Once you pass the final quiz, IBM rewards you with a BlockChain Essentials badge.

Blockchain Foundation Developer

IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer

This blockchain course offered by IBM is more advanced than Blockchain Essentials. Blockchain Foundational Developer is ideal for those that already have a solid understanding of blockchain technology and want to do a deeper dive.

Throughout the course, you’ll receive hands-on assignments which give you the opportunity to practice your coding quite a bit. Blockchain Foundation Developer takes roughly six hours to finish, however, the course is well worth the time you’ll spend on it.

IBM offers its users many hands-on labs through the Blockchain Foundation Developer course, offering a variety of external references, videos, and written course material throughout. Just like Blockchain Essentials, the Blockchain Foundation Developer course offers checkpoints to ensure that you’re still awake. As to be expected, the questions asked are more difficult than those you’ll encounter with Blockchain Essentials.

Similarly, the final quiz is more difficult, but it does provide a review that shows you areas in which you are weak and can improve. Once you go back and spend a little more time on these areas, you can retake your final and earn you IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer certificate.

Final Thoughts

For those interested in joining the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, it’s always important to educate yourself on exactly what you’re getting into. These technologies are growing and expanding, and new applications and innovations arrive on a regular basis.

No matter what role you want to have within the blockchain industry, it’s important to be educated and have the knowledge needed to speak to others. As the blockchain technology continues to ripen, more and more people will want to join.

These are some of the best blockchain courses available, and they all offer a great way to establish a solid foundation. Blockchain has yet to hit the mainstream, so what better way to get ahead of the crowd than by taking a few hours to earn a blockchain certificate? You won’t regret your decision.

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