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Our expert team has an incredible experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields, and write with a technical and scientific accuracy that sets out content apart from other blogs out there.

We were born from a need for higher quality cryptocurrency content that gives users factual information. Our guides are entirely unbiased and we’ll never push our users to do anything that we don’t personally believe in.

Our team

Tom Alford

As the head of content at TotalCrypto and having flirted with a PhD in economics, Tom is the at the heart of all editorial content on the website, ensuring all content remains impeccably factual and well researched in order to provide our readers with a superior experience. Tom is also an avid investor in cryptocurrency and has a great awareness of the most interesting coin projects on the market right now.

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Michael Dunlop

Having earned a masters degree of economics and accounting at the University of Edinburgh, Michael knows how the current financial system works and the benefits that cryptocurrencies can provide.

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Stewart Dunlop

Stewart studied history & social economics at the University of Edinburgh, gaining a strong knowledge of the social applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He’s also a personal investor of cryptocurrency.  Stewart heads up marketing at TotalCrypto.

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Justin Caldwell

Justin obtained his MBA at Baker University. He loves learning and writing about blockchain technology and has a passion for its application. Justin brings a wealth of writing experience to the TotalCrypto team and is a long-term crypto investor.

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Levin Roy

A Software Engineer by training and a writer by profession, talking about complex technical topics comes naturally to Levin. He is an author and social media officer at TotalCrypto.

Levin Roy

We also have a number of frequent authors at TotalCrypto, all of whom have years of experience in writing and high-level technical investment. Many of our authors are have doctors-level education.

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