Ark Wallet Review, Download & Guide [For 2019]

Have you just bought Ark coin and are you faced with the dilemma of choosing the best Ark wallet? Our Ark desktop wallet guide will help you make your choice. We’ll walk you through how to set up, use and even let you know how you can vote or unvote for delegates using this option.

Ark Wallet Download

Ark is a project that seeks to disrupt the current crypto landscape by creating connections between blockchains. It aims to provide a mechanism for staking, which means you can earn Ark coins as you vote. However, before you can earn Ark, you have to set up and fund your Ark wallet.

The Ark wallet has a great user interface and plenty of features. For the purposes of our review and setup guide, we’ll be using Windows. However, you can install the Ark desktop client on Linux and Mac OS as well.

To get started, head over to the Ark website, where you’ll find a “Wallets” drop-down.

Key Information:

  • The official Ark coin wallet.
  • Built and optimized for desktop.
  • Available for Windows, iOS & Linux.
  • Supports advanced features like delegate voting.
  • Changelly exchange integration.

Download The Best Ark Wallet For Desktop & Store Your Coins Now.

Ark Wallet Setup

If you went through the official Ark site then you’ll be redirected to the official Github repository.

Ark desktop wallet download from Ark’s Github repository

As you can see, the most current version of the Ark desktop client is 1.6.1. You’ll want to choose the file that installs on your operating system. Select .exe for Windows, .dmg for Mac, and .deb or .tar.xz for Linux.

Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate file, install the program onto your operating system. After installation is complete, if Ark doesn’t automatically launch, you can usually find the application on your desktop.

When the desktop client is up and running, you’ll see the main screen. Here you have two options: Import Account or Create Account. For initial setup purposes, let’s go ahead and select ‘Create Account’.

Creating a Ark desktop wallet

The next screen will give you a strong and powerful passphrase for your wallet. This backup passphrase is twelve words long and needs to be stored in a safe place. You can think of this passphrase as the PIN to your Ark coin bank account. This means that if some get’s hold of it then they can access your coins.

It can’t be stressed enough how secure and private you should keep this information. However, be aware that if you lose it, Ark cannot help you regain access to your wallet.

Ark wallet account creation. Backup passphrase

Once you have your passphrase securely backed up, Ark will validate your information by asking you to enter random words from your passphrase. After you input the appropriate words, you’ll click on the Create option.

How to validate Ark wallet

Next, you’ll be taken to your transaction page. However, the first thing you want to do is accept the Changelly integration terms of use and privacy policy. With this integration, users can now exchange other cryptocurrencies for Ark currency or purchase Ark currency with a credit or debit card.

Ark wallet Chengelly exchange integration

Click the box to show you accept the integration, then click the blue button at the bottom of the page to move forward.

Next, Ark has a small popup that lets you see the conversion rate between Ark and other cryptocurrencies. You can choose how much you want to purchase, then click on the red Exchange button at the bottom.

Ark desktop wallet

That’s it for your wallet setup. It’s really that easy. You can also send Ark to your new wallet by using the address that you see at the top of the screen.

How to Stake Ark by Voting

Ark is a digital currency that makes use of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as a way to confirm/produce blocks. With your Ark, you vote or unvote a delegate. With your vote, you can choose who you want to support. Maybe you have a specific community or friend you want to support. You can do so by voting for them as a delegate with your Ark coins.

One of the benefits of voting with your Ark, is that it can result in additional Ark coins for you if the delegate chooses to share the forging rewards. The top 51 ranked delegates receive rewards, so be sure to do a little research before casting your vote.

Before we get into how to cast your vote in the Ark desktop wallet, let’s discuss a few things about voting. First, only one Ark address can vote for one delegate. If you want to vote for more than one delegate, you’ll have to split your Ark wallet into more addresses.

Second, one Ark is equal to a voting weight of one. This means that the more Ark you have, the more voting power you have. However, keep in mind that if you split your wallet, the amount of voting power you have splits with it.

So if you have 500 Ark, then your voting power is equal to 500 Ark. But if you split your wallet into two equal wallets, then each has the voting power of 250 Ark. Be sure you want to vote for two delegates before splitting your wallet since you essentially lose half your voting power.

Lastly, there is a fee associated with each vote and unvote. However, there are some delegates who are willing to refund your voting fee. And if you find a delegate who rewards their supporters, you may make back your Ark over time.


First, open up your Ark Desktop wallet to get started.

Opening up Ark desktop wallet

Make sure you’re in the wallet from which you want to cast your vote. Remember that voting and unvoting has an associated fee, so double check that you’re using the correct wallet.

Next, you want to select the Votes tab located under your wallet address. Once you’re there, click on Vote, and a pop-up will appear on your screen.

How to vote Ark coin

This is where you’ll enter your active delegate. From the Active delegate dropdown, select the delegate you want to cast your vote to. If you don’t see your chosen delegate in the dropdown, you can also manually enter the name into the Delegate name field.

When you’re confident you have the delegate you want, move down to the Passphrase field. This is where you’ll enter your passphrase. Be sure you’re using the passphrase associated with your current Ark wallet address.

When you’re ready, press the Next button.

The next screen you’ll see is an overview of the proposed transaction. When you’re ready, click the Send button. This confirms your transaction. That’s it. Congrats! You just completed your first Ark voting transaction.

Ark coin voting transactionIf everything goes through successfully, you’ll see a green banner in the bottom left corner of your wallet. This is letting you know that the transaction was broadcast over the network without an error. If an error does occur, you’ll see a red banner indicating what happened. Some common errors include insufficient Ark or wrong passphrase entered.

Ark wallet after successful vote
When everything is successful, you’ll notice that in the Votes tab, the voting option is now grayed out. This makes sense since you’re only able to vote for one delegate per Ark address.


If you want to unvote from the delegate you selected, open up your Ark Desktop wallet, and navigate to the Vote tab. It’s the same section you used when voting for a delegate. Again, make sure you’re in the correct Ark wallet. You don’t want to unvote from the wrong wallet.

Also, remember that it costs one Ark to unvote, so be sure this is a step you want to take before moving forward.

On the right side of your delegate, you’ll see an option to Unvote. Click on that button and you’ll once again see a popup that will guide you through unvoting.

How to remove ark wallet vote

You should see the name of your delegate listed in the Delegate field, and a field in which to enter your passphrase. Once you’ve entered your passphrase, click Next to move on to the screen that allows you to complete the transaction.

Ark remove vote transaction

When you’re ready to complete the transaction, click on the Send button. Your transaction will be executed and if everything completes successfully, you’ll once again receive a green banner in the bottom left corner of your wallet.

Once the transaction has successfully completed, you’ll notice again that the voting list in your Ark wallet is empty.

That’s it. You now know how to successfully vote and unvote for a delegate using Ark wallet.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Ark’s wallet is a great user experience. Perhaps the most challenging part of using the Ark wallet is learning how to stake your Ark by voting for delegates. However, once you master that aspect, the rest of the wallet is easy to use and intuitive. Setup is a breeze and the user interface looks polished and professional.

The desktop wallet is sleek, provides a lot of functionality, and doesn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming. Ark has done a fantastic job of bringing something complex and making it look appealing to its users. The Ark team is always making improvements and advancements to its wallet, which makes us confident in endorsing it as one of the best wallets available.

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