4 Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method

Over the past few decades, the world’s economy has been experiencing tremendous development. The fast-growing economy has impacted people’s lifestyles negatively. The middle class, especially, have been left working tirelessly to keep up with the harsh economy. Thanks to the power of tech, today, there are new ways individuals can see their hard-earned money grow.

Recently, digital currencies have been making the headlines. News of people investing in digital currencies has been common. The funny thing is that, even with all the news, some people are yet to understand what cryptocurrency is all about. 

However, the banners indicating that a specific shop accepts digital currency are hard to ignore. It’s clear that many stores and services are increasingly accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option. Here are four advantages that come with paying for your goods via cryptocurrency.

Low transaction costs

When it comes to transacting online, one always has to consider the final price. Most online platforms or online banking systems are a bit expensive as compared to the use of cryptocurrency. These platforms operate via third parties. Hence, their transaction fee can be higher. Luckily, when it comes to the use of bitcoin, for example, no banks or organization is needed to complete the transactions. As a result, when buying through this form of currency, you are likely to incur a small transaction fee that may be even hard to notice.


The internet has been taking over every sector. Well, you can say that it has come to the rescue of many platforms. Can you imagine the world without any internet connection? It sounds impossible to survive. However, the many benefits that come with this powerful tool can never hinder you from observing the disadvantages.

In the recent past, innocent individuals have lost millions of their hard-earned money and sensitive documents to so-called cyberbullies. You would ask how that is even possible. The truth is, not all platforms have secure sites. The fact that most sites ask for many sensitive data places the members at risk in case hackers attack the site.

However, when it comes to transacting via cryptocurrency, it’s hard for even the hackers to steal your identity. This form of payment allows you to keep your info a secret as opposed to the online banking systems which ask for too much info hence risking your identity. Luno, a London-based bitcoin company, allows one to buy Ethereum and bitcoin in only three steps. Using their wallet, for example, to purchase goods ascertains that your money is safe from the ruthless hackers.  

It’s a global currency

Have you ever been to a new city or country only to realize that they don’t accept payments via credit cards? Such an experience can be even more frustrating when your destination doesn’t have a forex bureau. That means you can’t change the foreign cash into the local currency.

Thankfully, payments via bitcoin, for example, are taking over almost every corner of the world. From the malls to the street shops, you will rarely walk 100 meters without noticing an e-accept bitcoin’ banner fixed at the entrances. This global recognition has made life easy for individuals as you can now hold a transaction regardless of your geographical location. All you need is a smartphone and a wallet which is easy to open.

Immediate availability

Time is precious. Hence, it should not be wasted. As stated earlier, most online banking systems rely on third parties to complete transactions. Therefore, some valuable time ends up being lost. The use of cryptocurrency is different as there isn’t any third party involved. Hence, deals are immediate. Once the transaction is complete, the amount leaves your wallet, and the seller can immediately access it for other businesses.

Today, the name cryptocurrency is common. Bitcoin, for example, has been making news for offering trading opportunities to individuals who are willing to grow their hard-earned money. It has also been accepted as a form of payment in many businesses across the world. In this article, there are four advantages a buyer may get from using this currency. Read through each one of them carefully to understand why you shouldn’t hesitate to create your first cryptocurrency wallet.

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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