5 Cryptos to buy in Summer 2018

It’s no secret that everyone in cryptocurrency is looking for the next Bitcoin. The TotalCrypto Team have been busy crunching the numbers and analyzing the market to bring you our top 5 cryptocurrency picks for 2018. We won’t mess around and will just jump into our top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch.

5 Cryptocurrencies to watch in Summer

Check out our list below…

NEO: The Ethereum Of China

  • Price at time of writing: $50.54 per coin
  • All-time high: $196.85
  • Percentage increase to hit new all-time high: 285.40%

At the time of writing, TotalCrypto believes that NEO is chronically undervalued and it’s price offers a great opportunity to buy a top infrastructure play at a reasonable price. Unlike many of its competitors, NEO actually has a working product and their mission is to create a new smart economy. One of the latest projects built on NEO is Ontology, which has already hit market cap highs of $1 billion. Market cap growth for application developer platforms such as Ethereum and NEO is strongly linked to the number and quality of projects built on their public blockchain. For so long, Ethereum has been the only option for cryptocurrency applications and we are backing NEO to compete.

Why Could NEO Coin Be Set For Growth?

Ethereum is valued 16.5 times higher than NEO in terms of overall market cap. TotalCrypto finds this incredible given that NEO has many advantages over Ethereum. Don’t get us wrong, Ethereum is by far the most commonly used application developer platform and has a great development team. But we don’t think the price difference is justified. Below are just some of the reasons why we think NEO has a future and maybe a good investment at current prices:

  • The Ethereum network can process 15 transactions per second Vs NEO’s 1,000.
  • Ethereum uses its own coding language called solidity. NEO, on the other hand, supports common coding languages like Python and Java. This means developers do not need to learn a new coding language to build on NEO. To build on solidity, a developer would need to learn a whole new language and that takes time.
  • NEO has a strong management team and we trust the NEO Council to continue generating value for investors.
    The NEO co-founders also own a company called Onchain. OnChain provides private blockchain solutions to the Chinese government and businesses. Perhaps the biggest threat to cryptocurrency projects is overbearing regulation, so the fact that the NEO founders have a working relationship with the Chinese government is a huge deal.
  • The Chinese have shown that they like to use their own homegrown products, rather than Western ones. TotalCrypto believes this trend will see Chinese businesses and customers choosing NEO over Ethereum.
  • NEO has over 30 ICOs scheduled to take place soon. This includes highly hyped ICOs like nOS and we think that a significant number of investors will buy NEO to take part in these ICO opportunities.

NEO Also Generates You Passive Income

By holding NEO in a NEON wallet, you will earn the fuel of the NEO network (GAS). GAS is a top 100 cryptocurrency in its own right and unlike NEO it is divisible by more than 1. This means as NEO’s price rises, then investors are more likely to buy GAS over NEO. Afterall, if NEO is a $1,000 and you have $500 to invest, you will be excluded from owning NEO directly. Currently, this GAS dividend will earn you a 3.36% annually. We use ours to buy more NEO.

Cryptocurrency GAS Dividend Payment For Holding 10 NEO Coins Calculation

You can work out how much GAS you will earn from your NEO holdings by using the NEOToGas calculator. Need to be shown how to buy NEO? Well, our step by step guide shows you precisely how.

Current NEO Price Information:

Nucleus Vision: The Crypto Project Digitizing Offline Shopping & Security

Nucleus Vision (NCASH) cryptocurrency graphic

  • Price at time of writing: $0.024625
  • All-time high: $0.05
  • Percentage increase to hit new all-time high: 103.04%

Nucleus Vision is a long-term project that looks to digitize offline retail. The project already has working ‘internet of things’ sensor tech, which can identify people walking into a shop through their mobile phone. This technology enables stores to send targeted discounts to customers and allows them to bridge online and offline retail.

Imagine if you popped into your local Apple store and were checking out the latest MacBook Pro. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Apple knew you were interested in this device and sent you a 20% discount code for MacBook Pro’s, the next time you were walking near the shop? All this is possible with Nucleus Vision technology.

Nucleus Vision is one of those rare cryptocurrency projects that could change the lives of billions of people on the planet. The market is huge and today Nucleus Vision only commands a market cap of $103 million. If the project succeeds, TotalCrypo expects investors to be handsomely rewarded. If you are interested in knowing how to buy Nucleus Vision, just check out our comprehensive how to buy guide.

Current Nucleus Vision Price Information:

Power Ledger: For Those That Want To Invest Ethically

  • Price at time of writing: $0.329216
  • All-time high: $1.90
  • Percentage increase to hit new all-time high: 477.12%

Power Ledger is an Australian government-backed cryptocurrency that has created a clean energy trading platform. The idea is that we will be able to reduce our reliance on power stations through individuals being able to generate their own solar power and selling this to their neighbors. If you were offered a cheaper and green power source, would you not want to use it?

This Australian cryptocurrency project has also made partnerships with the Thai government backed BCPG to bring clean energy trading to Asia. The have also teamed up with the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development to help with a European rollout and Not For Profit Helpanswers to bring renewable energy trading to the US.

The Dr. Jemma Green Factor

Power Ledger is one of the few cryptocurrencies with a working product and is actually getting global government backing. Maybe this is not a surprise, seeing that the project is lead by Dr. Jemma Green. For those that don’t know who she is:

  • University of Cambridge educated.
  • Spent 5 years as a research fellow at Curtin University and focuses on reach into disruptive tech, energy, and blockchain.
  • Holds the position of chair at Climate Knowledge Innovation Community of Australia.
  • Has earned a position on the Board of the Australian Water Corporation.

With a co-founder with this sort of experience, it is no wonder that Power Ledger is thinking globally. Climate change is a global problem after all and it is refreshing to see that Power Ledger is going for a global solution.

There is a strong investment case for Power Ledger, with the International Energy Agency reporting in 2017 that total global energy investment stood at $1.7 trillion dollars per year. The space Power Ledger is operating in is worth a lot of money and TotalCrypto is backing the Power Ledger team to continue making waves in this space. If you want to back Dr. Jemma Green and the Power Ledger team, our how to buy Power Ledger guide shows you all the steps.

Current Power Ledger Price Information:

Wabi: The Cryptocurrency Taking A Stance Against Counterfeiters

Wabi cryptocurrency logo

  • Price at time of writing: $0.789746
  • All-time high: $5.31
  • Percentage increase to hit new all-time high: 572.36%

The Wabi project has built a supply chain tracking and loyalty program consolidation solution. Sure, at face value counterfeiting doesn’t seem like a harmful crime. When most people think about counterfeiting they think of fake designer goods. But did you know that people are counterfeiting baby milk and medicine? What is worse is that people are actually dying from consuming these fake counterfeit products. China has had two recent baby milk scandals which reveal the truth behind the counterfeiting. Put simply, they will stop at nothing to make a quick dollar:

  • 2004 – fake baby milk powder entered the Chinese supply chain and led to 63 baby deaths.
  • 2008 – counterfeit baby powder entered the Chinese supply chain again and resulted in 300,000 hospitalizations and 6 infant deaths.

Wabi provides customers with the ability to scan a product on their phone and see exactly where it’s been since leaving the factory. This means that the shopper can be assured that the product in their hand is the genuine item.

Not only does Wabi have a working product and a low valuation, but it is operating in a massive market. The main Chinese markets at risk of counterfeiting are milk powder, cosmetics, alcohol, and electronics. Together, these markets account for $420 billion in annual revenues in China alone and there is further potential for Wabi to make waves in other markets too. If you are interested in taking a position in Wabi then our how to buy guide reveals all.

Current WabiPrice Information:

Basic Attention Token: Could This Cryptocurrency Change Online Advertising?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency logo

  • Price at time of writing: $0.282014
  • All-time high: $0.864
  • Percentage increase to hit new all-time high: 206.36%

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) project is led by some serious people. Co-founder Brendan Eich not only invented Javascript but also co-founded Mozilla Firefox. The BAT project was started to solve the problem of intrusive online ads, which not only spoil user experience but also result in middlemen like Facebook collecting up to 73% of all ad dollars. The result is that websites have less money to create content that users love and exclude you, the user, from a share of the advertising profits.

The Basic Attention Token team see the future of online advertising differently. They believe internet users should be free to choose if they see ads and, if they do, the user should have a share of the profits. After all, you as the internet users are generating the value. This fairer model of online advertising has already begun and the team has already launched their new Brave Browser. This allows users to block ads and stop online trackers from slowing down their computers. In future updates, users of the browser will be able to earn cryptocurrency if they choose to view ads.

Needless to say, online advertising is a massive business and TotalCrypto believes the Basic Attention Token project will do exceptionally well in the near future. If you are interested in investing, our detailed how to buy guide tells you everything you need to know.

Current Basic Attention Token Information:


There is no shame in admitting it: Most people first get into cryptocurrency to make a profit. But cryptocurrency is way more than that. It is about disrupting traditional ways of doing things and trying to build a freer and fairer society. The TotalCrypto team believes all five of the projects mentioned will reward investors well in 2018. If you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency markets, then subscribing to our mailing list may not be a bad idea.

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DISCLAIMER: Be aware that the activity of cryptoassets mentioned in this article is unregulated. This article must not be construed as investment advice. Always do your own research.

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